Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2021 Written Update Armaan’s evil

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2021 Written Update Armaan's evil

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2021 Written Update Armaan’s evil Sharada closes the door and goes to check on Saaransh. Armaan puts Saaransh on a bench near Khurana house. Sharada gets worried for Saaransh. She wonders why is Saarnsh’s room door open. She gets more worried on finding Saaransh missing from home. She calls Rudra and shocks him by telling that Saaransh is missing. Rudra asks Sharda to check in the house carefully. She tells him that someone has kidnapped Saaransh as she found their house’s main door open.

Prisha too gets worried. She asks Rudra to return home as she is worried. Rudra informs Prisha about Saaransh being missing and kidnapped as Sharada found their house’s main door open. Sanya hears them and thinks Armaan executed their plan. Prisha says she will leave to find Saaransh. Sanya tries to stop Prisha and Rudra from informing Armaan about it. Rudra and Prisha leave for Armaan’s room. Sanya gets tense thinking Armaan may get caught. She tries calling Armaan but fails. Rudra and Prisha find Armaan sleeping in his room. They get surprised seeing Sanya there too.

Sanya tries hiding Armaan’s dirty shoes, so that no one doubts him, especially Rudra. She also stops Rudra from informing Armaan about them leaving to find Saaransh. Sanya says to Rudra that she will inform Armaan when he wakes up. Rudra and Prisha leave from there. Armaan asks if anyone doubted them. Sanya says that he would have got caught if someone would have seen his dirty shoes. Armaan recalls how he reached his room before Rudra and Prisha. Sanya asks Armaan if he hid Saaransh properly? He replies yes and thanks Sanya for hiding his shoes.


Both Sanya and Armaan plan to instigate Anvi against Prisha again. At Khurana house, Sharada blames herself for Saaransh’s kidnap. Rudra and Prisha try their best to find Saaransh. They find him on a bench. Saaransh in his sleep asks Rudra and Prisha why they came to his room. Prisha and Rudra wake him up and ask him how he came outside. Saaransh hugs Sharada. Sharada cares for him and kisses him a lot. On the other side, for his evil motive Armaan wakes up disturbed and asleep Anvi. He lies to Anvi using Saaransh’s name. They instigate Anvi against Saaransh and Prisha by telling her that not she but Saarsnsh is Prisha’s real child. They put fuel in the fire saying Prisha cares for Saaransh more than her. Anvi gets angry saying she is also Prisha’s daughter.

Armaan says to Anvi that Prisha needed her till Saaransh was missing but now she doesn’t care for her. He says Prisha made an excuse of Saaransh and left. Anvi believes that Prisha wouldn’t have lied, Saaransh would have really gone missing. Sanya reads a message from Prisha informing that Saaransh has been found. She tells Anvi that Saaransh is his home only and takes her to Khurana mansion to prove it. Rudra asks Prisha what is happening with Saaransh. Prisha says Saaransh may not remember going out because of the mental trauma he suffered in the past. Worried Rudra asks Prisha what to do?

Prisha says to Rudraksh they should take Saaransh to the doctor for check-up. Anvi reaches Khurana Mansion with Armaan and Sanya. She shouts Prishma witnessing Prisha feeding Saaransh. Prisha asks Anvi why she came even after being unwell. Anvi says that Saaransh went missing intentionally to keep Prisha away from her. Rudra tries to calm Anvi. Anvi says to Rudra that Prisha loves him, Saaransh but not her. She says Prisha forgot her. Saraansh and Anvi fight with each other for Prisha. She says to Saaransh that he should have not returned.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th October 2021:

Armaan fakes calming Anvi. Anvi shouts that she wants everything as it was in the past. She shocks everyone saying that Saaransh died earlier then how he came back. She asks everyone to make Saaransh dead again. Anvi says this way she will get Prisha back. Prisha gets angry and asks from where did she learnt all this. Anvi says Saaransh ruined everything, he should die. Prisha gets angry but somehow stops herself from slapping Anvi. Anvi runs away. Sanya and Armaan lie about making Anvi understand and feeling sorry.

While leaving from Khurana mansion Armaan thinks that Saaransh should if Anvi wants it. He further thinks that if Saaransh dies Prisha will return to him leaving Rudra. Rudra apologizes to Armaan for Prisha’s behavior with Anvi. They discuss that Prisha has a right to scold Anvi. Armaan stops Rudra from talking to Anvi. He says Anvi should know how to adjust. He says they should not make her go the wrong way by always forgiving her. Armaan feels happy that Rudra doesn’t doubt him. Armaan and Sanya again instigate Anvi against Saaransh. They tell her that Saraansh took her place in Prisha’s life.

Anvi says to Armaan that she wants Saaransh to vanish so that she can get Prisha back. Armaan wishes the same. Prisha feels guilty of raising her hand on Anvi. Rudra and Sharda explain to Prisha that Anvi and Saaransh feel jealous as everything is changing for them after Saaransh returns. Rudra also explains to Saaransh that Prisha is both Anvi and his mother. They discuss to make Anvi understand all of their relations. Khurana’s have a family hug.

Next morning, Prisha performs pooja in Khurana house. All of them worship God together. Mr. Ahuja arrives and informs Khuranas that he wants to organise a dandiya event with Rudra at Khurana house. In the next episode, Mr. Ahuja announces the comeback of Rusha to their fans. Sanya will instigate Anvi saying that Prisha wants only Saaransh with her. Prisha will feel uncomfortable with Armaan’s inappropriate touch and thus will decide to tell Rudra about it. Armaan will say to Anvi that if a car hits Saaransh then all her problems will go away.

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