Yeh Rishta 6th October 2021 Written Update Fare ill twist

Yeh Rishta 6th October 2021 Written Update Fare ill twist

Yeh Rishta 6th October 2021 Written Update Sirat and Kartik cheer for Kairav as he wins the trophy. They both ask sorry from Kairav for not attending his function but that doesn’t mean his win is not important for them in fact they felt worse than him that they could not come. Kairav asks where did they get the video as phones were not allowed inside and Kartik says that Sirat asked his school teacher to send them the video so that all of them together can cheer for him. Kairav is still not convinced and goes away. Manish says that the wound is very deep and won’t heal so quickly. Kartik and Sirat sing a sorry song for Kairav joined by all the family members. They dance and pamper Kairav so that he forgives them.

In the end, Kartik and Sirat fold their hands and ask sorry. Kairav eventually melts and hugs Kartik and Sirat. Sirat promises Kairav that she will not repeat her mistake again. Kartik explains to Kairav that he is important for them but he also needs to understand that the Asian championship is crucial for Sirat. He also tells Kairav to not feel bad in the future if Sirat is not able to attend his school function. Kartik explains to Kairav that he also has to do office work and take care of Arohi and Akshu. He also tells that as parents they will never intentionally miss any of his functions and this behavior of his made Sirat feel that she is not a good mom.

Kartik asks Kairav to support Sirat as her best friend and not change after she becomes her mother. Kairav apologizes to Sirat and calls her the world’s best mother. Sirat explains to Kairav that she tried her best to come. Kairav understands her and promises to support her boxing dream and also take good care of Arohi and Akshu.


Kairav encourages Sirat to win the Asian championship but Sirat says that he is her only gold trophy and Arohi and Akshu are her silver and bronze trophies. Kartik asks Sirat which trophy is he to which Kairav tells that he is his mother’s gold medal. Kartik tells Sirat that now she has really got to win the championship. Dadi thanks god after seeing Kairav happy again.

Suwarna enacts her and everybody laughs. Kartik, Kairav and Sirat hug each other. Sirat goes to her room and is pleasantly surprised to see I love Sirat written with lights. Kartik pampers Sirat and they have a romantic dance together. Kartik and Sirat spend time lost in each other when he warns Sirat that she should practice rigorously and this is not the time for romance. Sirat remembers her federation meeting and informs Kartik that the federation officials have decided to change her coach and have appointed Mukesh Rathod as the new coach.

Kartik is shocked and asks Sirat why she agreed to train under him. Sirat says that she tried to decline it but the federation officials informed her that they will only appoint the coach. Sirat tells Kartik that if Mukesh is the coach she will back out from the championship. Kartik tells her to not destroy her dream because of him and write a letter to the federation authority and inform them that every player must be given a choice to choose their own coach. Sirat tells Kartik that it might be too late till she receives a reply and asks him whether she should go ahead and train under Mukesh.

Kartik feels that Sirat is right and asks her to give him some time to figure a way out. In the morning Sirat goes for the practice and finds Mukesh there. Mukesh asks her to touch his feet as he is her coach now. Sirat greets him with a good morning. Sirat calls a fellow boxer to have a mock match with her but Mukesh stops her. Mukesh says to Sirat that he is her new coach and he will first check her fitness but Sirat tells him that coach Arvind and the management have already checked it.

Mukesh calls Sirat incapable of going inside the ring and they both argue. Arvind tries to explain to Mukesh that Sirat is fit and needs to just practice. Mukesh scolds Arvind that he has been appointed by the federation and not him so only he will take the decision. Arvind leaves the place. Mukesh warns Sirat that she cannot lose her temper here as it is not her mother’s house but a boxing ring. He challenges Sirat to remove his anger on him. Kartik is hoping that Sirat controls her anger and remains calm.

Mukesh mocks Sirat that she is already a boxing champion and should not worry about it as her career is finished. He tells her to go home and only dream about it because, in reality, it will not become true. Mukesh provokes Sirat to attack him but she refuses to beat her coach. Sirat tells Mukesh that he is her coach and she will only follow his instructions and not go against him.

Mukesh asks Sirat to get water and juice for him as his energy level is dropping down. Sirat does what Mukesh says without opposing him. Sirat takes Kartik’s call and asks him to make a plan quickly because she is feeling like killing Mukesh. Kartik explains to Sirat to bear his tantrums if she has to win the trophy. He promises her that all the planning is ready and things will be set till the evening. Sirat informs Mukesh that she is done for the day, smiles, and goes away. Mukesh is utterly shocked by Sirat’s changed behavior where one time she used to shout and beat him but now she left smiling.

Sirat pampers Arohi and Akshu after reaching home. Sirat informs Gayu and Suwarna that Akshu didn’t cry when Aarohi was born. Suwarna tells Sirat that Akshu has taken the responsibility of an elder sister quite seriously. Sirat says she is not worried as Kairav and Akshu are there to care for Arohi. Sirat asks Kartik where they are going along with the kids and the boxing kit. Kartik tells that Mukesh will never succeed in his intentions and that Sirat will fight and win it too.

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