Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Shocking News

Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Shocking News

Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Shocking News Sonakshi pleads to Karan and Preeta to return her daughter Pihu, who is her only family member now, after her dad cheated her and kept Pihu away for years. She wants to begin a new life by going away with her daughter. Sonakshi asks the Luthras to give Pihu, and adopt any other child for Karan and Preeta. Preeta seems to melt her heart for Sonakshi, but the thought of losing Pihu makes her worried. Sonakshi asks Preeta to just give her daughter back, she has given birth to Pihu and has a bigger right on her.

Preeta tells that she can’t live without Pihu, just like everyone else in the family. She adds that Pihu is now their family, and they will never separate her from them. Sonakshi asks her to understand that Pihu is her daughter. Preeta tells that Pihu has given birth to her as a mother, Pihu brought the motherly emotions in her and connected with her heart. Preeta takes Pihu from Sonakshi and hugs her.

Kareena asks Sonakshi not to dare snatch Pihu. She asks Sonakshi to stop pleading at once and just get out of their house. Sonakshi fails to convince anyone in the Luthra family. Preeta doesn’t leave Pihu for a second. Kareena throws out Sonakshi from the house.


The family pacifies Preeta with a promise that Sonakshi will never succeed in snatching Pihu from Preeta. They want Karan and Preeta to be Pihu’s parents. They get a moment of relief, until they receive a shocking news. Kritika informs them about Sonakshi’s accident. Rakhi and Preeta get worried for Sonakshi. Kareena thinks its Sonakshi’s new plan to snatch Pihu from them by making Karan and Preeta emotional. Pihu’s kidnapping track will be seen this week. Who will plan Pihu’s kidnapping? Will Prithvi and Sherlyn take an advantage of Preeta and Sonakshi’s fight? Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update Shocking News:

Sonakshi tells the family that Pihu is the reality, her dad had lied to her before, but the truth is, Pihu is her daughter. She begs them to return Pihu to her, else she will die. Preeta tells that she will also die without Pihu. Sonakshi tells that she will pray that Karan and Preeta get a child of their own. She asks her not to snatch her daughter. Preeta tells that the family can’t stay without Pihu, Pihu belongs to her now. Sonakshi cries a lot for her daughter.

Kareena asks Sonakshi why is she crying now. Sonakshi tells that she is Pihu’s mother, she is feeling broken and shattered when her daughter is snatched from her. She asks Preeta to think of her, she is so alone without Pihu. She tells that Preeta can have a child with Karan, but she has no other hope than Pihu. Preeta hugs Pihu. Sonakshi cries for her daughter. She tells that she doesn’t want to snatch anyone’s motherly emotions. She wants to hug Pihu once. Karan refuses to Sonakshi’s request. Sonakshi pleads them.

Kareena throws out Sonakshi from the house. Sonakshi bangs the door and cries. Sonakshi is asked to leave from their lives. Karan stops Preeta from going to Sonakshi. Preeta tells that they can allow Sonakshi to hug Pihu once. Preeta asks Sonakshi to hug Pihu. The family gets a huge shock on seeing Sonakshi meeting an accident in front of their eyes. Karan and Preeta rush to help Sonakshi.

Rakhi asks Sarla to explain Preeta that Pihu is her daughter now, they have adopted Pihu, Sonakshi should have claimed her daughter before the adoption. Bani tells that Sonakshi’s claim can leave Pihu disturbed. Mahesh agrees with them. Sarla thinks of Pihu, who got relations and love from the Luthra family. She feels Pihu deserves to stay with Luthras. She tells that if Sonakshi takes away Pihu, then she can’t give relations to her daughter. Kritika informs them about Sonakshi’s accident.

Karan worries seeing Sonakshi so injured. Kritika tells the family that Karan has taken Sonakshi to the hospital. The family also wants to go to the hospital and see Sonakshi. Kritika stays back to look after Pihu. Sonakshi gets treated in the hospital. Doctor tells Karan about her critical condition. Shrishti informs Sarla about Sonakshi’s complications. Kareena hopes that Sonakshi gets okay and leaves from their lives. Pihu asks Kritika about the family. Kritika lies that they have gone to school.

Kritika takes care of Pihu. She stays worried for Sonakshi. Bani asks Mahesh to call Sonakshi’s dad and inform him. Sameer tells that they have already helped Sonakshi by bringing her to the hospital. Mahesh calls Yashvardhan. He tells Karan that Yashvardhan isn’t answering. Sonakshi’s condition stays critical. Karan goes to arrange blood for her. Sherlyn calls Prithvi to inform about Sonakshi’s accident. She argues with him knowing he is at home with Kritika. He tells that he didn’t know Kritika is at home. He calms her down. He tells her that he wishes Sonakshi survives, and breaks the love story of Karan and Preeta.

He feels Sonakshi is a simple girl who loves Karan, she is really emotional about Karan. He tells that Karan doesn’t know about Sonakshi’s love. Sherlyn tells that if Sonakshi dies, then what will happen to Luthras. He tells that they are scared of Yashvardhan, who will ruin Luthras to take revenge for Sonakshi’s death. He tells that if Yashvardhan targets Karan, then even Rishabh can’t save Karan. Sherlyn gets an evil idea on her mind. He wonders why isn’t anyone informing the happenings to Rishabh. He thinks to call Rishabh and inform the shocking series of events. Karan arranges blood for Sonakshi.

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  1. sonakshi why talk like that to dr preeta you know that dr preeta she gets upest because of you sonakshi again you started now days
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