Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th October 2021 Written Update Aarav pleads Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th October 2021 Written Update Aarav pleads Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th October 2021 Written Update Aarav pleads Simar Badimaa gives 24 hours to Simar to gather her stuff and memories, and leave the house. Aarav gets emotional. He pleads Simar to not leave leave him. She asks him not to get sad and help her in packing, while they make some good memories. Simar tells Aarav that she doesn’t have much stuff of her own. He gifts his Kurta to her. She tells him that that’s the best gift she can ever get. She shows him the memories of her parents. He interrogates her asking if she can live without him.

She replies that she is really thankful for the 30 days she has spent with the best partner she could ever give. He regrets that their togetherness is going to end. He doesn’t think that such time can be enough for them. She asks him not to cry and cheat. He tells that he will not cry. He makes her smile. They together make a wish. Badimaa meets them. She expects Simar to finish her packing soon. Vivaan tells Reema that they shall divorce mutually and free each other. Reema apologizes to him and tells that she just wants him, instead the freedom.

She asks him to trust her, that she is the same Reema whom he loved. He calls her selfish and greedy. He doesn’t love her anymore. He tells that he has permitted her to demand any alimony. He calls their marriage over. He tells her that she isn’t like Simar, she can ask for anything she wants. Badimaa shares the huge business problem with Aarav. She asks him to go and make sure that truck deliveries are accomplished.


Aarav tells that Simar will be leaving tomorrow. Badimaa asks him to come back home and have breakfast with Simar for the last time. Aarav’s promise to spend 20 hours with Simar breaks. Badimaa separates them by sending him away for work. She wants to find out the enemies who had backstabbed them. Their enemy waits for them with revenge motives on mind. Aarav wants Simar to stop him from going. Giriraj joins hands with the enemies to destroy the Oswal family. He doesn’t have any concern with the family, which doesn’t value him.

Simar finds Aarav heartbroken. She consoles him. Aarav tells that they aren’t different, he wants to break the promises and boundaries just to live his life with her. He confesses his feelings with Simar. He asks her to give a hint that she wants him in her life. He asks Simar if she feels the same for him. He tells her that he wants to hear it once from her, that she too loves him. She reminds him that he won’t have any relation with her once she leaves, he doesn’t have any right to stop her back. Keep reading.

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