Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh to die

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh to die

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2021 Written Update Rishabh to die Prithvi stays thinking about Rishabh’s anger. He wants to know why did Rishabh hold his collar angrily, when he didn’t do anything, he had already proved Preeta wrong in front of Rishabh. He has no idea about Rishabh and Preeta’s bonding. He doesn’t know that Rishabh blindly trusts Preeta, because he knows her since the very day she came to Luthra family. Also, because of the fact that Rishabh had fallen in love with Preeta’s goodness and honesty. Rishabh knows that Preeta can never lie.

Prithvi also has the same faith on Preeta that she can never lie or hurt someone, but he doesn’t want her honesty to hurt him. He likes Preeta, but not as much as he loves Sherlyn. He loves Sherlyn dearly and can’t let Preeta expose their affair to the family. Sherlyn grows panicking while Prithvi meets her to know about Rishabh’s unexpected anger. Sherlyn tells him that Rishabh went to Kritika’s room to keep the gifts and saw Prithvi’s clothes on the bed, he found her/Sherlyn’s earring in Prithvi’s coat and understood about their affair. She tells that Rishabh got certain that Preeta was saying the truth about their romance and extra-marital affair.

Prithvi is shell shocked to know that Rishabh has confronted Sherlyn. He wants to know what did Sherlyn reply. She tells him that she couldn’t deny the sharp accusations, because its the truth. He tells that she should have cooked some story and cheated Rishabh with ease. He asks her why didn’t she do the needful. Preeta keeps an eye on them. She overhears their tensed conversation. She tells that the time has passed, there is no story left with them to make any story, their game is over.


Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2021 Written Update:

She informs that Rishabh has decided to tell the entire family about their truth in the morning. She tells that they just have a night’s time in the house, and then they will be kicked out of the Luthra house. Prithvi and Sherlyn are stunned to know Rishabh’s decision. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to do something and save them. Prithvi’s revenge didn’t get fulfilled till now. He wants to ruin down Luthras’ business and bring them on the road. He decides to target their business, which isn’t possible until Rishabh is there.

Prithvi wants to kill Rishabh and end the chapter at once. Will Prithvi and Sherlyn attempt to kill Rishabh that he got to know their truth, like they had planned Mahesh’s accident when Mahesh learnt their truth? Will Preeta’s warning to them prove out to be her biggest mistake, since she alerted them about Rishabh’s plans? Will Rishabh survive their evil plans or die? Seriously, even we don’t want an accident, blame game and coma dragging episodes again. Rishabh is the soul of Kundali Bhagya, and we want him to always be there. Comment your views on the shocking upcoming twist and keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2021 Full Written Update Rishabh to die:

Sherlyn goes to tell Prithvi about Rishabh. She finds Kritika in the room. She lies that she came to ask about Kritika. She goes close to Prithvi and tells that she is in a big mess. She asks him to come and meet her. She asks Bani if everyone has come home. Bani tells that just Kritika and she had come by now. Prithvi worries seeing Sherlyn’s pale face. Rishabh reaches the fashion show event. He sheds tears and recalls Sherlyn’s cheating. He cries on her false love and promises. His friend meets him and finds him upset.

Rishabh tells that he is doing well. His friend understands that Rishabh had a fight with his wife. He asks Rishabh to have drinks and forget the sorrow. Rishabh doesn’t want to drink. His friend insists him to drink. Rishabh drinks on his insistence. Sherlyn and Prithvi meet in the kitchen. He tells her that they can’t be seen by anyone, they have to maintain distance for few days, they can get caught. She explains the urgency. She tells that Rishabh got to know their secret. He doesn’t believe her.

She tells him that she can’t make any story, Rishabh got her earring and caught her affair. He asks her to lie to Rishabh again and fool him. Preeta intervenes to tell them that their game is over, there is no scope for them in the Luthra house, they will be out of the house when Rishabh tells the family about their affair. She tells that their affair news will come out, Kritika will be heartbroken, but she will have courage to slap Prithvi and break his dreams. She asks them to enjoy their last night in the house. She leaves Sherlyn and Prithvi tensed.

On the other side, Kritika gifts Bani a beautiful saree. She tells that she bought a necklace for Kareena. She wants Bani’s opinion. She gets Rishabh’s surprise gifts for her. Bani tells that it would be Prithvi’s gifts. Kritika knows that its Rishabh’s gifts. She wants to meet Rishabh and come. Rishabh gets over drunk. He tells that he still remember everything, because the memories are so bitter. He tells his friend that when he goes home and rings the bell, when his mom opens the door and finds him drunk, then she will feel bad. His friend apologizes.

Rishabh tells that he loves Karan, and Karan also loves him a lot. He leaves for home. Kritika doesn’t find Rishabh anywhere. Preeta feels sorry that Kritika will get heartbroken when Prithvi’s truth comes out. She tells that Rishabh has gone to attend the event. Kritika tells that Rishabh has kept many surprise gifts in her cupboard. She is so happy to get the best brother in the world. Preeta cries seeing her happiness, which will soon turn into tears. She tells Kritika that she wants to tell her something. She loses courage. Rishabh cries while driving in the drunken state. He wanted to start a family with Sherlyn. He feels cheated.

