Anupama 22nd September 2021 Written Update Vanraj’s ego

Anupama 22nd September 2021 Written Update Vanraj's ego

Anupama 22nd September 2021 Written Update Vanraj’s ego Vanraj and Anupama’s family performs the puja at home and at the cafe as well. Hasmukh tells them that they have to go to Anuj’s house as well. Leela is upset. Anupama asks her to have sweets with a good heart. She asks everyone to forget the differences and just celebrate well. Vanraj taunts Anupama and spoils her mood. Anupama knows how to handle him. She smiles on his taunts. She tells him that he should see his own deeds before taunting her. She tells him that he isn’t anything for her, and still he gives importance to himself.

Anupama gets a big order. She is ready to prepare the special dish for the customer. Vanraj wants to cancel the order. He doesn’t want Anupama’s favor. Kavya asks Vanraj not to get his ego in between, let Anupama cook the food and pay her the fees. Anupama tells that Kavya is right. Vanraj wants to remove Anupama’s dish from the menu. He asks Anupama to cook food in Anuj’s five star hotel, than the small cafe. He wants her to not waste time in his cafe. He vents anger on her and asks her to go to Anuj, who might be more than a friend.


She reminds that even they were friends before after the divorce. She regrets that he didn’t keep the friendship, while she kept it with all her heart. She asks him why is he jealous seeing her step ahead. She tells that he should have kept friendship sincerely, but he has not changed himself. She rebukes him for his ego which never lets him change. Vanraj asks him to go to her high class friend. She asks him the problem.

She asks him if he is angry that Anuj rejected his proposal and chose her proposal. Vanraj shouts on her. He asks her to get out. Anupama makes him more jealous by asking Kavya if she is looking perfect to meet Anuj. Hasmukh asks Leela to accompany him. The family goes to Anuj’s house. Kavya tells Vanraj that she will also go to meet Anuj, since he had offered her a job. She predicts that Vanraj’s ego will get the cafe shut one day. She asks him to just stay in his jealousy. Kavya accompanies the family.

Vanraj and Paritosh are left behind. Anuj gets surprised seeing Anupama in his house. He welcomes her and her family. Kavya tells Anuj that she was expecting a lavish house, but its a normal one. Anuj tells that he doesn’t stay in a big house, because he is lonely. He asks for Vanraj and Paritosh. Kavya tells that they were handling the cafe. He welcomes Anupama with all his heart. She compliments him for having a lovely house. He shows her the house. Vanraj feels bad that even Kavya went to meet Anuj, but he understands her that she needs the job. He tells Paritosh that Kavya is desperate for a job.

Anuj and the family perform the puja at his place. Anupama learns about Anuj’s talents. Vanraj decides to go to Anuj’s house, when Anuj calls him and invites him. Vanraj blames Anuj for snatching his family.

She doesn’t want Anupama and Kavya to go against him. He thinks to tackle Anuj and get his family back. Anupama praises Anuj’s arm wrestling skills, since he used to win all the time in college. Vanraj arrives there. He gets to hear this and challenges Anuj for an arm wrestling competition. He is confident to win and show his worth. Vanraj and Anuj get competing with an aim to win. Anupama worries seeing the jealousy fire in Vanraj’s eyes, while Anuj stays chilled out and takes it just as a competition. Who will win? Keep reading.

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