Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Written Update Madness begins

Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Written Update Madness begins

Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Written Update Madness begins Bondita questions Batuk continuously about what he had told her he will do when she will become pregnant. Batuk is not able to understand what to do and tries hard to avoid it. Bondita goes near him and says how can he forget and Batuk keeps going backward. Bondita reveals that Anirudh had promised to pick her up and sway her in a circle when he will get to know that Bondita is going to be a mother. Batuk is shocked and Bondita tells him to do it. She catches his hand and Batuk leaves her hand. Bondita is shocked. Batuk says that he can’t do it and asks sorry from her. Bondita asks him why and he says that Bondita needs rest and runs away to bring water.

Bondita gets a doubt that Anirudh’s touch was different this time. She feels as if she touched a stranger and not Anirudh. Trilochan and Batuk mourn the death of Anirudh. Trilochan asks Batuk to keep the food at the window so that Anirudh’s soul attains salvation. They both hug each other and cry badly. Bondita is shocked to know that Trilochan has taken Anirudh’s photograph from his study along with him. Trilochan and Batuk are performing the rituals and Bondita goes towards that room when Sampurna stops her. Sampurna tells her that Trilochan took the photograph to repair it and takes Bondita away from there.

Sampurna is telling Bondita that motherhood changes a woman. She and Anirudh must together understand this. Bondita is lost in thoughts. Sampurna breaks her thoughts and Bondita says that Anirudh is acting strange since she has come from the hospital. Sampurna tells that Anirudh also has come back from an accident and that must have left some scar on his mind. She asks Bondita to give him some time and everything will be fine. Batuk is in a club thinking about how to hurt Bondita like the way she hurt him by snatching Anirudh. Batuk makes a call and asks to give him all the details about Tapur and Tupur.


Bondita is waiting for Anirudh to return home as it is quite late. Trilochan sees Bondita and wipes his tears. He comes near Bondita and tells her to take a rest as Anirudh will come late. Trilochan informs Bondita that Anirudh had met him near the court and he asked him to inform her that he has some important work and will be late. Trilochan asks Bondita to take rest while he will keep a watch. Bondita doesnt want to trouble Trilochan so doesnt tell him anything. Bondita recalls that Anirudh always kept family and work-life different then why is he acting weird today. She feels that Anirudh’s behavior has changed. Bondita comes back to her senses and says that there is no need to become barrister Bondita as everything will be fine.

Batuk receives a call and gets all the information about Tapur and Tupur. Bondita admires her picture with Anirudh and sleeps hugging it. She wishes Anirudh to come home soon as she is missing him a lot. Batuk laughs loudly and says that he has got valuable information about Tapur and Tupur. He decides to make use of it at a perfect time. Batuk drinks a lot and loses his balance at the club. Bondita gets up in the morning and finds Anirudh missing. She thinks that Anirudh must be very busy in his case. Bondita thinks that Anirudh will come but till then she will get ready and worship Durga maa.

Bondita hangs her picture with Anirudh back on the wall and goes to get ready. Batuk returns home in a drunken state and is about to fall. Trilochan scolds Batuk that this is not Italy and now he is not alone. He asks him to think about Bondita as she was waiting for him the whole night. Trilochan warns Batuk that Bondita may get doubt and so he must go to her and convince her just like Anirudh does. Batuk goes wearing a slate with sorry written on it. Bondita is not ready to listen but Batuk shows his hand in which sorry is written and Bondita is convinced.

Bondita asks him about the case which kept him busy the whole night and Batuk tells the story of his revenge on Bondita. Bondita asks Batuk to apply sindoor on her forehead but he tries to avoid it. Bondita says that she is getting doubt on him and Batuk gets ready but he purposely drops it. Bondita is shocked but gathers herself by not believing in superstition or Anirudh will scold her. She says that she will buy a new one. Batuk gets angry and thinks that Bondita does not deserve Anirudh’s sindoor and vows to make her life miserable.

Batuk gets a call asking for Bondita’s help to fight a case but he tells wrong number. The phone rings again and Batuk shouts at the person that barrister Bondita doesn’t live here. Batuk sees Som and Tapur getting close and Tapur admiring Som. Batuk decides to snatch Bondita’s family members just like she destroyed his family life. How will Bondita save her family members from Batuk? Will she come to know about Batuk’s true intentions? Keep reading.

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