Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2021 Written Update Affair news

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2021 Written Update Affair news

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2021 Written Update Affair news Pihu finds the goons stealing some boxes from the guest room. The goons look for their boxes to take them and leave at the earliest without letting anyone know, but Pihu happens to see them into the act. She asks them if they are stealing. She tells them that stealing is a bad thing. He asks them to keep the boxes back, else she will tell the entire family about them. The goons get troubled by little Pihu. They fail to take the boxes, and run after Pihu to stop her. Goon gets the knife to catch her.

On the other hand, Karan takes Rishabh for a talk. He lectures Rishabh on moral values. Rishabh reminds Karan that he is his elder brother, Karan can’t lecture him. Karan tells that he can give a lecture to his elder brother if the latter is wrong. Rishabh asks him what wrong did he do. Karan confronts him for having an affair. A shocked Rishabh asks him who told him the nonsense. He clarifies that he doesn’t have any affair. Karan tells that he heard Shrishti telling Sameer about Rishabh’s affair. Rishabh worries that even Shrishti and Sameer are misunderstanding him now. He gets annoyed with the rumours flying around, and spoiling his name.

The goons don’t find the guest room easily. Sarla overhears the goons talking about bloodshed. She gets worried and follows them to know who are they. The goons find the drugs in the boxes. They take a carpet to pack the boxes. Pihu interrupts them. Sarla stops the goons and asks for their help. The goons tell her that they don’t have time. She checks if she is thinking right by pulling the beard of one of the goon.


She realizes that the beard is fake. She identifies the goon she has scolded on the way to Luthra house. Rakhi and Kareena ask Rishabh to tell I love you to Sherlyn, they will hide and hear it from him. Rishabh tells that he can’t tell that to Sherlyn in their presence. Sherlyn arrives in the room to meet Rishabh. Rakhi and Kareena want him to say I love you. Sherlyn asks Rishabh why did he call her to the room. Prithvi happens to pass by. He is shocked to hear Rishabh’s I love you for Sherlyn. He gets annoyed.

Rishabh finally tells I love you to Sherlyn and asks her to go. Rakhi signs Rishabh to hug Sherlyn. Rishabh gets compelled to stop Sherlyn and hug her. Sherlyn gets confused by his sudden change. Rishabh hugs Sherlyn with love just for Rakhi and Kareena’s sake. Rakhi asks him to confess love again. Karan comes there and watches the love drama. He is also confused. Sherlyn leaves after Rishabh goes. Rishabh takes Karan’s help to leave. Rakhi tells that Mahesh always admits his love. She feels shy. Kareena likes shy Rakhi.

They get relieved that things are fine in Rishabh’s marriage. Sarla asks the goons if they are part of the drama company. She returns the fake beard and goes. She senses that they are really up to something. She wants to get away before they kidnap her. Goon tells that she has fooled them. Preeta reaches Pihu near the storeroom. Pihu tells her that the goons are stealing the sweets boxes. Preeta asks the goons not to mind the girl’s words and bring the boxes outside.

Mahesh and his inspector friend reach the guest room, and find the goons there. Goon tries to act unconscious and fool Mahesh first. Mahesh asks him not to waste time and just leave from the house. Goon points gun at him and shocks him. Mahesh realizes the danger, just like Sarla. Sarla hides from the goons. She overhears their conversation and learns that they are drug dealers. She thinks to hide until they leave. Mahesh asks the goon why did he point the gun at him. He asks the police to arrest the goon. The goon continues the drama. He denies that they don’t have a gun. Mahesh tells that he just saw the gun in his hand.

Goon throws the gun under the bed. The police discovers the gun, and checks the fake gun. Goon lies to Mahesh and fools him by a convincing story. Mahesh asks them to leave. Inspector asks the constables to stay alert. Mahesh tells that the security guards won’t let the drug dealers enter the house. Inspector asks him to get the important entry points sealed. He wants Mahesh to stay cautious. Rishabh and Karan get away from his room. Karan asks Rishabh why is he dragging him, he will get to hear a lecture now. He confronts Rishabh about his affair. Rishabh tells that Shrishti has gone mad to ruin his name.

He also didn’t know about the nonsense spreading. Karan asks Rishabh why did he say I love you to Sherlyn. Rishabh tells that Sherlyn is his wife. Karan knows that Rishabh was acting. Rishabh tells that he wasn’t acting. Karan understands that Rishabh was saying that on someone’s word, without any feeling. Rishabh tells that Rakhi and Kareena forced him to say I love you to Sherlyn. Karan feels lucky to get Preeta, whom he dearly loves. Rishabh adds that not everyone is lucky like Karan to marry the one he loves.

Karan asks him to find a girl whom he can love. He jokes that Rishabh can really find someone for him. Sonakshi arrives there and greets Rishabh. He tells that he is glad to meet her. Rishabh recollects an incident seeing Sonakshi. He reminds Karan about the incident, when Sonakshi admitted to her friend that she/Sonakshi loves Karan a lot. Karan asks Rishabh why didn’t he tell this to him before. Sherlyn hears this. She realizes she is right about Sonakshi.

Karan tells Rishabh that he is going to talk to Rakhi. Rishabh asks him not to tell anything to her. Sherlyn wants to share the things with Kareena, who is the only person trusting her. Rakhi tells Mahesh that Rishabh has told I love you to Sherlyn for the first time. Mahesh doesn’t think its a big news. Sarla leaves from the room to see if the goons stopped chasing her.

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