Barrister Babu 7th October 2021 Written Update Prison break

Barrister Babu 7th October 2021 Written Update Prison break

Barrister Babu 7th October 2021 Written Update Prison break Bondita captures Chandrachur at the temple. Chandrachur threatens Bondita that she cannot catch him and tries to run when Bondita stops him. Bondita hurts Chandrachur on his face with the Trishool and says to him that he must have forgotten that a woman’s other name is Shakti (strength). Bondita vows to make him understand how brave a woman is and how powerful is her curse. Bondita warns Chandrachur that whenever he will commit the mistake of considering a woman weak that time he must look at the wounds on his face and understand their power. She says him that he get clear from his misunderstanding of being powerful. Bondita notifies Chandrachur that now bad will be destroyed and Anirudh will be free.

She ties him up with the ropes. She takes Chandrachur in the jeep. She wants to take him to the police station and prove that he is alive, Anirudh isn’t Chandrachur’s murderer. She wants to make the good triumph over evil, and moreover get justice for Anirudh by proving his innocence. Chandrachur tries to run away. He lies in pain. Bondita stops on the way, seeing Trilochan and Thakumaa. They are returning from the hospital, where Binoy was admitted purposely. She finds them bribing the police to get Anirudh escape from the jail. Anirudh is brought down the police van.

Trilochan and Thakumaa take Anirudh in their jeep. Bondita realizes that Anirudh is drugged, he isn’t in his senses to understand what’s going on around. She knows that Anirudh will never support the elders to break the laws. She gets disappointed with the elders’ move. Bondita can’t believe it that they are making Anirudh escape. She worries that their step taken to save Anirudh will prove Anirudh wrong in the court. She wants to stop them from doing wrong. How will Bondita stop them? Bondita stops Trilochan and Thakumaa and tells them that Chandrachur is alive.


By the time, she convinces them to check Chandrachur in her jeep, Chandrachur flees from there. Bondita fails to prove that Chandrachur is alive. She gets Anirudh to consciousness to stop Trilochan from making the big mistake. Anirudh refuses to escape by cheating the law. He believes Bondita that Chandrachur is alive, because he completely trusts her. While they make a plan to nab Chandrachur, the latter appears to fix a meeting with Bondita at the night club. Bondita is very much sure to get Chandrachur caught by the police. Keep reading.

Barrister Babu 7th October 2021 Full Written Update Prison break:

Bondita drags Chandrachur out of the temple and ties him. She makes him sit in a jeep and removes his fake beard and hair. Anirudh is unaware that Bondita knows driving and tells him that she had learned while she was in London. Bondita thanks Anirudh for giving her the jeep to save herself and today it came in handy to take Chandrachur to the jail. Chandrachur is lying in the backseat shouting in pain. Anirudh thanks the police officials that they allowed him to stay with his father last night.

The police stop the van and Anirudh asks them that they should reach jail now but the inspector offers him Malpua (pancake) to eat. Anirudh refuses to eat but the inspector insists him to eat as it is Maa Durga’s prasad. Anirudh eats it and falls unconscious. The inspector says to his other members that now they have to hand over Anirudh to Trilocchan and then their task will be over. The police officials wait for Trilochan and remove Anirudh’s handcuffs. A small girl dressed as Maa Durga comes in front of Bondita’s jeep and she stops it. Bondita bows down and prays that nothing should go wrong and she must be successful in proving Anirudh innocent.

She gives a lotus that had fallen from her hand to the girl when she sees Trilochan and Thakumaa reaching the spot in their jeep. Bondita sees unconscious Anirudh being escaped by Trilochand and Thakumaa. She understands the planning made by them which she or Anirudh could not imagine. Bondita thinks that if Anirudh escaped from jail he will be called a culprit all his life. She wants to stop them but cannot leave Chandrachur alone.

