Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Written Update Prithvi best move

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Written Update Prithvi best move

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2021 Written Update Prithvi best move Preeta wishes that Shrishti comes to meet her. Shrishti encourages her to be strong. She tells that Karan is also with her to fight Prithvi. She asks Preeta to not get scared of Prithvi. Preeta is encouraged to fight Prithvi. She tells that they are Sarla’s daughters, they will never lose to any enemy. Shrishti asks if Prithvi can really come to Luthra house.

Preeta doesn’t think he can dare to step inside Luthra house. She is affected by Preeta’s threatening. She gets angered when she hears a band music. She takes Karan’s bat to beat up Prithvi. She sees Karan at the door and hugs him. Karan asks her why is she feeling so romantic. He wishes her happy valentine’s day. He asks her why was she going to beat him with the stump. Preeta tells Karan about Prithvi’s calls. Shrishti tells Janki about Prithvi, who is threatening Preeta. She asks Janki not to worry for Preeta, she will go there and help her.

She adds that she is enough to handle him. Janki thinks she is making excuses to meet Sameer. She sees Sameer at the door. She tells Shrishti that her lover is here. Sameer tells Shrishti that he has come to wish happy valentines to Janki. Janki understands that she has spoiled their moment and made them awkward. She lectures them to be bold and brave if they are in love. Karan asks Preeta if she is really saying about Prithvi. He tells her that Prithvi can’t trouble them. He ensures that they will be good together. Preeta is relieved.

They get to hear a baraat band sound and wonder who has come. They go to see him. Janki asks Sameer and Shrishti not to delay things. She teases Sameer by telling him that she is really interested in him. Shrishti asks Sameer to enjoy his new valentine, Janki aunty. Luthras are shocked to see Prithvi coming with the band, baaja and baraat. Preeta is shell shocked to see him fulfill his promise. She worries that he has come to ruin her life.

Sherlyn is also worried to see her love coming as the groom. Karan angrily goes to welcome Prithvi with a punch, but Prithvi stops him. Prithvi asks Karan to stop insulting him and instead respect him by showering rose petals. He tells that he has come for the sake of his love. He reveals that he is the son-in-law of the Luthra house, he is Karan’s brother-in-law, he has married Kritika and he is her legal husband.

Kareena, Sherlyn, Preeta, and Karan are super shocked to see Kritika coming as Prithvi’s bride. They didn’t expect this twist. Prithvi plays the best move of his life by marrying Kritika. He brainwashes Kritika and makes her against Preeta. Kareena gets upset on getting such an evil son-in-law.

They wonder how did Kritika marry Prithvi. Janki asks Shrishti if she is jealous. She acts falling for Sameer and behaves strange to make Shrishti confess love to Sameer. Shrishti tells that she loves Sameer a lot. Janki tells that she wanted to hear this from her. She hugs and blesses Shrishti. Sameer isn’t scared of rejection, but is scared for Shrishti’s reply. Janki asks Shrishti to respect Sameer’s love.

Sameer also decides to confess love to Shrishti. Janki teaches Shrishti to speak to Sameer nicely. Shrishti talks to him with love and pleases him. Sameer wishes Shrishti, but gets scared of Sarla. Sameer and Shrishti get help from Janki. Janki tells Sarla that Sameer is proposing Shrishti. Shrishti gets worried on being caught red-handed. Janki tells that Sameer isn’t proposing Shrishti, but just got the flowers for her. Sameer takes a leave.

Prithvi tells Luthras that Kritika is his wife. He wants Luthras to just bless them. The entire Luthra family is shocked. Sherlyn can’t accept this truth. She asks Kritika to tell them that its a joke. Kritika tells them that she has really married Prithvi. She stops Karan from throwing out Prithvi from the house. Sherlyn can’t tolerate Prithvi with anyone else. Do you think Prithvi’s marriage with Kritika is a good twist, since its hurtful for evil Sherlyn? Comment below and keep reading.

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  1. Again what does ekta kapoor thinks why she spooled the life of kritika. She should have punished prithvi instead she has ruined kritika life stop making this serial worse give a good ending n happy one

  2. Can we just have a change of writers who can think a bit differently!!
    Are these evil creatures themselves as they always keep showing evil twists and turns and the wrong people always winning!
    Y can’t they have a meaningful angle to such a lovely show with such lovely characters!
    Y can’t we focus on how Karan and Preeta get to know about the truth of Prithvi and Sherlyn and fight back to have a positive twist as well.

  3. Comment:well i hope it easy for them to expose pritivi and sherlyn this time if aunty ekta the not put anothere twist there again very funny pritivi marryies kritikal ekta ekta!!!

  4. Rubbish serial , anpadh log story likhe hain nonsense dikhate hain, sirf kharcha , makeup ke alawa kuch nahi hota
    Shelyn 2 saal se pregnant hai, sarla ki beti pragya to prita ki mummy ki age ki hogayai aur dono behen hai

  5. Excellent! Good twist, I like the new direction. What I don’t like and can’t stand, the sister shistri who she always call and can’t help in any situation.
    Shistri always coming to rescue and that always a failure. The big bad wolf attitude of hers and meddling in the sister life is the biggest problem. She needs to get a life of her own. I love to see her fail. New mission for sherlock and Watson after they failed to prove sherily then Mahira then Akshay guilty, the new mission is prithvi. Bigger teams now sherilyn, Karena, prithvi, kartika, Mahira and Granny vs sameer, rakhi, preeta, Karan and waste time shistri.

  6. Hmmm…prithvi and sherlyn in luthra house…well that sounds like the end of mahesh life so he is never going to wake up and reveal the truth and sgow everyone preeta is the one true bahu…the twist should have been something positive for karan and preeta relationship….exposing sherlyn an prithvi…or akshay…or maybe mahesh awakening…

  7. Can’t wait for mahesh to wake up and expose sherlyn an prithvi and shut kareena up for their evilness….kareena is the fault of all this evil…why does karan not know that preeta saved mahesh the first time by giving him blood…karan will so love preeta more when he realises the truth….unless its like kumkum bhagya where no one knows alia an tanu is responsible for abhi’s grandmother death an pragya is still being blamed for it….lol….disappointing….

  8. Why has sherlyn celebrated 2 karva chauth…2 valentines abd not make her baby yet…..poor Rishab …i love karan and rishab equally why preeta didnt have a twin…hate to see rishab love go to waste…

  9. Looks like abhi will loose his memory again and forget pragya and prachi..pragya blamed and hated again..same thing over and over…alia wins again….i just read the updates and not watch the show cause its total rubbish right now…nothing to look forward to…will stop watching preeran to if this happens


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