YRKKH Upcoming Kartik dream comes true 9th March 2021

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik dream comes true 9th March 2021

YRKKH Upcoming Kartik dream comes true 9th March 2021 Kartik and Sirat begin their kabaddi practice. Sirat knows some of the moves because of her childhood skills. She teaches the same moves to Kartik. Kartik picks his game better after the practice. He tells Sirat that he is very confident that they will win. She is worried for the team formation. Kartik and Sirat’s bonding makes Kairav happy. Kairav wants Sirat to end her mission soon and come back to them as Naira. Mukesh can’t see Sirat happy.

He tells Sheela that they need to cut down Sirat’s only support, Kartik. He gets threatening Kartik’s life if he comes between the family enmity. He wants Kartik to lose and never come back in their live. On the other hand, Rhea finds it strange that Akhilesh and his sons left at the same time, as if they went to help Kartik and Sirat. Her suspicions turns out to be true. Surekha doesn’t think that Akhilesh and her sons can lie to her. She asks Rhea not to think much. Suwarna informs them that Gayu is nowhere in the house, she might have gone to see Sirat.

They look for Gayu and finally find her. Gayu informs the family that she is going to Singhania house to bring back Naira. Dadi had lied to Gayu that Naira went to stay with her family just to calm down Gayu. She didn’t know that Gayu will get adamant to bring back Naira. She can’t explain Gayu that Sirat isn’t Naira. She is fed up of Gayu’s madness. Gayu tells that she wants to talk to Naira at the earliest.

Suwarna and Surekha manage to convince Gayu that Naira has left for some important work and will be back soon. Gayu looks after Akshara, and keeps her away from Rhea. Rhea wants Kartik to return home, just like Manish wishes. Manish is troubled seeing the family disturbed because of Sirat. Kartik and Sirat have few funny moments. Kartik gets affected by her looks, which make him feel she is Naira. He waives off his thoughts that puts him into an illusion that she is Naira. He doesn’t want to get carried away, and remember the fact that Sirat isn’t Naira. Meanwhile, Kartik learns that Sirat has nothing to prepare for dinner.

He eases her out problem by planning a surprise dinner at the dhaba. He tells Sirat that Kairav actually wants to have food at the dhaba. He takes Sirat and her Maudi along. Sirat understands Kartik’s gesture to save her from the awkward situation. She sells off something precious and close to her heart to get some money. She repays the money to Kartik to keep her esteem. She asks Kartik not to burden her with more favors. She is already thankful that he is risking his life to play the kabaddi match to save Maudi’s nameplate. Mukesh lays the nails on the kabaddi ground to injure Kartik. He makes sure that Kartik doesn’t win.

Kartik and Sirat speak to the dhaba staff to become their team for the match. Mukesh learns their move and threatens the dhaba staff to not come. He doesn’t want Sirat to have a team. Kartik and Sirat await their team. Kartik goes for the warm-up and ends up getting injured by the nail. Sirat realizes Mukesh’s trap. She reprimands Mukesh for not playing fair as he had promised.

She quickly does the aid to Kartik’s foot, but he still isn’t able to get on his own. Mukesh humiliates them further on not seeing their team. He reveals that the dhaba staff won’t be coming to help. Kartik finds him a really mean person. Kartik is surprised when he finds Akhilesh, Lav and Kush coming to help him win the kabaddi match. He so wishes that Manish also arrives. Manish is in two minds over helping Kartik. Kartik makes a team with the Goenkas, but still needs one player. Its the moment when Manish makes an entry to support his son by keeping aside his differences with Sirat. Manish shows a big heart and surprises Kartik. Will the Goenkas win the kabaddi match for Sirat’s sake? Comment below and keep reading.

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