Bondita looks for the girl but she vanishes. Trilochan thanks the inspector and informs him that before 10 AM Anirudh should be sent to a faraway place. He also says that after 10 we have to inform them that Anirudh attacked them and escaped which will alert the nearby police stations and he will not be able to help him further. Trilochan decides to send Anirudh to Batuk in Italy. Trilochan becomes emotional but Thakumaa tells him that he is not doing anything wrong. Bondita ties the rope to the gear and warns Chandrachur from escaping as his actions can send him straight into the deep river. Bondita climbs up the hill. Thakumaa tells Trilochan to hurry up as they have to make Anirudh sit in a plane to Italy.

Bondita stops them but Trilochan is adamant to send Anirudh to Italy. She assures them that she has got hold of proof to prove Anirudh innocent and they don’t have to send him anywhere. Bondita reveals that Chandrachur is alive and lying in the jeep. She asks Trilochan to come with her and have a look. They all go to see Chandrachur but he escapes. Trilochan gets angry and goes away but Bondita asks him to not send Anirudh away as he will be called the culprit by the law. Trilochan tells her that he made a mistake by believing Bondita and asks her to not stop him or else he will pull her hands and push her away.

Thakumaa tells Bondita that parents can stay alive while being far away from their kids but they cannot be when their children are gone. She asks her not to block their way. Bondita says that she also cannot live without Anirudh and requests them to not send him away. She tells him that he will send Anirudh far away but he will not be able to live a life of a culprit and he will always remain sad. Trilochan is not ready to listen and Thakumaa holds her hand firmly but Bondita goes and wakes up Anirudh.

She informs Anirudh that Trilochan is escaping him from jail and sending him to Italy. Anirudh is shocked. Bondita tells Anirudh that now all this drama is not required as she has come to know that Chandrachur is alive. She tells Anirudh that she had trapped him but he managed to escape. Trilochan tells Anirudh to not believe Bondita and go to Italy.

Anirudh refuses to run away from jail. Trilochan says that nothing is wrong as hanging an innocent person is not justice. Anirudh says that he will certainly go but only with Bondita. He tells Trilochan that he cannot listen to him because he is wrong and Bondita is right. Anirudh says that he trusts Bondita as she is his student, friend, and wife. He says that Bondita will prove Anirudh innocent on Vijaya Dashami in court.

Bondita informs Anirudh that she has called the inspector and he will come to take him and then she will go to look out for Chandrachur or else he may escape far away. She informs Anirudh that she has to find him anyhow and present him in court as he is the last hope for them. Anirudh asks Bondita if Tupur will give her statement in court to which Bondita replies that Tupur will die but will not take Chandrachur’s name.

Anirudh tells Bondita that Chandrachur is not planning to escape but wants to seek Bondita and this intention of his will only dug a grave for him. Bondita starts coughing and Anirudh goes to bring water for her. Chandrachur comes to Bondita and threatens her with a knife and warns her that if she shouts he will kill Anirudh. He also asks her to see around his men all over ready to harm Anirudh. Chandrachur tells Bondita that only he can save Anirudh’s life and for that, she should come to the Calcutta club to meet him at 8 PM. He warns her to not inform Anirudh or the police as his men will keep a watch on them always. Chandrachur remembers the wound given by Bondita on his face and reminds her to come at sharp 8 PM.

Bondita is lost in thoughts when Anirudh offers her water. He asks her what is wrong but she says she is not feeling well. The inspector tells Bondita that Roy Chowdharys are very strange where one gives money to escape and one calls to take back the culprit. Bondita informs the inspector that her husband is not the culprit and on Vijaya Dashami, the truth will be out. Bondita hugs Anirudh and he is taken away. Bondita reaches the Calcutta club which is decorated with lightings. She enters the clubs surrounded by drunk men around who look at her with evil eyes.

A waiter offers her the drink and Bondita finds a letter stuck at the end of the glass. In the letter, Bondita is asked to leave her bag on the table and come towards the left. She does as said and Chandrachur takes away her bag. Bondita is shocked to see her bag missing. She gets another letter in which it is written that she is required to wear a dress lying in a box. Bondita picks up the dress and goes to change. Chandrachur who was roaming in the disguise of a waiter removes his eye mask. How will Bondita teach a lesson to Chandrachur? Will she use the idea given by Anirudh? Keep reading.

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