Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2021 Written Update Preeta storms

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2021 Written Update Preeta storms

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2021 Written Update Preeta storms Sameer gets upset when Rishabh doesn’t share the tensions. He tells that Karan won’t come to meet him until he shares the matter with them. Shrishti tells Rishabh that Karan and Sameer love him a lot. Rishabh knows that his brothers love him a lot, he isn’t telling them about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s matter, Karan shouldn’t do anything in anger. He doesn’t want Karan to get involved. He knows that Preeta and Shrishti are close and share all the matters, but he prefers to keep his brothers away from his personal mess.

He asks Preeta to take care of his family. Preeta feels guilty to keep the truth with herself. Rishabh waits for his fate to take a turn. He is sunken inside because of Sherlyn’s affair. He doesn’t know since when he is being cheated by his wife. Preeta realizes the pain he is undergoing. She wishes that Rishabh gets strong to do justice with himself. Karan stays with Mahesh to give him strength. Karan realizes that Rishabh wanted to tell something really important to the family, but he has changed his mind now. Sameer tells him that Rishabh has denied to tell them any truth. Karan guesses that its related to Sherlyn.

Meanwhile, Mahesh falls unwell because of the sudden shock of Rishabh’s arrest. He regrets that he couldn’t help Rishabh either. He cries and asks Preeta to get Rishabh home, as she promised. Preeta feels helpless too.


She prays to find a way to save Rishabh and bring the family’s happiness back. She asks Matarani to show her some way to help Rishabh. She gets an idea to save Rishabh. Rishabh is still in the lockup. The family shatters because of his arrest. Preeta swears to expose Prithvi and Sherlyn. She wants to take revenge on them. She tells that they will pay for making her family cry. She pledges to expose their sins. Preeta will be taking a Durga avatar this Navratri. Prithvi and Sherlyn are overconfident that Preeta can’t do anything. What storm will Preeta bring in their lives? Watch the latest promo below. Keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2021 Written Update Preeta storms:

Sandeep tells Sudeepa that he can walk, he isn’t injured, but he is just faking it to get money from Luthras. His mum visits him at the hospital. She finds him walking. She asks him the reason for hurting himself. She scolds Sudeepa for forcing Sandeep to walk in an injured state. The constable also finds Sandeep walking.

He asks Sandeep what is he doing. Sandeep gets scared that he will get caught, if his lies gets known to the police. He doesn’t want Rishabh to get freed. He tells the constable that his mum and girlfriend are fighting for his sake, they both want to be with him and take care of him. Sandeep fools him. He later asks Sudeepa to go home, because his mum will stay with him. He acts in front of his mum as well.

Rakhi asks Mahesh to take his medicines. He refuses to her. He wants Rishabh home. Sarla visits the Luthras. She meets Rakhi and Mahesh. She asks them not to worry for Rishabh, who is very strong. She tells that they should go and see Rishabh once, they will also feel better. She tells them how Rishabh is worried for them. She emphasizes that everyone has to look after each other in the tough times. Shrishti is also there with Preeta. She sees Sarla there and worries.

Sarla tells that she also learnt about Rishabh’s arrest and went to meet him. She insists Shrishti to never hide such things from her, because she has a right to know about her children. Shrishti promises her that she will never hide anything. Sherlyn cries in front of Rakhi, and pretends to be too worried for Rishabh. Rakhi tells Sherlyn that she is planning to visit Rishabh in jail. She asks Sherlyn to come along, they will go together and meet him. Sherlyn doesn’t want to awaken Rishabh’s anger again. She makes excuses to avoid the meeting. Karan and Preeta inform the family about Rishabh.

Preeta quietly warns Sherlyn. She asks Sherlyn to stop the fake pretence, because she is the reason for the entire mess. Karan and Preeta take care of Mahesh, who gets sinking in sorrow due to Rishabh’s absence. He pleads them to get Rishabh home. Preeta assures that she will keep her promise and bring Rishabh soon. She struggles to find a way. On making a prayer, Preeta comes up with an idea to outsmart Sandeep. She shares her plan with Karan, Kritika and Sameer. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hello tellyreviews, I am a daily follower of your website/ webpage, but now whenever I opens this page suddenly a blue light is blinked at my phone screen and my phone just hang up for 3 or for seconds, it just started before 3 days, and before 3 days it worked good, I wonder why so happening 🤔🤨🤨🤨

    • The plot continues to show Hindus will pray and still suffer. The navratri would not change or add any positivity if you think. The producer would not do it. Life in India.

  2. When is uncle Mahesh is going to recover his memories of Sherlyn and Prikvi so they can expose all the evil those 2 did and are still continuing to do.


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