Anupama Vanraj is back 13th March 2021 Written update

Anupama Vanraj is back 13th March 2021 Written update

Anupama Vanraj is back 13th March 2021 Written update Vanraj is filled with rage with he sees Nandini in the Mahashivratri function. Samar knows that Vanraj is against Nandini. He takes up Anupama’s advice and keeps his calm. Rakhi doesn’t leave any chance to create a drama in the family. She makes everyone know about Nandini’s arrival. Leela tries hard to keep things under control. She asks Vanraj to tie the Mauli to his children. Vanraj does the rituals. Rakhi also asks for one. She thinks she isn’t aware of the new twists.

Vanraj tells Anupama that he will do what he wants. Nandini is scared of Vanraj’s anger. Samar gets affected by Vanraj’s behavior towards Nandini. Samar supports Nandini. He wants Vanraj to accept his relationship. Vanraj shows his refusal in his way. Samar loses his cool. On the eve of Mahashivratri, Samar performs the Tandav in rage. Samar shows that Nandini is his life. He wants Vanraj to bless Nandini.

Vanraj asks Samar to leave the house if he doesn’t want to leave Nandini. Samar tells that Vanraj has no right to make him out of the house, when he is also staying in the house with Anupama’s permission. He reprimands Vanraj for living with his girlfriend when he already has a wife. He tells that he is troubled by his dad’s affair. He tells that its Anupama’s house, he will not leave at any cost. Anupama reprimands Samar on his misbehavior with Vanraj. She doesn’t want Samar to insult Vanraj in front of everyone.

She tells Samar that Vanraj had made the house for the family. She gives him the credit for making the home for them. She asks Samar to remember that Vanraj is his father. She teaches values to Samar. She tells Samar that the puja matters a lot to Vanraj, even then Nandini’s arrival spoilt Vanraj’s day. She tells that love isn’t important than family. Paritosh interrupts Kinjal. He feels Anupama is right to stop Samar. Kinjal feels its Vanraj’s mistake.

Kinjal wants to give her opinion. Rakhi and Anupama get into an argument due to Samar’s matter. Kavya asks Rakhi to take the insult. Kavya reminds Anupama’s slap. Anupama defends Vanraj. Nandini gets blamed. Samar tells them that Nandini didn’t wish to come, but he had forced her to come. He can’t stay good all the time, when everyone can do their wishful. He tells that he can also follow his heart, when Vanraj and Paritosh can follow their hearts. He doesn’t think anyone should have a problem with his love. He tells that he also has a right on the house, Vanraj already left them, he has lost his rights as well.

He tells that Vanraj has left the family for Kavya’s sake, he has no right to interfere in their family matters. Vanraj feels humiliated to hear such harsh things from Samar. Leela tries to calm down Vanraj. Vanraj vents out his anger. He tells that everyone has insulted them all the time, just because of his mistake. He wants to take the domination status back. He feels everyone had misused his silence. The family gets scared of Vanraj’s anger on Samar. He takes a stand for himself and his relationship for Kavya.

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