Yeh Rishta Kartik wedding Upcoming 9th June 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta Kartik wedding Upcoming 9th June 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta Kartik wedding Upcoming 9th June 2021 Update Ranvir and Sirat get a shocking news about Saroj’s accident. They both think Chauhan has deliberately tried to harm Saroj to take revenge on her for attending their marriage. They get into a big misunderstanding, while Chauhan is innocent in this regard. Chauhan has been wrong throughout in their love story and always played the villain who wanted to separate them, but he couldn’t ruin his own family. He fails to explain Ranvir that he didn’t harm Saroj, when the latter confronts him at the hospital.

Nidhi comes to her dad’s rescue and cleans his name. She tells Ranvir that Chauhan had no involvement in the accident, its just fate that Saroj landed in this trouble. The children get worried that Saroj isn’t responding to the treatment. Doctor advises Ranvir to meet Saroj and get her willingness to live once again. Ranvir learns that Saroj is stressed due to his fights with his dad. He wants to relieve Saroj by declaring a ceasefire.

He doesn’t wish to lose Saroj for Chauhan’s mistakes. Ranvir and Sirat get raged on Chauhan after accusing him for Saroj’s condition. Chauhan cries in front of them. He tells them that he is ready to forget the past and accept Sirat in his family. Sirat tells him that she will never forget the past, which was bitter just because of his hatred. She doesn’t want to forgive his misdeeds so easily. She expects Ranvir to support her.

Chauhan’s cry melts Ranvir’s heart as well. Ranvir doesn’t want to think of Chauhan, but just Saroj, who requests him to come home for her sake. Ranvir doesn’t take Sirat’s consent and gives his decision that he will be going to stay home. He wants Saroj to recover soon. Sirat gets upset on Ranvir’s negligence. She wanted him to support her against his evil dad. Kartik explains her that Ranvir trusted her to believe his decisions and comply.

He asks Sirat to go to Chauhan’s house just for Saroj’s sake without any fear, since Ranvir will always be there to protect her from upcoming dangers if any. Sirat gets insecure that Chauhan may plot to kill her. Kartik tells Sirat that Ranvir will not let his dad succeed. He ends Sirat’s fears and insecurities. Kartik tells Sirat that she should show her faith on Ranvir’s love and stop thinking of anything else. Sirat takes his advice by believing him. Ranvir and Sirat help Saroj recover by their care. They take her home, when Saroj plans their homecoming. Chauhan’s presence still irks Sirat, but she ignores him as Kartik said.

On the other hand, Goenkas are worried that Kartik’s life didn’t come on the right track, even when Sirat is away. They want Kartik to get married as well. They wish that Sirat keeps her promise and convinces Kartik to marry as soon as possible. Kartik have a hearty conversation with Manish, who requests him to move on and marry someone. Manish feels that life becomes long without a companion, Kartik deserves to stay happy and should find one. Kartik tells Manish that he can live with Naira’s memories. He doesn’t have any pressure to compromise now.

Manish wishes to see his son married again. Suwarna also holds the same wish. Kartik doesn’t think he will find someone like Naira or Sirat to plan his marriage. Sirat takes the responsibility of his marriage. She finds some good alliances for Kartik. She meets the prospective brides individually to know their thinking and expectations from the marriage. She realizes that no girl is such who would give true love to Kartik. The girls seem to be after Kartik’s richness and looks. Sirat wants someone who can treasure his good heart.

Ranvir finds Sirat interrogating the girls and sending them away one by one. He asks Sirat if she is serious to get Kartik married. He tells her that if she sends every girl away by finding a single flaw, then Kartik will never be able to marry. He asks Sirat’s intentions, if she wants Kartik to marry or not. Sirat too falls in a dilemma over her feelings for Kartik. She gets emotional when Kartik comes up to meet any girl chosen by Sirat. She tells Ranvir that she wants to be very sure before making Kartik meet the chosen girl. She can’t risk Kartik and Kairav’s future by making a mistake. What will be Sirat’s decision now? Keep reading.

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