Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2021 Written Update Tanu arrest

Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2021 Written Update Tanu arrest

Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2021 Written Update Tanu arrest Pragya files a complaint against the thief who tried to hurt Sushma and run away from the car parking. She finds out that it was Tanu, who happened to steal the purse from the accessible car. She gets to see her in the cctv footage. She asks Inspector to arrest Tanu. She gets revengeful on seeing Tanu. She doesn’t tell anything much to Sushma. Sushma questions Pragya about getting Tanu arrested. She asks Pragya what is she hiding from her.

She wants Pragya to break her silence. Pragya tells her that Abhi is her husband and the lady who she got arrested in Abhi’s current wife. She tells that Abhi and Tanu together had attempted to kill her. Sushma can’t believe that Pragya has finally found her enemies, Abhi and Tanu, who tried to get Pragya killed in the car accident. Pragya sheds tears of sorrow when she gets to know about Abhi. She doesn’t sympathize with him, even on knowing the life struggles he is facing. Will Pragya find out that Abhi was innocent, he didn’t try to kill her that day? Keep reading.

Full Update Kumkum Bhagya 28th June 2021 Written Update:

Abhi tells that Pragya is of him. He rushes to see Pragya. Sushma tells that Pragya is her daughter. He thinks it won’t be the truth, Pragya can’t be here as someone’s daughter. He goes to handover the car keys. Pragya happens to be in the washroom. She misses to take the towel. She calls the helper. Abhi gets to hear her voice. He connects with her. He had seen Priyanka’s picture with Sushma.

He feels it can’t be Pragya he knows, Pragya can be many, but his Pragya would just be one. He still gets moved by her voice. He doesn’t see Pragya’s picture. Pragya gets the car keys. Abhi tells her that he had delivered the car, he came to hand over the keys to her on Sushma’s words. Pragya rebukes him for entering her room without knocking. He hands over the towel before making a leave. They get into a moment like before. She tells him that she will complain about him to his boss.

He realizes that she is crazy, that’s why Sumit didn’t wish to meet her. He finishes his work and goes out of her room. Sushma lets him have the food in her house, after he mentioned his Dadi. Abhi is taken to the kitchen where the helper assists him. Abhi likes the food a lot. He asks the helper about Pragya. Pragya gets ready for the meeting. She asks Sushma about the mechanic who gave her the car keys.

Sushma tells that he is still in the kitchen. Abhi wants to yell at him for barging into her room without permission. Pragya gets late for work. Abhi appreciates the helper’s efforts. Pragya misses to find him in the kitchen. Helper tells Pragya that the mechanic was a great person, as known by his talks. Pragya asks how could he enter her room. Sushma tells that she had sent him with the keys.

Pragya and Sushma reach the boutique to buy clothes. Tanu reaches the same mall to steal some cosmetics. She has done much research to rob her favorite things. She doesn’t want to give up on her lavish needs. Pragya happens to see Tanu. She is shocked at the sight.

On the other side, Prachi gives a successful presentation in her office. She comes across Rhea. She rushes after Rhea. Rhea becomes a drug addict. Prachi loses track of her. Ranbir and Siddharth rush to the hospital to meet Vikram. They learn that Vikram has gone back home. They call up Pallavi to know about Vikram. Vikram asks them to come home. Pragya wonders if she has seen Tanu or someone else. Siddharth gets Ranbir home. Ranbir recalls the day when his parents had thrown him out of the house by ending their relations.

He wants to see Vikram once. Tanu tries hard to steal the cosmetics. She gets hindered by the shopkeeper. She finds it impossible to steal anything. Pragya is disturbed that she overheard Thapars planning against her. Sushma finishes her shopping. Tanu gets away with Pragya’s purse, finding it abandoned on some desk. Pragya looks for her purse. She tells Sushma that she knows who had stolen her purse. She suspects Gautam’s aide to do this work. She gets into the matter and learns about Tanu. Keep reading.

Hamariwali Good News:

Devika plays a big game with Ritvik and Navya by permitting them to adopt Bharat on a condition that Bharat can never inherit any of the property from Parmar family. Ritvik is in a fix since he got to know what his mum actually wants to do. He is helpless with no option than to accept Devika’s condition. He wants to keep Navya happy and away from the pressure.

She tells Ritvik that he may give any property to Bharat only and only if he doesn’t get his own son. She adds that if the Parmar family gets the heir, then Bharat won’t be entitled to gain anything. Ritvik doesn’t think Navya can give him his own child in the future. He accepts the condition posed by Devika with a hope that Bharat will be his only son. Meera wants to find out Devika’s condition. She doubts that Devika is planning a foul play. Navya and Mukund don’t know about Devika’s condition, accepted by Ritvik.

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  1. Could KKB get any worse? These updates are like age old scenes returning. I can bet as soon as tough Pragya sees Abhi she will fall into the weak, begging, crying person again then Aalia and Tanu will see her and take revenge

    • Someone planning against Prayag. You should know what is going to happen. Tanu , Alyia and Mitali would get their entry for property.
      Same old story.

  2. pragya this tanu she take the hug bag that only tanu didn’t her planned hunderd percent I am sure that.
    pragya you inform inceperter you can cctv footage than you came to know that inceperter you can arrest tanu in the jail don’t leave him but you can do it.
    pragya you hold the hug bag and be careful.

  3. It’s really sad n appalling dt dis writer killed dis interesting drama with un coordinated additions. Pragya n Abii used to be people’s dream couple but she killed dem by adding rubbish to der parts. Imagine from season 1 to date de ve never stayed together. Always fighting with evils reigning in her write ups. How can Aliya n Tanu be winning n innocent couple suffering? Do you think you re impressing us by making Alia a she dt must be obeyed by all? No way!. Just end dis if you cant bring d couple n der children together. Thank God twist of fate is no longer my favourite dt used to keep me glued to d TV b4. At least we all re diverted to JordaAkbar which is more matured d writer making d hero, Jallal d man not Abii dt was turned to robot by dis woman writer. See what Maya is doing now. What do you call dt? Drama? Pls come off it. No need for all those new entrants rather reposition Abii s family n let’s see d bliss in der married life.

  4. sindarth this ranbir he is afarid with pallavi and vikram he said leave the house and go out sindarth that only pallavi she didn’t her planned hunderd percent sindarth please you scold with pallavi than ranbir he will not talk with pallavi she say like that to ranbir.
    sindarth this pallavi she had problem I can see properly.


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