Kundali Bhagya Shocker for Karan Prithvi arrives with Baraat

Kundali Bhagya Shocker for Karan Prithvi arrives with Baraat

Kundali Bhagya Shocker for Karan Prithvi arrives with Baraat Karan reaches the office for a meeting. He calls Preeta, but gets her number busy. She tells Prithvi that she would have not answered his call if she knew its him. Prithvi believes that she misses him, she loves him. He tells that he is coming to her very soon. Karan tells Sameer that Preeta isn’t answering his calls on valentines day. He asks if Preeta got another lover. He feels jealous. Sameer enjoys his jealousy. He tells that Karan is talking maturely like Rishabh. Sameer tells that its amazing that Karan is so restless without Preeta, he can’t live without her.

Karan wants to express his feelings to Preeta. Sameer asks him to attend the meeting. Preeta gets troubled by Prithvi. She gets his call again. She asks him not to call her. She hates him. He tells her that he left from her life suddenly, so she is angry on him. She asks him to stay away from them. He tells that they will be happy together. He adds that he is coming to meet her, he loves her a lot. He tells that he left his own brother Pawan for her sake. He asks Preeta to accept his love. She knows he is really mad. He tells her that he is coming in half an hour. She tells that she stays with her husband in Luthra house.

He tells her that he will be a good person if he is with her, he loves her a lot and is dying to see her. He threatens to enter the Luthra house with band and marry her. He tells that he will see her soon. Karan speaks of his profession to the clients.

He completes the formality and signs the papers without reading them once. He asks the clients to earn name, fame and money for their company. Sameer knows that Karan is excited to meet Preeta. He wants to meet the targets on time. Shrishti calls up Preeta.

Preeta reveals to her that Prithvi is back, he is troubling her again. Shrishti tells that she will not spare Prithvi. Preeta tells her that Prithvi has threatened to marry her. She isn’t scared of his madness. Shrishti tells that Prithvi is just ruining Karan and Preeta’s valentines. Preeta tells that Prithvi meant everything when he threatened her. Karan meets Preeta at home to know why was she busy on call, is it any new lover. He tells that her number was busy all the time. She doesn’t hide anything from him. She tells him that Prithvi was troubling her on calls. Karan is shocked. Prithvi dares to bring baraat for Preeta. He acts bold in love. Karan and Preeta object to Prithvi’s arrival. Karan runs to bash up Prithvi who has come for Preeta. He asks Prithvi how dare he come in his house. Prithvi stops Karan from hurting him. He speaks out his love for Preeta and challenges to take her away from Karan. What will be Karan’s answer to this? What papers did Karan sign in the office in a hurry? Is it related to Preeta? Will Karan be able to save Preeta from Prithvi’s new evil plans? Comment your view on Prithvi’s return and keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kundali Bhagya Shocker for Karan Prithvi arrives with Baraat: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Khundali bhagya is a serial that has no sense to it, it is the same scenario over and over never in my life have ever seen someone pregnant for almost 4 years with not even a baby bump. I think mahesh is never gonna wake up from his coma and how is it that evil always overcomes good and the people responsible for all the damage never get caught. The one person that actually made sense to the show is no longer showed yes Rishab is the only sensible person and now he is no longer their.and when he does return it would be some other person playing his role which would cause the show to be even more annoying than it already is. Yet this ridiculous show will still bag all the awards how is this possible.something needs to be done about this show Ekta needs to seriously thing about changing the script or take this show of air it’s a waste of time and money’s

    • Very well said… my point of view as well. It used to be my most favourite show n to think of it how I missed Karan n Preeta during the lockdown as they had to stop shooting n yet they came back to the same old story n plots being repeated again n again with always letting the evil win

    • You are absolutely right, one feels bore now to watch this serial . My request to Ekta mam please change script so that Mahesh Luthra will come out of coma & tell the truth to luthra family who is responsible for all this.

      • I stayed off for one week thinking the story line will change but still the same unrealistic viewing. I always love Indian series but this is the worst. Nothing to learn compare to Zara Nikah

    • You had said well. I’m still shocked that how can a lady be pregnant for such a long time without baby bump. The writers and all those are really showing the insensible things.

  2. Ekta is not showing any privacy in the serial, as everyone enters everyone, s room at night nd kareena is living in her parents house stiil she is troubling preeta, what nonsense every time evil winsAnd how many months did sherlyn take now for delivery? It’s time of horse, not of human being

  3. I agree with everyones comments was the best now the worst soapie same story in kum kum bhagya always sumthing or the other realy proves how faulty ppl in India are sorry to say it but the truth y can’t preeta n Karan lead a happy life n also Abhi n pragya it’s very boring to watch now Wil read the story on fb not worth watching irritating in both soapies sherlyn n mahira not getting caught n so is aaliya so we’re is justice better shows to watch on Sony short n sweet n interesting zee now total waste of tym 😡

  4. So true its the same story over an over stop breaking up karan an preeta is time mahesh get up sherlyn dont even have a belly she and mirah always winning with evil will there always be evil winning this show is getting very pointless the ppl who writting clearly need some brains….


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