Anupama New bold start 6th August 2021 Preview Update

Anupama New bold start 6th August 2021 Preview Update

Anupama New bold start 6th August 2021 Preview Update Anupama finds her dreams shattering. Hasmukh wishes all the best to Anupama for the dance competition. He asks Anupama not to go with Pakhi and Kavya, who want to win against her. Vanraj and Leela fail to stop Hasmukh. Leela knows Hasmukh is doing the right, Kavya is really wrong. Anupama prepares herself for the dance competition, looking stunning in a blue dress. Pakhi struggles to find comfort in a tight dress. She asks Kavya to help her fix the dress fittings. Kavya doesn’t help her in the last minute. She tells Pakhi that nothing can be done at this time. She asks Pakhi to help herself, until she finishes her makeup.

Kavya focusses on herself, being a selfish self. Pakhi gets a chance to see the difference between Kavya and Anupama once again. Anupama gets compliments from Samar and Nandini, who cheer for her. Anupama gets worried for her daughter. She goes to Kavya’s green room to check for Pakhi once. She finds Pakhi in trouble. She wishes to help Pakhi, but will Pakhi take her help? Will Anupama win the dance competition and help Vanraj and family with the financial needs? Keep reading.

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Meera and Renuka swap their places in the puja. Meera makes sure that Renuka breaks her Teej fast by Mukund’s hand. Mukund is already alert of Meera’s suspicious behavior. He asks Ritvik and Adi to keep an eye on Meera and also the maid Ganga. He isn’t aware that Ganga is actually Renuka. Sumitra also enters the house with the help of Ramprasad. She gets terrified when she finds Mukund losing his cool on Renuka.

Mukund suspects that something is really brewing in the house. He isn’t aware of Meera’s secrets. He catches Ganga and asks her who is she. He wants to see her face and know her identity. He tells her that he won’t spare her. He forcibly tries to lift her ghunghat and see her face. Will Mukund and family learn that Renuka is alive? Is it really Renuka or any plan of Sumitra to break Mukund and Meera’s happy marriage?

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