Anupama Anuj First meet 3rd September 2021 Upcoming

Anupama Anuj First meet 3rd September 2021 Upcoming

Anupama Anuj First meet 3rd September 2021 Upcoming Anupama Anuj first meet after many decades get really interesting. He introduces herself as her classmate, but she identifies him as a NRI businessman about whom Vanraj was talking to Kavya. Anuj doesn’t want Anupama to get confused. He wants her to just remember him as her big fan, since he loved her dance. He asks her if she forgot their college days completely. He regrets that she doesn’t remember me. She tells him that she never understood poetry, even in college times.

Anuj advises her to understand the hidden meaning in his poetry. Anuj enjoys the reunion party with the friends Devika knows that Anuj was in love with Anupama. She sees a good future for them. She wishes Anuj gives the deserved love and respect, and also social standing to Anupama. She finds Anuj staring at Anupama. She realizes that his feelings for Anupama is still the same. Vanraj and Kavya are shocked to see Anupama in Anuj Kapadia’s party.

He realizes that Anupama and Anuj know each other well. Kavya tells that Anuj is Anupama’s college friend. Anupama wants Anuj to help Vanraj and Hasmukh by buying the factory space. Vanraj grows jealous seeing Anupama dancing with Anuj. His male ego gets hurt like always. Kavya asks Vanraj to see Anupama enjoying with her friends. Devika tries to bring Anuj and Anupama closer.


Anupama stops dancing when she sees Vanraj. Anupama is astonished to see Vanraj and Kavya in her college reunion party. She later learns that they have come to speak to Anuj about the deal. Anuj also gets updated about Vanraj’s relationship with Kavya, after his divorce with Anupama. Will Anupama have a new beginning in her life with Anuj? Keep reading.

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