Anupama 29th September 2021 Written Update Pub twist

Anupama 29th September 2021 Written Update Pub twist

Anupama 29th September 2021 Written Update Pub twist Vanraj tries to put Anupama and Anuj down. Anupama leaves along with Anuj. Kavya tries to make Vanraj understand his improper behavior but he is not in a mood to listen. Kavya yells at Vanraj for ignoring her because of Anupama. She is also tired of Vanraj burning in jealousy all day and burning her heart too. Kavya goes away in anger. Anupama loses her cool over Vanraj’s behavior and gets emotional. Anuj calms her down and takes her out to eat something.

Anupama calls up Hasmukh and informs him that Vanraj and Kavya are also in Mumbai. Anuj offers water to Anupama and insists her to eat. Vanraj and Kavya also end up coming to the same place. Anuj cokes on food and Anupama rubs his back to comfort him. Vanraj sees this and fumes in anger. Anuj meets a friend who takes him away to meet someone important. Anupama is all by herself when Vanraj goes to her and speaks on her character. He cannot help himself from schooling her about values, culture, and conduct.

Anupama eats dessert as Vanraj goes on speaking ill about her. She tells him to go on. Vanraj says now she will not get affected by anyone except Anuj’s influence. Vanraj asks Anupama why she is enjoying Mumbai with a man under the pretext of work. Anupama has enough of Vanraj and says that she will do whatever she desires and he should stay within his limits. Nandini encounters several men on the road who are wearing a mask of her ex’s face. She gets scared and comes running inside the house. Leela lectures her for roaming alone at night.


Anupama gives an earful to Vanraj about his non-existence in her life. Vanraj asks Anupama if she has forgotten all her values to which she replies that he is trying to create noise in the wrong direction. She says he doesn’t have any right over her and should stop his cheap tactics. Vanraj declares that he gets jealous and angry over Anuj creating a place in Anupama’s life. He tells her that even though she was not the one he wanted, they were perfect together. Vanraj also says he never fought with Anupama in 25 years of their marriage but he fights with Kavya daily.

Vanraj pours his heart out to Anupama. He believes Anupama when she clears that she has nothing in her heart for Anuj. Vanraj confesses his feelings to her that he couldn’t move on. She questions why can’t Anuj and her friendship be true, Vanraj should be least concerned. Vanraj tells her that he is really feeling jealous, he feels angered on himself and her as well, she was perfect with him even when she wasn’t his choice, he didn’t love her, but he kept a long marriage with her, he loves Kavya, but he isn’t able to move on with Kavya.

He feels just Anupama has moved on in real sense, because she doesn’t have any problem to see him with Kavya. He adds that he isn’t able to see her with Anuj. She tells that he has to work out his relation with Kavya. She feels she was the one who had kept the relation single-handedly, she had no expectations from him, she never existed for him. She shows him the mirror of his own actions. She asks him to be loyal and true towards Kavya.

Anupama advises him to lower his ego and attitude or else he will never fit in any relationship. She also blames Vanraj for all the situations occurring in his life. Anupama makes it loud and clear that she only belongs to herself. Anuj comes back and sees Vanraj sitting in his place. Anupama says to Anuj that her start was good but the end was bad. Juices mixed with vodka by some boys reach Vanraja and Anuj by mistake. Kavya asks Vanraj to leave before he creates a new drama.

Anuj and Vanraj pick up a fight. Anupama and Kavya are scared beyond words. Drunk Anuj and Vanraj let themselves loose and start dancing on the stage to the much surprise of Kavya and Anupama who are thrilled and embarrassed at the same time. Vanraj and Anuj dance their hearts out and leave the club together. In the intoxicated state, Anuj declares his love for Anupama to Vanraj. Vanraj is shocked to hear this. He asks Anuj to repeat again and Anuj says that he is in love with Anupama. Vanraj is stunned. Keep reading.

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  1. I personally don’t like reading through the serial updates as it kills the thrill and excitement. A good tele serial is like exploring a novel. The small excerpt behind a book does give an idea but the thrill of the story lies in the pages…you explore as you turn the pages.
    The story of the serial gives me a lot of food for thought. I am a student and teacher of literature. Hence the character growth interests me a lot. I like the way Anupama’s character has evolved. The other is Anuj.
    Anuj is one who is a dream like character. Such characters exist in fiction. I am yet to see somebody like Anuj.
    There are scores of Anupama(s) and Vanraj(s) in the society but Anuj(s) are rare or rather non-existent. We need Anuj(s) in the society. He represents the ‘modern’ man in the true sense.
    Anuj exhibits sensitivity which is very important in any human relationship. He is a true friend. And Anupama had done the right thing by holding his hand.

  2. Anuj and anu should support each other and be together. Vanraj has to feel the pain. He should realize his mistake how he used to insult anu


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