Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2021 Written Update Rhea returns

Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2021 Written Update Rhea returns

Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2021 Written Update Rhea returns Pallavi has many hopes from Siddharth, that he would marry the girl she chooses for him, unlike her son Ranbir who didn’t care for her choice and went ahead to marry Prachi against her wish. Ranbir loves Prachi madly, so does Siddharth falls for Rhea. Siddharth’s innocence somehow attracts Rhea, though she claims to just help him out of the drugs peddling case.

Siddharth always wanted a wife like Prachi, someone who is Prachi’s replica. He finds Rhea appealing, even though she isn’t any match to Prachi’s qualities, but just matches Prachi’s blood line. Siddharth and Rhea fake their marriage to get saved from the police. They have to produce a proof in front of the police that they are married. Ranbir learns that Siddharth has run away. He then goes to help Siddharth. He also testifies that Siddharth is married. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked to see Rhea with Siddharth.

They have no option than to hide the past from Siddharth. Ranbir and Prachi get Siddharth home with his assumed wife Rhea. Pallavi condemns Siddharth at the sight of his wife. She tells him that whoever goes against her wish doesn’t have any rights on the house. She doesn’t listen to Siddharth. She asks Siddharth to leave the house. She tells that just family and servants are allowed inside the house.

Rhea stops Pallavi from rebuking Siddharth. Pallavi is hugely shocked to see Rhea as Siddharth’s bride. Rhea wants to explain Pallavi the situation where she had to fake the marriage with Siddharth. Rhea cleverly plotted her re-entry to fool Ranbir. Rhea returns in Ranbir and Prachi’s lives to create a havoc and is just using Siddharth in her plan. Ranbir and Prachi stay alert of Rhea. They don’t want her even in Siddharth’s life. Will Rhea really ruin Prachi’s life again, or fall for Siddharth’s innocence? Comment your views and keep reading.

Siddharth and Rhea try to run away from the goons, who chase them to get the costly drugs. They miss to see Prachi there. Even Prachi doesn’t see them hiding behind the car. Siddharth tells that not just the police, even the goons are after them. Rhea asks him not to go in front of them. Bob doesn’t want to spare Siddharth. Prachi asks someone about Rhea. The lady tells that she just saw Rhea around. Ranbir cooperates with the police. He calls Prachi to update her that Siddharth has escaped from the police.

She asks him if Siddharth is fine. He tells her that he doesn’t know anything much, but he will find out the matter from the police station. He feels Siddharth is in trouble. Prachi tells that she is finding Rhea. He tells that he is glad that Prachi is close to get Rhea, but Siddharth needs them today. He asks Prachi to leave Rhea and come to the police station to meet him. Prachi hires a taxi to reach Ranbir at the police station. Ranbir wants to know about Siddharth. Inspector asks Ranbir not to question him, instead answer about Siddharth. Ranbir is shocked when the inspector tags Siddharth a criminal.

Ranbir tells that he is looking for Siddharth himself. He learns that Siddharth is assumed as a drug seller. Inspector questions him as well. Ranbir tells that he didn’t hide Siddharth anywhere. He realizes that Siddharth fell into a big problem. Constable stops Ranbir from leaving. Prachi arrives there. Ranbir signs her not to talk to him, she should pretend that she doesn’t know him, else she will also fall into trouble. He informs Prachi that Siddharth is accused for selling drugs, some girl is with him. They act as strangers. He asks her to go out and help Siddharth.

She asks Ranbir to leave from the police station until she distracts the constables by asking about Rhea. She gets Siddharth’s location from the constables. Ranbir and Prachi leave from the police station when a married couple arrives there to sort their fight. Inspector finds Ranbir gone. He rebukes the constables. Prachi tells Ranbir that they have to reach the girl’s house before the police reaches, maybe Siddharth is also there. Ranbir and Prachi realize that girl has trapped Siddharth in the drug case.

Siddharth is at Rhea’s house. He asks Rhea if her place is safe. Rhea prays that police doesn’t have her address. She fears that the drug sellers are much dangerous. Siddharth tells that they will get married and show the marriage pictures as a proof for the police. She asks how will they have a fake marriage. She isn’t interested in any fake drama. He asks her to take help from her family. She tells that she can’t inform her family about the drug case. He tells that his brother would have helped them. She tells that his brother would be just like him, a shy person. He praises Ranbir, a smart heroic person.

She asks his name. Siddharth gets terrified to see the goons reaching the house. Rhea and Siddharth trick the goons and run away. Ranbir and Prachi miss to see them again. They find the house vacant. Ranbir tells Prachi that the door bolt is broken, it means Siddharth is in danger, some goons are after his life. He feels Siddharth is still safe, since he escaped. Prachi gets Rhea’s bracelet there.

Ranbir tells her that Rhea can’t be with Siddharth. He tells that Siddharth and the girl would have run away seeing the dangerous drug dealers. He wants to check the cctv footage and find out the truth. Siddharth and Rhea leave in the car. Ranbir sees Siddharth in time. He follows the taxi. Bob and Jack also track Siddharth and follow him. Ranbir tells Prachi that they will catch Siddharth and also that girl. Siddharth and Rhea get down the car and run to get saved from Jack and Jenny.

Ranbir and Prachi also leave the taxi and run on the roads to follow Siddharth. Bob also reaches there. Siddharth and Rhea get sighted by the police. The police also gets informed about Siddharth. Everybody chases Siddharth, who gets trapped for no reason. Siddharth and Rhea enter a wedding venue. Ranbir reaches the wedding where Siddharth and Rhea disappear in the crowd. Ranbir and Prachi realize that the goons want to kill Siddharth.

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