Anupama 28th September 2021 Written Update Vanraj pops

Anupama 28th September 2021 Written Update Vanraj pops

Anupama 28th September 2021 Written Update Vanraj pops Anupama and Anuj share the memorable moments. She is pleased to hear his selfless talks, which she never heard from Vanraj in her entire life. She is glad to work with a person like Anuj, knowing his genuine values and kindness. He asks her to enjoy every moment of her first flight experience. Anuj finds her enjoying her alone time. He is happy for her. He smiles watching her unique antics on the flight. Anupama cares for Anuj when he refuses to have the food provided.

He loves Anupama’s homemade delicacies. She misses her family. Anuj keeps watching her from far. He finds her feeling cold, and lends his coat. Anupama’s next dream gets fulfilled when she visits a seashore. The sight of the sea makes Anupama too happy. She jumps happily and dances on the beach. Anuj gets his happiness watching Anupama’s happiness. Anupama is shocked to find Vanraj and Kavya, while Anuj doesn’t look surprised to find Vanraj there.

Vanraj and Kavya keep an eye on Anupama. Vanraj doesn’t want to suspect Anupama and her character, when she had cleared that she has no feelings for Anuj. Vanraj battles his inner conflict. He taunts Anuj and Anupama for appearing free from work and enjoying on the beach when their Mumbai trip was just meant for work. Anupama is hurt with Vanraj’s behavior, and senses Anuj’s discomfort by his taunts. Vanraj’s behavior leaves Kavya upset as well. Kavya doesn’t want Vanraj’s attachment to turn into love for Anupama. He is troubled by his ego and anger conquering the leftover goodness in him. What will happen next? Keep reading.


Anupama 28th September 2021 Written Update Vanraj pops:

Aupama wakes up and finds Anuj’s coat over her. He clarifies that she was feeling cold. She tells that she fell asleep. He asks her to call it a sleep between the clouds. She shows her world to him. He likes her perfect world. Anuj finds it odd that he is scared of the landing. Anupama gets happy seeing Mumbai and the sea. They arrive in Mumbai. Anupama looks after the family by making phone calls. Anuj tells Anupama that he can’t delay the meeting, knowing she wanted to see the sea first. She tells that its her big dream, but he can’t delay her work.

They both agree that beautiful dreams make them wait before getting fulfilled. Anuj and Anupama meet the team. Anuj asks her to explain the unique idea to the team. He believes in women empowerment. He gives her a chance to fly high on her own capabilities. He is glad to see Anupama’s confidence. Anuj assists her. Anupama impresses the team, who call her just perfect. Anupama informs Hasmukh about her successful meeting. Mama ji receives Nandini and her ex’s pictures. He doesn’t remember them. Leela and Kavya miss to see the pictures. Kavya tells Vanraj that she got a shocking news, they have to leave urgently. Anupama awaits Anuj, who hires a rickshaw to take her to see the sea. Anupama gets too excited with the name of the sea.

Anupama takes a plentiful sight of the sea and screams. She calls Hasmukh to share her happiness. Anuj can’t believe that a little thing can give her so much happiness. He asks her to go and enjoy her dream, its her time to fly. He carries her slippers and bag until she meets the sea waves. He doesn’t want to come between her happiness. He is just happy seeing her meeting herself. Anuj gets away to attend a phone call. Few guys find Anupama dancing on the shore and catch her to rob for gold.

Anuj finds her in trouble and runs to save her. Anupama handles the guys herself. She beats them like a mother to teach them a lesson. Anuj stops and bursts into laughter watching the good lesson for the guys. Anupama rebukes the guys for trying to spoil their parents’ name. The guys run away. Anuj tells her that he thought she needed help, but the guys actually needed help. He adds that he wanted to make a heroic entry, but she is the heroine and also the hero in her own story. He salutes her. Anupama gets pleased to receive respect from him.

Anuj falls for Anupama more. He wishes his dream comes true some day when Anupama accepts his love and completes his life. She asks for her bag. He tells that he left her bag on the shore. She tells that the bag contains everything important. Anuj runs to get the bag for her. They get a pleasant surprise to see Vanraj and Kavya there. Vanraj and Kavya clarify that they came for a work meeting. Vanraj learnt that Anupama had visited a beach, he couldn’t rest at home and just came to see her. He finds Anuj and Anupama’s growing closeness. Anupama lectures Vanraj when he starts pointing on Anuj and Anupama’s friendship. This leads to a fight between Anuj and Vanraj. Stay tuned for next.

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