Imlie Aditya special confession 7th October 2021 Update

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Imlie Aditya special confession 7th October 2021 Update Tripathi’s and Chaturvedi’s are seen having food on the dinner table. Sundar informs Aditya that he has prepared everything and he can go outside now. Malini tries to hear and know what Aditya and Sundar are planning about. Aparna asks Aditya what happened. She asks him to have food. Nishant gets up from the dinner table and goes somewhere. Aditya too tries getting up. Malini and Aparna stop him and ask where he is going? Malini asks him to have food with everyone.

Nishant returns to the dinner table. Aditya leaves saying he isn’t hungry and asks Malini to eat and take care of herself. Everyone wonders where what is happening. Malini thinks if Imlie’s date will happen then why did she plan everything. On the other hand, Nakli Nani hides and rains money on Panditji. He madly collects money from air and floor. Imlie gives all the money to Panditji and asks him to leave.

Imlie asks Nani from where she got so much money. Nakli Nani makes Imlie recall how she rained money on her in their village in the past. Imlie asks Nani why she has saved that money till now? Nani tell Imlie she kept the till now to get revenge on her. She adds that now their relationship has improved, so she doesn’t need these fake notes. Nani shows love towards Imlie. Aditya comes to them and asks what they are doing with fake notes.


Imlie thinks if she will tell Aditya that Pandit Ji and Pooja was fake, he will not believe her. She asks what he wants to talk to her about. Aditya says to Nani that he wants to talk to Imlie alone. Nani teases them and leaves. Malini feels tensed and tells Anu that Aditya went to Imlie. She adds that he failed to stop Aditya from going on a date with Imlie. Anu tells her she will handle the situation. Anu thinks like she kept a fake pooja by giving money to a fake pandit, she will stop Aditya and Imlie’s date too.

Nani overhears them Aditya and Imlie’s conversion where Imlie refuses to go anywhere with Aditya. Nani tries to make Imlie go with Aditya. Imlie asks Nani when Aditya doesn’t listen to her then why should she. She leaves from there. Aditya gets upset. Meethi makes Imlie have food. Anu plans to not let Imlie leave the dinner and go to Aditya. Nishant questions Aditya why Imlie not went on dinner date with him. Aditya tells Nishant Imlie is ignoring him and is not ready to listen to him. Nishant asks him to convince Imlie anyhow.

Nishant advises Aditya to write a letter to Imlie. Aditya says Imlie is so angry with him that she will not take any letters from him. Nishant says he will deliver his letter to Imlie. Aditya writes something for Imlie and gives it to Nishant. Aditya asks Nishant to inform Imlie to meet him at home, as he is leaving for home with Sundar. Anu overheard them. Anu makes Imlie eat from her hand, shocking everyone. She doesn’t let Nishant give Aditya’s letter to Imlie. Imlie too feeds Anu with her hands. This process goes on. Everyone present there feels shocked.

Anu and Malini think to feed Imlie so much that she will not be able to have lunch with Aditya. At Tripathi house, Aditya in nervousness dreams that he is telling Sundar that he will express his feelings to Imlie finally. Next moment only he will feel nervous. He asks Sundar for advice. Sundar acts to be Imlie and asks Aditya to talk to him, thinking him to be Imlie. Their plan fails. Aditya tries to give rose to Sundar imagining Imlie. This also fails. He asks Sundar who is Imlie’s favorite male actor. Sundar says Shahrukh Khan. Even this fails and Sundar laughs at Aditya’s acting of Shahrukh Khan.

Aditya says he is a journalist not an actor. Aditya asks Sundar how he should apologize to Imlie and express his feelings. On the other side, Nishant tries to seek Rupi’s help in his and Aditya’s plan. Rupi takes Aditya’s letter from Nishant and passes it to Nani. Nani gives Aditya a letter to Imlie in a puri. Imlie reads it and runs to the terrace. With Sundar’s help Aditya practices to apologize and express his love to Imlie. Sundar advises him to be interesting rather than boring.

Malini reaches Aditya and says she loves Aditya as a boring Journalist. She sits with Aditya. She sends Sundar out. Aditya advises Malini to not have junk. Imlie reach there with Malini’s doctor. Doctor tells Malini that he advised her to be away from smoke. Malini says she might have not heard him in the noise. She says he might be misunderstanding her. Malini says the doctor didn’t say anything to her. Doctor says he wants to check Malini as her lungs are weak. Malini thinks she cannot leave for check-up leaving Aditya and Imlie together. In the next episode, Aditya will have a cute date with Imlie. He will express his feelings to Imlie.

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