Yeh Rishta 1st October 2021 Update Shocker for Sirat

Yeh Rishta 1st October 2021 Update Shocker for Sirat

Yeh Rishta 1st October 2021 Update Shocker for Sirat Kartik is very keen on Sirat filling the form for the Asian championship as it is a golden opportunity. Sirat is confused but says her daughters need her and she cannot leave them. Kartik tries to make her understand that children need mothers at every stage in life and that doesn’t mean she should not live her dreams. Kartik tries to convince Sirat that he will take care of their daughters while she is away for a practice for a few hours. Sirat is not convinced and refuses. Kartik doesn’t lose hope and tries his best to make Sirat understand.

They both have a small fight while discussing about taking part in the Asian championship. Sirat remains firm on her decision of not participating. Kartik tries to inspire Sirat by his talks but she goes away. Kartik speaks with his daughters and asks their opinion whether Sirat should participate in the Asian championship and win it. Akshu nods her head. Karik asks Akshu and Arohi to join hands with him and always support their mother Sirat. Kairav is busy painting and red color accidentally drops on it. He becomes sad that he has to start painting the new one but Sirat has a solution for him.

She suggests Kairav to mix the yellow color on the red color patch and make a sunset. Kairav becomes happy that Sirat gave him an idea to not only save his painting but also make it beautiful. Sirat teaches Kairav that life will throw struggles but he should be stronger than it to fight back. Kartik comes there and asks Sirat to apply her philosophy to herself and again motivates her to sign the form. Sirat is finally convinced and is about to sign the form when Dadi comes there and doesn’t allow Sirat to be a part of the championship.


Manish taunts Sirat that she has grown up without a mother and therefore doesn’t bother if her daughters grow up without her because career comes before kids. Goenkas gets involved in the discussion of Sirat’s participation in the boxing championship. Kartik takes Sirat’s side and says that she is very keen to participate but holding herself back for the respect of the family members. Sirat doesn’t agree with Kartik. It is Kartik VS the Goenkas as they argue over Sirat participating in the championship.

Kartik again tries his luck at motivating Sirat and says to her that she should take part, win it, and in return inspire a lot of girls out there who have big dreams of being a boxing champion. Sirat shreds the form into pieces. Kartik is left stunned. Sirat tells Kartik that it is her final decision to not participate in the championship. Gayu is after Kairav and Vansh to convince them to have food. Vansh is busy playing video games and says that he will come post playing it. Gayu becomes strict and orders Vansh and Kairav that they will not get food after 2 minutes.

Kartik enters. Kairav and Vansh leave. Kartik is happy with Gayu’s way to discipline the kids and says that she put forth the right rule. Gayu tells Kartik that it was necessary to discipline kids as they feel that they will wait for them but it’s not the case. The kids need to walk with time. Kartik asks Gayu if mothers have to sacrifice their dreams after embracing motherhood and if they should forget their dreams and only prioritize their kids. Gayu tells Kartik that it is a rule of the society that from childhood a girl is taught that after becoming a mother she should only focus on the house and kids.

Gayu tells Kartik about the bitter truth of society which gives sympathy to girls working with no option but cannot tolerate girls working due to their passion. Kartik asks Gayu about her passion for jewelry designing and why didn’t pursue it. Gayu explains to Kartik that she was very keen but the thought of leaving her kid bothered her. She says that she can connect with Sirat as girls change after becoming a mother. Gayu says that a mother sacrifices her dreams for their children and by the time she realizes it becomes too late. Kartik informs Gayu that he doesn’t want Sirat to delay her progress but go ahead and refine it.

Kartik doesn’t want a national champion like Sirat to accept defeat easily but set an example to other girls who consider Sirat their idol. Kartik feels that Sirat’s decision will make her fans think that after becoming a mother she cannot manage her career and kids. Gayu says that understanding needs time but Kartik says that there is not much time to think as it is an Asian championship which comes in every 4 years and he cannot wait for the next 4 years and Sirat shouldn’t wait. Gayu suggests Kartik to make Sirat realize the importance of this event.

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Kartik gets an idea to convince Sirat to fulfill her dreams and ace her boxing career. Kartik motivates Sirat to make their daughters her strength rather than her weakness as she starts practicing for the championship. He tells her to keep family, kids, and work in a loop. Sirat is worried about her daughters and calls at home but nobody picks up. She gets worried about Arohi and heads home. Sirat is broken to find Arohi’s pram lying on the ground. Will Sirat change her decision again or make Arohi and Akshu her strength? Keep reading.

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