Yeh Rishta New track Update Kartik Sirat love story

Yeh Rishta New track Update Kartik Sirat love story

Yeh Rishta New track Update Kartik Sirat love story Sirat gets emotional on her bidaai. Kartik loves Naira only. He just regards Sirat as his good friend. Still, he is seen missing Sirat and getting emotional in a way like he has fallen in love with her. Even Sirat reciprocates Kartik’s feelings, while accepting the fact that she is Ranvir’s wife and just loves Ranvir. Sirat fights with her inner conflict. She tells herself that she loves Ranvir, but her subconscious mind just takes her towards Kartik. She grows too worried for Kartik whenever she is away from him.

She still doesn’t realize that Kartik’s goodness has won her heart, that she loves Kartik now. She admits that Kartik is more important to her than Ranvir. In this episode, Sirat bids en emotional farewell to Kartik and Goenka family, along with her Maudi, whose responsibility is taken by Kartik from now. Sirat doesn’t want to leave them and go with Ranvir, knowing a new world and a new life is awaiting her at Ranvir’s house.

She knows that Ranvir will fill her life with much happiness, still she feels incomplete after parting ways with Kartik. Kartik wants her to go as soon as possible, because he has to look after Kairav’s emotional state. Kartik sends off Sirat with her love Ranvir, but Sirat intends to run back to Kartik, which leaves Ranvir much shocked. Ranvir wonders if she changed her mind and wants to stay with Kartik. Sirat acts silly and gives kiddish excuses just to be with Kartik. Kartik knows that she is going to miss them a lot.

He prays that she stays happy in her world but keeps visiting them to stay in contact. He doesn’t want to cut off their ties completely because of her marriage. Kartik gets sad for Kairav, who finds hard to live without Sirat. Kairav gives an emotional farewell gift to Sirat, some of their best memories captured. Sirat finally goes away with Ranvir, while leaving her heart with Kartik. Ranvir and Sirat’s marriage doesn’t bring happiness for them as expected. Sirat’s inclination towards Ranvir is the new track coming.

Sirat will long for Kartik, but the unexplained thing is the reason. If she loves Ranvir deeply, then why would she wish to return to Kartik? Ahead, Sirat gets a warm welcome by Ranvir in his house. He madly makes everything perfect for her. She falls asleep on her wedding night after the long, tiring and life threatening match. Ranvir understands her and is happy that she is with him. Sirat dreams of Kartik, like her heart wants her to go to him. On the other side, Kartik too longs for Sirat, unknowingly. What do you think of the coming track of Kartik and Sirat’s unique bond? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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  1. No ,this can’t happen because kartik only love naira not sirat .nowdays i dont like sirat character she is cheating on ranveer.


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