Yeh Rishta Kartik marriage shocks Goenkas Upcoming

Yeh Rishta Kartik marriage shocks Goenkas Upcoming

Yeh Rishta Kartik marriage shocks Goenkas Upcoming Kartik is in a dilemma about his marriage with Sirat. Dadi helps him reach a conclusion by asking him to think of Kairav before deciding anything about Sirat. She tells him that Kairav has started seeing Naira in Sirat. She wants Kairav’s happiness. She tells Kartik that Sirat saved Kairav’s life and would be a good mother to him. Kartik doesn’t want to do any injustice with Sirat. He knows that she will have expectations from marriage which he won’t be able to fulfill, he won’t be able to give her love she deserves in a relation.

He doesn’t want to ruin her life by making her just his children’s mother. Dadi explains him that Sirat would be genuinely giving love to his children. In brief, she repeats the same facts which he already told Manish while defending Sirat. He tells Dadi that nobody can convince him to marry Sirat, he will not marry her even for Kairav’s happiness. He wants to meet Sirat and apologize to her. Manish learns that Dadi is also favoring Kartik and Sirat’s relation. He is much upset. He had already disapproved Sirat.

He tells that Sirat would just bring disgrace for them. Dadi doesn’t think so. She tells Manish that Sirat will bring stability and happiness in the family by filling Naira’s emptiness in their lives. Manish doesn’t agree with her. Kartik meets Sirat, who is just too enraged at his proposal. They both are soon to unite, as predicted by a tribal lady.

Kartik apologizes to her for hurting her sentiments and deciding alone. He makes it clear that his decision was only a situational reply to Manish who was provoking him to name their relation. She tells him that she can’t become the ruler for someone’s life this way. She doesn’t like Kartik having such intentions of marriage for her. He clears to her that he doesn’t want to marry her, he doesn’t has any interest in her.

He mentions that they can find a solution by which everyone will be answered. He tells that they can make a fake relation to show the society, but the truth will be known just to them. Sirat gets worried when Kartik proposes her for a fake marriage. Kartik and Sirat’s marriage will be leaving Goenkas shocked. What do you think, is it justified with Naira that Kartik moves on with Sirat even if its a fake marriage? Keep reading and comment your views.

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  1. As usual..then they will start to love each other..and the cycle continues…
    The makers have nothing new for its viewers

    So only making stupid,meaningless,irritating plots like this
    ria,he could tell his dad.
    Afterall he is his dad.he will definitely understand him.but what kartik does?? Just the exact opposites l. says he don’t want to marry ayone ,but he ends up marrying sirat.Then their love starts just because she is a lookalike of his wife.If she has some other face.Kartik would never see her.
    Seems more like kartik is more interested in naira’s appearance(face) rather than her personality


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