Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update Divorce twist

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update Divorce twist

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update Divorce twist Fateh fails to understand Tejo’s goodness. He gets blinded by Jasmin’s love. He supports Jasmin even after seeing Jasmin messing up with Tejo deliberately to hurt the latter. He tries hard to keep Tejo and Jasmin away to control their clashes. Jasmin shows him how hurt she is to see Tejo back home. She insults Tejo again and again. She wants Tejo to leave the house on her own. Jasmin was earlier afraid of Tejo’s anger, but she now gets shamelessly claiming her rights on Fateh.

Tejo clears to them that she has just come to stay for Biji’s sake, she has to look after Biji and that’s her only goal. Fateh asks Tejo why is she arguing with Jasmin all the time if she has come for Biji’s sake. He questions Tejo about her move, that she always proves to Jasmin that just she has a right on him. Tejo finds him getting mistaken again. She tells him that she has no place for a fraud person in her life, she would never have a right on him. She clears that she doesn’t want him back in her life.

She tells him that he is like a bad dream, which she doesn’t want to see again. Fateh gets hurt by her words. Jasmin provokes him to divorce Tejo and send her away from his family. Fateh falls in Jasmin’s words. He prepares the divorce papers and comes home.


He hands over the divorce papers to Tejo right in front of the family. He asks her to take the divorce papers. He asks her to sign the papers and forget the bad dream forever if she is still firm on her words. Tejo accepts the divorce papers. Khushbeer and Gurpreet get worried by Fateh’s move, while Jasmin feels Tejo would learn a lesson. Jasmin gets too happy thinking Fateh will be just of her. Will Tejo sign the papers and agree to divorce Fateh? Comment your views and keep reading.

Udaariyaan 14th September 2021 Written Update Divorce twist:

Jasmin pressurizes Fateh to get Tejo’s rights, status and respect for her. She tells him that she can’t see Tejo winning everyone’s love and respect. She finds it hard to tolerate Tejo. She asks him to divorce Tejo and marry her, if he wants to get her the love and respect from the family. She reminds that he got her home by saving her life not to show this day. She asks him to better let her die if he can’t give her the status of his wife. Fateh gets too stressed by Jasmin’s constant pressure.

Fateh deals with the inner conflict. He doesn’t know what to do. He wants to respect his family, after al he is in guilt of hurting all of them. He is guilty that Biji had suffered a stroke because of him. He wants Tejo to stay to look after Biji, but Jasmin wants to throw out Tejo out of the house. Fateh’s dilemma gets more dense when Gurpreet speaks to him. Gurpreet reminds him that Jasmin is totally wrong for him since ever, because she is the one who ditched him and his love.

She praises Tejo who had brought stability in his life. She feels he is doing wrong with Tejo. She asks him to not give another chance to Jasmin, who can never be right for him. He tells her that he doesn’t love Tejo, and the family needs to understand this. She tells him that even without love, he needs to keep the relation because Tejo has proved herself right for him and his family. She tells her decision that she can never accept Jasmin as her bahu. She wants him to not cheat Tejo. Fateh doesn’t get any sense after speaking to Gurpreet. He just gets blinded by Jasmin’s fake love. He decides to divorce Tejo, after facing a rude remark on him from Tejo’s side. Tejo wants to really forget him like a bad nightmare, like he never happened in her life.

Fateh gets provoked by Tejo’s words and brings the divorce papers. He shamelessly justifies his affair with Jasmin, calling it love. He asks Tejo to sign the papers and free him from the marriage. The family rebukes him for divorcing his wife. Tejo asks the family to let her break the marriage, which doesn’t matter to her. She signs the divorce papers shocking Fateh, and pleasing Jasmin. Tejo tells Fateh that he will soon realize his big mistake. Will Fateh realize his grave blunder? Keep reading.

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  1. Very bad decision by Fateh, makers should show Tejo more strong and clear the doubts from Fateh’s mind of Tejo being characterless without stretching the matter otherwise the serial will get boring

  2. I think makers should show some fantasy,romance and jealous between fateh and tejo then it will be more interesting to see the twist by their #romantic-jealousness🤭

  3. Tejo has signed divorce papers, hope in future she does not go back to him, she should be shown as a strong woman and fateh and Jasmine should repent for their actions.tejo should have a new hero who understands her and looks after her well. then fateh should be shown jealous and helpless

  4. I don’t like tejo ..she is the one who came in between jasmine and fateh..and now she is acting like a sorry figure ….fateh always loved jasmine and she knows. I don’t know why all are supporting tejo when fateh loves jasmine and he always loved jasmine.
    I think fateh ans jasmine should get married and go to Canada.


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