Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2021 Written Update Abhi engaged

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2021 Written Update Abhi engaged

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2021 Written Update Abhi engaged Pradeep warns Tanu against acting clever and cheating him like she fooled Abhi. Pragya worriedly keeps the phone away before Tanu finds out the plan. Prachi stops Tanu from coming out. Tanu asks Sarita to open the door. Sarita lies that the door got stuck. Tanu asks Sarita if she has locked the door to trouble her. Pragya checks Tanu’s image gallery. She finds Tanu and Pradeep’s marriage pictures. She realizes that Pradeep is Tanu’s present husband.

Tanu finds Prachi and Sarita outside the washroom. Prachi makes Tanu fall down to delay her. Tanu reaches Pragya and suspects that Pragya had her phone. She complains about Prachi’s mischief. Pragya defends her daughter. Tanu makes a leave. Prachi asks Pragya if she found any evidence against Tanu. Rhea meets Ranbir and asks him to speak to Pallavi. Ranbir calls Pallavi, who is ready to fix his marriage date. She hopes that Abhi’s case matter gets sorted till then. She knows that Ranbir will not think of anyone once he marries Rhea.


She is glad that Ranbir is a one woman man. Pragya tells Sarita that she has got a big evidence against Tanu, Tanu is still married to Pradeep, she didn’t divorce him and wants to marry Abhi now. Prachi tells that its a big proof against Tanu, they can prove Tanu a liar by calling Pradeep to the court. Sarita tells Pragya that they can prove Tanu a cheat and win the case. Ranbir goes to confront Rhea.

She asks Rhea why did she overhear Prachi and his conversation, and informed Pallavi. She wants her to seek his permission before revealing anything to Pallavi. She wants to marry him at the earliest. He tells that they will delay the marriage till Abhi and Pragya’s life gets sorted. Abhi meets them. He tells them that the problem will end soon, their marriage shouldn’t delay further, its already too late. Ranbir hopes that Abhi gets saved from the legal case. Rhea tells Abhi that Ranbir loves her a lot, he wants Abhi to get freed from the case soon.

Abhi is glad to know that Ranbir loves Rhea so much. Moreover, Tanu rejoices on her engagement with Abhi. Pradeep tells Tanu that he is too worried. Tanu tells Pradeep that she will send the money to him, she isn’t feeling well and has to visit a doctor. She lies to Pradeep about Abhi. She knows that Pradeep can never understand her love for Abhi. She regrets that even Abhi never understood her feelings.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th May 2021 Written Update

Pragya reveals the news to Abhi and family that Tanu is married to Pradeep. Abhi feels really happy to know this news, since he will be freed from her. Mitali tells that they will keep this news in front of the court. Baljeet and Aaliya tell that they need proof against Tanu. Prachi tells that they will call Pradeep from Tanu’s phone and ask him for a meet. Abhi doesn’t want Tanu to know their plan. Pragya tells that Tanu can do anything against Abhi, she can cheat them. Abhi tells that they can’t trust Tanu, who won’t spare him so soon.

He tells that she will keep him trapped in the case until he marries her. He makes a plan to conceal the truth from Tanu. Furthermore, Mehra family attend the court hearing. Tanu tells the judge that she wants justice, she wants respect back from Abhi, else the bad memories will haunt her. She wants Abhi to marry her. Singhania tells the judge that Tanu has accepted Abhi’s proposal of marriage. Judge tells them that the court can’t force Abhi to marry Tanu. Tanu tells that Abhi is ready to marry her. Abhi gives his consent.

Singhania takes another hearing date to be sure if Abhi will really marry Tanu. Tanu gets happy that her plan has worked. Tanu doesn’t free Abhi completely. She knows that Abhi’s family will not pose a problem now. Abhi gets upset by Tanu’s move. Pragya and Aaliya pacify him. They explain that they have to tackle Tanu smartly. She tells that they have to steal Tanu’s phone in the engagement function and call Pradeep. Baljeet asks Aryan to get Tanu’s phone. Aryan doesn’t want to steal the phone like a thief.

Ranbir explains that its a mission for him, its a task for him. Aryan agrees for it. Baljeet asks Pragya if she has any other plan to teach a lesson to Tanu. Abhi gets stressed on receiving a call from Tanu. Abhi and Pragya prepare for his engagement with Tanu. She cheers up Abhi by her sweet expression of their unbreakable bond. She encourages Abhi to stay strong until they defeat Tanu. Do you think its dragging too much? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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  1. It has become a most depressing show this show is full of negativity this shows name should be changed to Kumkum bhagya to abhi da vyah . And even worst thing is breakup of pranbir .I want Prachi and Ranbir together

  2. Their is never any good that wins in the end and even during the story!! It is boring and frustrating that Ahbi and pragya cannot be together and at least let the story be about something else other than Ahbi and pragya fighting or separated!!! The story needs to have some good things happen and that good overcomes evil!!!! Too much evil and thuggery and revenge and hatred and stealing if husband and the like!! Get a real story foe goodness sake!!!! It is so tiring to always have episode after episode with only bad things happening!!!! Get real people!!!!

  3. Cette histoire traîne en longueur. Il y a beaucoup d’histoires qui n’ont pas encore étaient résolues. Comme celle de l’assassinat d’abhi.

  4. It is unacceptable and depressing how the KKB makers have dealt with the slander of rape for weeks. Let this arrogant and arrogant person (Tanu) strut through the episodes laughing and confident of victory for weeks.
    The makers have no idea what anguish a person, whether a woman or a man, who has really been raped or was falsely accused of being raped, has to go through in order to get their rights, these memories will stay with you for a lifetime, because you will never completely forget it will and can.
    The makers should finally take a different path and build good actions without criminal machinations around Abhigya and her daughters, there is enough to work on Watching Tanu’s characters in the series is simply disgusting, not worth seeing, in short, completely superfluous.
    The corona pandemic is a bad and terrible time for everyone, so it would be nice and praiseworthy if the makers of series and films showed positive and funny actions in their series and films so that we humans at least for a short time something To be able to delight in beautiful and funny things.

  5. Damn foolishness.This story line has no substance.Shut doown this rubbish Famous lndian stars acting filth
    Rubbish rubbish rubbish.Lwt Covid 19 shot down the setlt wouldmake more sense than adults acting like fools.Thedirector and writer ate both asses and the actors are making the fans tired of the filth

  6. Most boring soapie now going in circles how long more to watch a happy family this Wil finish then Ranbir n rhea story starts very boring huh 😔🙃😏


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