Anupama Vanraj opposes Samar Nandini 9th March 2021

Anupama Vanraj opposes Samar Nandini 9th March 2021

Anupama Vanraj opposes Samar Nandini 9th March 2021 Leela questions Anupama if she is doing the right thing. She wants to support Kavya, but while keeping her outside the house. She asks Anupama not to keep Kavya at home. Samar agrees with Leela. He tells that Vanraj would live with Kavya. Paritosh tells that Kavya can stay with Nandini. Anupama tells that they will leave the decision to elders, they should support Kavya at this time. She doesn’t want to see friendship or enmity when the times are so tough for Kavya. She asks them to show humanity.

She tells that Kavya is fine, she is safe because she is strong, but she can’t trust any outsider now. She tells them that Kavya is in trauma, she can’t stop worrying in a few days. She prays for Kavya to come out of the fear. She wants the family to encourage Leela. She has just seen Kavya as a victim, who needs their support. Leela tells that she is right, but Kavya can’t stay back. Anupama tells that its not her decision. She wants Vanraj to decide it. Leela knows Anupama has a big heart.

Anupama tells them that her mind isn’t working, she isn’t able to think of anything. She can just see Kavya who needs her support at this time. Vanraj is thankful to Anupama. She asks his decision. He reaches a conclusion. He tells them that he has decided to protect Kavya, he will keep her home, he loves her. He apologizes to them. He tells that Kavya has given the house to Anirudh to ask for divorce. He decides to keep Kavya with him.

He asks Anupama to permit this. Anupama tells that she has no objection if his parents are okay with it. She asks him to find a new house for themselves. She assures that she will support Kavya, but she will also support her family. She doesn’t want Kavya to trouble the family. She wants Vanraj to make sure that Kavya and his relation doesn’t hurt the family. She tells that she doesn’t regret to be selfish for the family’s happiness. Hasmukh asks Leela to make things easy for Anupama. Anupama finds Samar worried for Pakhi.

She tells that Pakhi will be upset with Kavya returns. Samar cheers her up by complimenting. Kavya screams. Anupama reaches to help her. Kavya is traumatized. Anupama consoles her. The family tells that Kavya is mentally affected by the shocking incident. The family finds Anupama a strong woman with a big heart, that she accepted Kavya so heartily. Samar tells that its tough for Anupama as well. Vanraj gets Kavya’s stuff from her home. Leela asks him to meet Kavya. Vanraj finds Anupama at Kavya’s side. He feels guilty that he did wrong with Kavya and Anupama.

Samar meets Nandini. He tells her about Kavya’s molestation incident. He reveals the shocking news to Nandini. Vanraj blames himself. Anupama pacifies him like a friend. Vanraj asks her how does she get so much patience and calmness. He finds her too good that she always forgives him and never gets angry. He tells that he can’t tolerate her goodness which makes him feel guilty. Vanraj lends a shoulder to Kavya. Vanraj and Samar have an ugly fight when Samar gets Nandini home.

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