Kuch Rang Nayi Kahaani Dev Sonakshi return 12th July 2021

Kuch Rang Nayi Kahaani Dev Sonakshi return 12th July 2021

Kuch Rang Nayi Kahaani Dev Sonakshi return 12th July 2021 Dev and Sonakshi are back with their story which moves nine years ahead. They have their small world with Ishwari and their children. They look happy, loving and peaceful together, cherishing the fact that their relationship didn’t lose to any external factors. The twist here comes with the internal factors disturbing their relationship. Their marriage lacks the warmth and chemistry that it contained before. They both fail to give each other time with a sense of understanding, companionship and significance.

Being parents now, they look towards their duties. While Sonakshi understands the lacking points in her marriage, she struggles to explain it to Dev, who is totally ignorant. Dev doesn’t have time to think of Sonakshi’s mindset, her feelings and expectations from him. He looks ahead to only meet his responsibilities. He feels he has given much time to his relationship, which doesn’t deserve anything more. He forgets that the relationship still needs the same love, trust and care. Dev fails in balancing his work and personal life.


He gets focussing on the future goals so much that he misses out the present needs of his wife. Dev feels they don’t need each other now, they have just got habitual to live together. Their lovely chemistry becomes a once-famous history for their friends. Dev doesn’t think their relationship needs attention, when they have completed nine years together. He stops sharing things with Sonakshi.

Sonakshi misses the old Dev. She loves Dev a lot, but fails to express because he is never there to listen out. Sonakshi expects him to focus on her, fulfill their couple goals, fill their marriage with same warmth by treating her equally important. Dev and Sonakshi get distant by the lack of communication, which slowly degrades their marriage to a level of breaking down. Their story brings their journey as Dev and Sonakshi Kuch Saal Baad. Will they stay the same crazy lovers like the past or lose the spark. Sonakshi can’t single-handedly revive their relationship. Will Dev understand the need of his special care towards their bond and nurture it right? Watch the promo of Dev Sonakshi Nayi Kahaani below. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Kuch Rang Nayi Kahaani Dev Sonakshi return 12th July 2021: 5/5 Amazing concept This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. dev you don’t fight sonakshi please don’t do that dev please try to understand that than we should not talk like that to sonakshi otherwise she will gets upest so please be careful now days.
    dev you can talk comunication I very important for you dev and sonakshi than you decide about you are marriage with dev one request for you dev you don’t make upest for sonakshi.


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