Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update Tanu wins

Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update Tanu wins

Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2021 Written Update Tanu wins Tanu gets mad to get troubling Pragya once again. She meets Abhi and quickly shoots a video to keep evidence in her favor. She projects that she cares for him. Abhi wakes up and finds Tanu there. He asks her what is she doing. She tells that Pragya has pushed him to kill him, he is in pain and he isn’t alone. She hurts his wound deliberately. She promises that she will be with him. Aaliya watches her drama. Abhi asks her to leave. She tells that Pragya will undergo the same pain, she will pay for her mistake.

Abhi falls asleep. Tanu picks her phone. She finds Aaliya there. Aaliya confronts her for hurting Abhi and record his painful reactions. Tanu tells that they have to make their lives better. She adds that she has taken a big risk by making Abhi away, she has finally won. Aaliya asks what does she want to do. Pragya remembers the clause of the contract, and now she will be paying a big penalty. Aaliya doesn’t want Tanu to hurt Abhi again. Tanu asks her not to tell anything when she talks to Pragya.

Aaliya tells that she will support her if Tanu is ready to take Abhi home. She wants to forget the past and join hands. Tanu tells that they shall make a team against Pragya again. They join hands. Lawyer tells Pragya that she should read the clauses well. Tanu asks Sushma and Pragya if they read the contract. Aaliya tells that they will be taking Abhi home. Tanu declares that Abhi is going home with them. Pragya tells that they can’t do this. Tanu adds that she can take Abhi with him. She rebukes Pragya for hurting Abhi. She tells that she sold her husband, but not her shame, she can’t tolerate his pain.


She informs that Aaliya has filed a FIR against Pragya for attempt to murder. Aaliya stops Tanu from speaking such a thing. Tanu asks Aaliya not to feel she did wrong by filing the FIR. Tanu tells Pragya that police will come in some time to arrest her. She tells that attempt to murder charges are serious than the molestation charge. Sushma tells that Abhi was too drunk, he fell down the stairs on his own. Tanu tells that they knew Abhi’s weakness and kept alcohol at home. Pragya tells that she had emptied the alcohol bottles herself. Tanu tells that court will decide if they planned to kill Abhi or not.

Sushma tells that they aren’t scared of her threatening. She asks Tanu to leave. Pragya tells that nobody tried to kill Abhi. Tanu asks Sushma if it was just an accident. Sushma tells that it was an accident, he fell on his own. Tanu asks why didn’t they file the report in the police if his life was in danger. Abhi gets conscious. He remembers that Tanu had hurt him, while Pragya was taking care of him. He wants to rush to Pragya and save her from Tanu’s plans. Tanu reprimands Pragya for her ignorance. Aaliya tells that its clear that Pragya wanted to harm him.

Aaliya and Tanu break Pragya’s confidence by the blames. Tanu claims that her Karwachauth fasts have saved Abhi’s life. Pragya asks them to stop their accusations. Abhi walks to the living room with difficulty. He falls down. Pragya senses that Abhi is hurt. She goes upstairs and finds him fallen. She takes him to the room. She asks him to take rest. They have a moment when he confesses love to Pragya.

Sushma tells Tanu that they know it well that Pragya can’t harm Abhi. She asks Aaliya and Tanu what do they want. Aaliya demands six crores. Tanu tells that she wants Abhi back. Pragya replies that Abhi won’t go anywhere. She doesn’t want to tell them how important Abhi is to her. Tanu tells that she will stay in Pragya’s house and bring her entire family. She asks Pragya to accept the deal. She tells that she doesn’t trust Pragya at all. Sushma wants her to leave. Pragya asks Tanu to bring the family. She tells that she accepts Tanu’s stay, but she doesn’t accept Abhi’s stay in the chawl. Aaliya and Tanu make a leave.

Elsewhere, Ranbir tells Siddharth that the meeting went well, but he has few things that’s troubling him. Siddharth asks what is the problem. Ranbir tells that he is suffering from kidney pain. Siddharth is shocked. Ranbir tells that whenever he is worried for Prachi, he feels a heartache, but whenever he is worried for Siddharth, he feels a kidney pain. Siddharth asks him not to joke. Ranbir asks Siddharth to share the matter and end his pain also. Siddharth hugs Ranbir. He tells Ranbir that its about Rhea. Rhea happens to come there. She interrupts their conversation. She tells Siddharth that she wants to talk to him. Siddharth goes with her.

Moreover, Aaliya asks Tanu why did she change the plan. Tanu tells that she didn’t change the plan, she made an issue of the contract breach just to get a place in Pragya’s house. She tells that she wants 600 crores from Pragya’s treasure. She asks Aaliya to broader her thinking and ruin Pragya. She tells that they got an entry in Pragya’s house. They go home to inform the family that they will be going to live in Pragya’s house. She gives them the good news. Baljeet and family get happy that they will be living with Abhi. What will happen with Tanu and family come to live with Pragya? Keep reading.

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  1. This serial is crap
    Fighting for the property that is not even urs
    Turning a child against her parent
    Life is not this hard
    Infact relationship is not this hard
    The script writer is still a kid.

  2. Just end this series where have you such an stupid script.i feel sori for the two lead actors to know that they need to act with such illogical scripts.no logical in story tanu and alliah rhea always winning.Cant the people of India stand up against this producers.They truly spoiled the story line.no wonder it does do well on ratings 👏

  3. Quitting watching this serial I think the writers should be fired Tired of watching such a weak and stupid heroine. The stupidity goes on and on .

  4. I really can’t stand Tanu and Aliya s evil plans succeed. It’d just too much to take in. Abhi n Pragya did nothing but love each other truly. Should they face so much for being honest , truthful and loving. Life can’t be this complicated especially after Abhi knows so well about Aliyan Tanu. This time if he viewed in thier words, then there is no greater idiot than him. For heavens sake, please end this drama and get Abhi n Pragya together please..sometimes I feel it’s better they just run away somewhere. Please unite then soon. Can’t see them suffer so much after all this..

  5. Most irritating soapies on zee now with this bhayya soapies the scrip writer think was not sober wen he wrote the scripts all same kidnapping revenge breaking family ties wat moral dies it have getting more boring as the days go by better end soapies not worth watching or else change the script writer aaliya tanu sherlyn prithvi all shud be put behind bars 😠 it’s better to watch the turkish soapies it has morals behind it this soapies all crap u Wil rate it 3 out of 10 most boring to watch zee now 😴🙄😠

  6. What a mess Ekta you got a marriage contract and now now dping all sorts of nastiness with zTanu and AliyacOt is time for Abhi to die a d stop.the filth Something is wrong as a director to showecase such evilbehavipur Tanu is only interested in money and Aliya is a demon disguosed as a human Away with all of you and your stinkness

  7. Omg!!! this dumb serial still going on and people are watching and commenting…

    Guys pls get a life there are many better serials and movies in OTT to watch.


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