Furthermore, Karan calls Rishabh to know where is he. Rishabh tells that he doesn’t know. Karan worries when Rishabh sounds drunk. Rishabh asks Karan to never trust anyone in his life. Karan asks him the location. Rishabh tells that he didn’t fall in love fearing the heartbreak, but his heart really broke this time. He cries on the call. Karan tells Preeta that something is wrong with Rishabh. He calls back Rishabh. He asks Rishabh to tell him his location, he will come and take him. Rishabh tells that he doesn’t know. He adds that he will come home himself. Rishabh comes home drunk.

Karan and Preeta get worried seeing him. Rishabh tells that he will not go to his room, he will sleep in the guest room. Karan asks why did he drink. Rishabh sweetly apologizes and asks Karan not to scold him like an elder brother. Karan asks the reason for his drinking. Rishabh tells that his memory is very sharp, he got drunk to forget things, but drinks didn’t help him. Karan tells that drink and drive isn’t permitted by the law, its wrong. Rishabh hugs him. He tells that wrong will always be wrong. He apologizes to Preeta before going upstairs. Preeta cries seeing Rishabh’s anguish. What will Sherlyn and Prithvi do with Rishabh to quieten his voice? Keep reading.

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  1. We want Rishab in the show. Without him the show is incomplete. Please makers don’t remove him from the show.
    Rishab we love you

  2. Rishab is the heart of kundali bhagya , the show is nothing without him rishab is a bestest character of kundali bhagya I don’t want him to meet with an accident or died 😭, if rishab dies then preetha have done the biggest mistake in her life, KUNDALI BHAGYA IS NOTHING WITHOUT RISHAB

  3. I think it’s pointless saying that pls let rishabh stay in the show, bcos at the end the makers only do what the audience don’t want that to happen. So, I definitely knw rishabh will no More be in the show. Always the evil plan is succeeding than the plans made by good people

    • Please, please let Rishabh remain in the show! He is a very mature senior brother who keeps peace and love in the family. Maybe he should get a divorce and marry another person. Evil must never prevail and must be the lesson for those watching the show!

  4. I think now sherlin will team up with sonakshi, MANASI the actress who is doing the role of SONAKSHI has caught by a fever and she is at rest for 2 weeks, 😭 , GET WELL SOON MANASI AND BE BACK SOON TO DO THE ROLE OF SONAKSHI

  5. Y Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps are all about evil wins evry time. Pls now change the storyline n show that good wins. By Prita n Rishabh exposing Sheryln n Prithvi that too red handed.

  6. Well if it is true that Ektamata has decided to remove Rishab from her ñonsensical show, I hope she is removing a good actor and the ònly òne who is intelligent and doesn’t get hysterical. IDEA- kill of Prithvi and lis loud patterend suits and his lengthy monologs with the audience. Is that supposed to endear him to us?! Sorry to tell you- it has the opposite RESULT!! AND please wind up Sammy and Shristi track. Sheer waste of space.

  7. It is nonsense to kill Rishabh who seem to be the most sensible person in the family and plays crucial character with poise and dignity

  8. please don’t remove Rishabh from the show….I love himm very much please please please please please please please please please please😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓 Without Rishabh there will be no viewers in this show!!!!

  9. Do not let Rishabh die if you want your TRP up remove Prithavi and Sherlin expose them it’s enough of there evil plans in the show let innocent people win this time it’s time of Navratas show some positive things if Rishabh die and something happens to Karen or Preeta will stop watching the show

  10. Are your freaking serious of course WE WANT RISHABH in the show please please and i knew already ke ab yeh dono aisa he karegha marne ka plan please it’s boring now same story mat show krna don’t do anything to him i mean pehle woh mahira ayi she was crazy about karan then yeh pagal larki ayi new one I forgot her name anyways uska be pata the that woh game khel rahi hai and yes she also love karan i mean seriously same story n ab finally preeta unko expose krna chahti hai tu let her do it ab rishsbh ko kuch mat krna plz plzzz

  11. The show’s TRP will go down the drain if Rishabh gets killed…
    None will watch the show ever again
    If you want your show to be abonded by audience and banned by channel, then kill Rishabh

  12. Way too much evil wins over good losses. Please let the people who do wrong be punished for a good while, and let those who do right reap the benefits of their goodness.

  13. Comment:bla bla just keep dragging the two nonsensial shows evil win allways two hell with ektha kapoor two shows just all about weeding, party functions accident memory lost preeta pritivi rishabh sherlyn weeding&preagnacy was about one half year before they could fixed the track two nonsensial shows


  15. If Rishabh is not in the show. Then it should conclude. The meaning of the ideal son and brother will be lost. He is one of the main characters, that keeps this show going. Without him, I am not interested. Because I am so tired of Sherlyn and Prithvi.

  16. I LOVE THE CHARACTER RISHAB 😘😘😘😘❤❤, the character rishab is the only character with 100% sense ,and is the bestest brother and the bestest son, I REALLY LOVE THE CHARACTER RISHAB AND NOT ONLY ME EVERYONE WHO WATCHES THIS SHOW LOVES RISHAB ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Let a good positive character come in the show for Rishabh. Ekta if you want your show to go nicely then please expose sherlyn and Prithvi as it is Prithvi has spoilt the business. Please expose and close the chapter of Sonakshi also. Get a leap and show something new in the story.


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