Kundali Bhagya Mahesh is back 1st April 2021 Full update

Kundali Bhagya Mahesh is back 1st April 2021 Full update

Kundali Bhagya Mahesh is back 1st April 2021 Full update Mahesh shows signs of recovery. The nurse tells the doctor that she had just seen Mahesh getting conscious. The family rejoices when Mahesh comes out of coma. Bani cries on hearing his voice after a long time. Doctor tells them that Mahesh is out of coma. Sherlyn is shocked to know this. Suresh tells Mahesh that he had come to be with him.

Bani calls Rakhi to inform that Mahesh has recovered. Suresh goes to share the good news with everyone. He informs Sherlyn first. Sherlyn looks that her end is close. Preeta thinks Kritika and Kareena are finding Prithvi. She goes away from their sight. She has a plan to intoxicate Prithvi. Prithvi gets happy that Preeta has come to cheer for him in the competition. Karan tells that Shrishti will be the referee, they can’t cheat. Prithvi agrees to accept the challenge.

Karan asks him to step back from the competition if he wants. Karan doesn’t drink and throws away the bhaang, while Prithvi drinks it in a jiffy to win the competition. He gets too intoxicated. Sherlyn informs Mahira that Mahesh is out of coma. Mahira tells that Mahesh can remember her crime. She is afraid that she will get punished. She asks her to tell Prithvi. Prithvi laughs that he won over Karan.

He makes fun of Karan. He asks Karan to admit that he lost. Prithvi tells that his head is spinning. He goes to washroom. Preeta tells them that Prithvi will give them the right answers. Suresh gives the good news that Mahesh has come out of coma. The family rushes to meet Mahesh. They get too happy. Karan tells Mahesh that everyone was waiting for his recovery. Mahesh doesn’t know how much time passed. Rakhi informs him that Preeta got married to Karan. Mahesh blesses Karan and Preeta.

He tells that he always wanted her to become her bahu. Mahesh asks if Shrishti and Sameer also got married. The family laughs. Kareena tells that its impossible. Mahesh misses Rishabh. Suresh gets emotional. Sherlyn informs Prithvi that Mahesh is out of coma. Prithvi acts drunk. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to understand their problem. They help Prithvi regain consciousness. Mahira asks Sherlyn to inject Prithvi and help him come out of the intoxication.

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  1. Its time they get caught and Mahesh to be back with his family and Preeta and Karan to be happy in their marriage and move Mahira out of the house

  2. Everybody I bet Mahesh will not remember anything or go back in coma or get kidnapped. This will not end. Jokes galore.


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