Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2021 Update Upcoming

Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2021 Update Upcoming

Sasural Simar Ka 6th September 2021 Update Upcoming Aarav calls Simar to surprise her. He realizes that she is upset because of Badimaa. Simar hides the arguments. He thanks her for being so caring towards his family. He tells her that she is special, she knows that she isn’t with them forever, but still she takes efforts for the family. Simar tells that she is doing this for her own family, its her selfishness to get happiness by seeing them happy. She tells him that she will hold these memories when she leaves from the house. Aarav and Simar grow emotional. She sees the calender to count the days she will be living in the house.

Aarav tells her that he just loved the food today. Simar tells him that she had made the parathas for him exclusively. Aarav turns her shy on the phone call. He tells her that he wants to have freshly cooked parathas at home. She promises to cook anything he likes. They have a sweet conversation. The family brings Ganpati home. Simar holds the idol to save it from falling down. Badimaa yells at her. She insults Simar and makes her away from the house Ganpati. Aarav takes a stand for Simar in front of his family.

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