Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2021 Written Update Rhea’s madness

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2021 Written Update Rhea's madness

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2021 Written Update Rhea’s madness Siddharth gets upset after hearing Rhea. She isn’t happy with him. She doesn’t want to act like a good wife. Dida wants to talk to Prachi. She is tensed about Rhea. She tells Prachi that Rhea has added the garlic to make Prachi fall in everyone’s sight. Prachi tells Dida that Rhea has changed a lot, she isn’t like the old Rhea now. She adds that when a person falls lonely, she needs family. She tells that Rhea doesn’t talk to Abhi and Pragya, just she is her family now. Rhea interrupts their conversation. She tells Prachi that she has to come to help her.

Rhea asks Prachi to come with her. She doubts that Dida is suspecting her. Dida wants to explain Prachi that Rhea is like before. She wants Prachi to see the truth before Rhea breaks Prachi and Ranbir’s decision. Rhea asks Prachi to talk to Ranbir. She calls Ranbir and asks him to talk to Prachi. Ranbir likes the surprise call. Rhea tells that they were missing him a lot. He finds it sweet. Rhea asks him to come home early. He tells that he will get Siddharth home. Rhea asks Prachi why didn’t she tell that she used to work in the office before.


Ranbir tells that nobody knows about Prachi’s work, Siddharth needs her advice in handling the important project. Rhea tells that she didn’t know that her sister is so talented. She wants to talk to Prachi and know more about her. She speaks to Ranbir and tells we love you to him. She doesn’t stay back to talk to Prachi. She finishes the call with Ranbir and goes away, leaving Prachi feeling odd.

On the other side, Abhi finds Pragya at his side. He wants to have alcohol. She doesn’t want him to drink alcohol again. She keeps an eye on him. He tells her that he will go and meet his friends. She asks him to go in the morning, else call them up.

Abhi makes excuses to go out and drink. He doesn’t find any alcohol in the house. She asks him to prove that he recovered and he can go back. He doesn’t know a way to prove his physical fitness. He asks who is she to stop him from going out. Pragya asks him not to drink. He doesn’t like her spying. She reminds him that he wanted to find happiness in their relation. She tells that she doesn’t care if he drinks or not. She doesn’t tell him about the alcohol. Tanu stocks the alcohol for Abhi. She wants to tell Pragya that Abhi isn’t the same as before, he will want his alcohol after a period of restlessness.

Abhi hides his shaking hands from Pragya. Siddharth suspects that Rhea loves someone else. Ranbir tells that its him. Siddharth asks him if he knows Rhea well. He wants to know if Rhea loves someone. He shares his doubt that Rhea doesn’t love him, but someone else. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t think so. He asks Siddharth to spend time with Rhea and know her. He tells that his arranged marriage will work if he knows Rhea well. He asks Siddharth not to make opinions by himself.

Siddharth tells that Rhea doesn’t talk to him. Ranbir tells that communication will clear the problems. Siddharth doesn’t want to go home. He asks Ranbir to complete work files with him. Ranbir tells that Prachi is waiting for him.

Ranbir comes home to meet Prachi first. He asks her to sit with him and talk. Rhea gets jealous seeing them together. Ranbir gifts anklets to Prachi. Rhea wants to know why is Prachi special for him. Ranbir asks Prachi to give him a return gift. They have a romantic moment. Ranbir asks Prachi to give him a kiss. Prachi gets shy. Rhea breaks their moment by dropping a vase. Ranbir and Prachi go to their room. Rhea gets mad for Ranbir. She decides to not kill herself, but to kill Prachi to make her out of their lives.

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  1. pragya said for you tanu we should not drink mashup so pragya she gets upest because of you tanu keep it your mind tanu please don’t do that tanu if you do like this to pragya otherwise she will throw out for you tanu you just think like that Dadi you don’t talk like that to pranchi otherwise she will gets upest because of you rhea if you talk like this to pranchi otherwise she will gets upest because of you rhea please you don’t cut your hand it will hurt your hand siddarth you go up that rhea she will cut rhea hand siddarth you can do it.

  2. Abhi tanu n pragya story repeat with Ranbir Rhea n prachi so boring 😴😠💔revenge starts again y can’t the writer think of better morals this is disgusting 😠


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