Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2021 Full Update Abhigya

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2021 Full Update Abhigya

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2021 Full Update Abhigya Pragya thinks of Abhi all the time. When she goes to the office, she thinks just of him. Abhi reaches her office and works as a helper. He serves her water. Pragya feels his touch. Abhi and Pragya don’t see each other’s face, but feel their touch. Pragya wonders how can Abhi come in her office. Abhi thinks Pragya can’t be here. They both come face to face when the presentation ends and lights get on. They have a moment. Gautam gets mad seeing Abhi there. He asks Abhi how did he come to his office.

Meanwhile, Pallavi finds hard to welcome Prachi home. Dadi welcomes Ranbir and Prachi home by performing the rituals of homecoming. Prachi cries out of happiness. Ranbir pacifies Prachi. Prachi gets blessed by the entire family. Dida is glad that Prachi and Rhea have become their Bahus. She wants them to stay united. Prachi hugs Rhea. Abhi reminds Gautam that he had bashed him up.


Gautam asks how dare he insult him by revealing this in front of his staff. He threatens to get Abhi arrested. Abhi and Gautam get into a war of words. Abhi tells Gautam that he can teach him a lesson and also throw tons of attitude. Gautam asks him to get out of his office. Abhi warns him to behave himself. Gautam ends up bringing loss for himself. He shouts on Abhi. Pragya stops Gautam from yelling at Abhi. She tries to stop their argument. Gautam stops him from revealing about the farmhouse incident.

Pragya tells that she didn’t appoint Abhi in the office. Gautam tells that Pragya is the owner of the company. Abhi tells that she can never own him. Pragya tells Gautam that she knows Abhi, and also knows the way to handle him. Abhi tells Pragya that he got a job in the family, he is glad to know that she is the owner. Pragya tells that she didn’t hire him. She asks him if he will become her guard. He tells that he has to work hard and pay the money to the garage owner. She tells that Sushma got the money from the owner already. He tells that the garage manager will take the money from him, that too with interest. He adds that Sushma is the reason for his arrival and job. Pragya doesn’t want Abhi around. She gets troubled by his presence.

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