Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2021 Written Update New secret

Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2021 Written Update New secret

Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2021 Written Update New secret Sameer and Ananya bond well. Ananya has a crush on him, but he has no such intention to date her. She tells him that she likes him. He calls her sweet. He asks the reason for developing a like so soon. She asks him if he has any girlfriend. He replies that he has no girlfriend, but he has some complicated chapter in his life. He refuses to Ananya, and keeps her heart by praising her. Shrishti gets to hear him and misunderstands him. She loses her cool.

Sameer tells Shrishti that he is happy to see her. She tells that she is angry that she isn’t nice like Ananya. She rebukes him for his casanova side. Ananya asks Sameer if Shrishti is his life’s complicated chapter. He tells that he likes Shrishti, but nothing is confirmed from her side. Ananya tells that Shrishti is nice. She suggests that they become best friends, then Shrishti will confess her love for him. Sameer takes her help. He asks her plan. She tells that she will tell the plan soon.

Preeta learns that Shrishti and Janki have come to meet her. Sonakshi tells that she likes Shrishti’s cool side. She adds that Shrishti took her side by going against Karan. Preeta tells that Shrishti is Karan’s die-hard fan. Karan and Sonakshi share their old college stories. Sonakshi feels she is the best friend anyone could wish for. Rajat agrees seeing Karan and Sonakshi’s friendship. Preeta meets Janki and Shrishti. Shrishti tells that she missed Preeta a lot. Preeta tells that she learnt that Karan invited them.

Janki reveals that Shrishti self-invited her. Shrishti asks her to tell her secrets to everyone. Karan and Preeta give a rocking performance while practicing for Sonakshi’s sangeet, but in their dream world. Shrishti praises Rajat and Sonakshi’s stunning dance. Rakhi asks Preeta to take rest. Preeta tells that she can’t rest all the time, else she will feel ill. Karan tells that Preeta is a strong girl. Rakhi gets delighted to see Shrishti. Sherlyn is upset seeing Preeta getting pampered.

Kundali Bhagya 4th August 2021 Written Update New secret revelation coming soon:

Shrishti happens to overhear Archala and Srikant’s conversation. Srikant wants Archala to stop the marriage. Archala asks him to not tell any secrets. Shrishti realizes that they are hiding a big secret from everybody just to get the marriage happen. She wonders what’s the secret, if it could affect Sonakshi’s life. Sherlyn doesn’t know why Kareena isn’t believing her. She feels Preeta has a good fate that Luthras believe her and always sing her praise. She is angered that she has no value in the family.

She can’t take it. She gets an idea to prove that Preeta isn’t pregnant. She wants Luthras to throw out Preeta from the house. She gets an evil idea on her mind. Archala tells that she felt that someone is spying on them. She asks Srikant to not let the past secrets stop her son’s marriage. Srikant also wishes the best for his nephew Rajat, but wants things to be clear with Sonakshi and Yashvardhan. Archala asks him to bury the past. Shrishti gets Sameer’s phone at the same time.

Meanwhile, Karan stops Preeta to confront her for the truth. Preeta is tensed to tell him. He tells her that he also has a truth, she is getting prettier day by day. He feels lucky to get her. She asks him if he won’t love her if she grows old. He tells that he will still love her. She tells that she will get white hair and wrinkles, she may fight with him every day and get irritating. He tells that he will still be happy. He is happy that she will always be with her, till they grow old. He mentions that he will also have the same romance in their old age.

He complains that she doesn’t love him much, she ignores him often. They have cute moments. She asks him how will he stay without her. He asks why won’t she be there with him. He dislikes her bad joke. He gets upset. Preeta feels he wants her attention and is deliberately acting upset. She goes to make up for her mistake. What’s the secret hidden by Rajat’s family? Will Shrishti uncover it and bring out? Will Rajat turn into the new enemy in Karan and Preeta’s life after losing Sonakshi? What twists will come with the new secret getting revealed? Guess the track and comment below. Keep reading.

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