Udaariyaan 4th August 2021 Update Spoiler Shameful twist

Udaariyaan 4th August 2021 Update Spoiler Shameful twist

Udaariyaan 4th August 2021 Update Spoiler Shameful twist forgives Jasmin for whatever she has done with Gippy. He calls her wrong initially, but later believes her that she had no option than to defame Gippy by targeting his character. Jasmin knew that he family would never wed her to any bad-character guy. She has played the game wisely. She doesn’t seem to genuinely love Fateh. She sets Fateh as a trophy, which she has to achieve at any cost. She can’t see Tejo winning in life over her happiness. She wants to snatch Fateh from Tejo, no matter if her step ruins her sister’s entire life.

She very well knows about Tejo and Jass’ faulty marriage scene. Instead of respecting Tejo’s sacrifice behind marrying Fateh, Jasmin gets mean to ruin Tejo’s future. Tejo blindly believes Jasmin, and treats her as an immature little sister. She isn’t aware that Jasmin is after Fateh. Tejo could never imagine that even Fateh could cheat her. Since, she has already told Fateh that no girl can tolerate a husband’t cheat. After that, Fateh sheds all his shame aside and prepares to meet Jasmin on their first ever proper date after his marriage with Tejo. He confesses his love for Jasmin, who provokes his old feelings. Fateh feels he can’t live without Jasmin. He doesn’t think of Tejo for a moment. His conscience stops shaking up.

Jasmin wants to see his madness for her love. Fateh promises to do everything and fight the world for her love, just as promised before. He forgets that he was a bachelor before when he promised her, and now he is Tejo’s husband. He believes that his extra-martial affair is justified because he loves Jasmin. He calls his love a worship, and cheats his wife. Fateh’s character gets spoiled completely. He doesn’t remain a man of words. The way he cheaply plans a romantic time with Jasmin kills the beauty of his decent character.

Tejo gets close to know about Fateh and Jasmin’s affair. Fateh and Jasmin get more stooping this time, when they plan their romantic date, by lying to Tejo and keeping the entire family in darkness. Gippy follows Jasmin in order to expose her affair with Fateh. He wants to destroy Jasmin’s dream of marrying Fateh. He is equally angry at Fateh, who is encouraging Jasmin, after marrying Tejo. Gippy wants Jasmin and Fateh to answer the families and get punished for their indecent affair. Gippy doesn’t want Jasmin to move on to Fateh by ruining his life. Gippy is sure that she is going on a date with Fateh. Fateh and Jasmin’s romantic talks go on the call. They get restless to meet.

Gippy misses to catch them together on their first date, but their meetings get more frequent. Jasmin plans to meet Fateh every day. She asks him to make any excuse to Tejo and just come to meet her. Jasmin calls Fateh for lunch. She gets fearless that nobody can catch her. She dances happily in her room after fixing their date. Swaroop overhears Jasmin’s lunch date plans and informs Gippy about Jasmin and Fateh’s next meeting. She asks Gippy not to miss them this time and just click their pictures to show to Tejo. Will Tejo take a stand and show faith on Fateh, or separate herself from a cheat? What would be the outcome of Fateh and Jasmin’s shameless Udaariyaan? Comment your views below. Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Udaariyaan 4th August 2021 Update Spoiler Shameful twist: 1/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.


  1. Worst serial ever, there is nothing left to talk about this show, stopped watching the show long ago, just here to check if at least now all is well in the characters, no interest to either watch the show or to think on it…good rating even if u ask me, I give 0/5


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