Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 Written Update Sona warns

Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 Written Update Sona warns

Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 Written Update Sonakshi warns Sonakshi’s accident brings a new storm in the Luthra family. They thought they can easily get rid of Sonakshi by asking her to leave from their lives. Sonakshi meets an accident the moment she is thrown out of the house. Preeta feels guilty that she didn’t allow Sonakshi to hug her daughter even once. She realizes that Sonakshi indeed has a right on Pihu, since Sonakshi has given birth to Pihu.

Pihu has now become a Luthra after Karan and Preeta completed the adopted process. Sonakshi doesn’t have any legal right on Pihu after the adoption completed, but she begs Preeta to let her stay with her daughter. Preeta wants to look after Sonakshi, who regards her as an elder sister. She tells Karan and the family that Sonakshi is all alone, even her dad isn’t reachable to get informed about her accident.

In such a case, Preeta tells that they should take Sonakshi home with them and look after her until she completely recovers. She asks the family to decide if they find it right. She tells that they will keep Sonakshi with them. Bani, Kareena and Rakhi oppose Preeta’s decision, just like Karan. Preeta stays firm and convinces the family to take Sonakshi home. The Luthras bring Sonakshi home after her condition gets stable. Sherlyn gets curious to meet Sonakshi and know her intentions behind arriving in the Luthra house.


She suspects that Sonakshi loves Karan, just like Mahira was obsessed with him. She wants to know if Sonakshi will conspire against Preeta and break Karan-Preeta’s marriage. Sherlyn meets Sonakshi and asks her about her motives. Sonakshi warns Sherlyn against harming Preeta. She adds that Sherlyn will be tensed that she will be stopping Sherlyn from attacking Preeta, Sherlyn must be scared knowing she will really save Preeta from every trouble. Sonakshi promises to safeguard Preeta, who trusted her and brought her home. Is Sonakshi really positive or faking it? Comment your views. Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 Written Update Sona warns:

Preeta asks the nurse about the situation. Nurse tells that Karan has arranged the blood. Karan tells that he has arranged the blood, they should go home. Kareena tells that they have admitted Sonakshi and got her treated, Sonakshi didn’t do anything amazing that they help her more. She thinks they should go home. She asks Preeta not to feel guilty, the accident didn’t happen because of them. Preeta feels guilty that they had pushed Sonakshi in this danger. Everyone wants Preeta not to regard herself wrong.

Preeta tells that they didn’t allow Sonakshi to meet Pihu, she wasn’t in a right frame of mind when she left from the house and met an accident. Sarla and Shrishti ask Preeta not to pity Sonakshi. Karan asks them to come home. Doctor informs that Sonakshi will recover soon, she is treated on time, but she needs good care. He asks Preeta to meet Sonakshi, who wants to talk to her. The family doesn’t want Preeta to meet Sonakshi and get manipulated by her. Preeta assures that she won’t fall in Sonakshi’s trap.

She goes to meet Preeta. Shrishti is afraid that Preeta may take Sonakshi home out of her goodness. Sarla finds Preeta too innocent to trust Sonakshi. Preeta meets Sonakshi, who apologizes to her. Sonakshi tells that she has no on with her. Preeta tells her that she will recover soon. Preeta’s goodness gets realized by Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks Preeta not to inform her dad about the accident. Preeta asks her who would take care of her, if they don’t inform her dad. Sonakshi tells that she doesn’t want to go home, her dad will fight the Luthras if he learns about this accident. Preeta asks her to not worry.

Sarla tells Rakhi that she is worried. Rakhi asks her the concern, but Sarla doesn’t tell anything. Karan asks Sarla to share the matter with him. Sarla tells them that she is just confused. Rakhi tells that they can together solve the tension. Sarla tells that she is worried for Sonakshi’s health.

She tells Rakhi that she is thinking what is Preeta going through in this situation. Rakhi and Karan assure that they will look after Preeta well. They calm Sarla down. Rakhi tells that she is jealous seeing Karan loving Sarla more. Karan hugs Sarla and Rakhi. Kareena tells Mahesh that they shall go home and leave Sonakshi at the hospital. Mahesh agrees with everyone. He tells Rakhi that they shall go home now, anyone who wants to meet Sonakshi can meet once and come. Karan tells that they shouldn’t meet Sonakshi.

Preeta informs the family that they should get Sonakshi discharged, and not let her dad know about the accident, Sonakshi doesn’t want any complications, she needs them and they should take them home. Karan asks Preeta not to be mad. She tells them that they can’t leave Sonakshi alone and go away. She asks them to allow her to take Sonakshi home. Karan doesn’t listen to her.

Rakhi also refuses to Preeta’s request. Bani and Kareena are also with Karan’s decision. Preeta tells that its their duty to look after Sonakshi, who isn’t in a position to take care of herself. Kareena tells Preeta that there will be a daily drama in their house if they take Sonakshi home. She refuses to take Sonakshi home. Sarla asks Preeta not to get stubborn and do anything wrong. Preeta tells that they should help Sonakshi, they have clean hearts and shouldn’t change themselves, even if Sonakshi is wrong. She is very sure that Sonakshi will go home once she recovers.

Rakhi gets convinced by Preeta and permits her. Preeta promises them that she will not let any fights happen in the family, she will make Sonakshi leave once she gets okay. Sarla is afraid of something really bad about to happen. Preeta takes care of Sonakshi after taking her home. Sonakshi feels indebted to Preeta. She sheds tears and feels thankful to Preeta. Sherlyn offers help to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi tells that she is okay, she doesn’t need anyone’s help. Sherlyn gives her a glass of water. Sonakshi thanks her. Sherlyn asks her if there is a storm going on in her heart. She advises Sonakshi to go home and not complicate the relations more. Sonakshi tells that she doesn’t expect a good advice from Sherlyn, since she tried to expose Sherlyn’s truth. She warns Sherlyn that the latter won’t be able to harm Preeta. Sherlyn is asked to leave.

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  1. sherlyn you don’t talk please go down do some work in the kitchen sonakshi you take rest for same time and sherlyn you don’t waste the time.
    kartika you don’t pihu up kartika please try to understand that what I am saying for you karthika you can do it.
    dr preeta you don’t think about Sonakshi let her do if you want i don’t like it.


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