Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Update New challenge

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Update New challenge

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Update New challenge Pragya angrily warns Aaliya and Tanu against plotting evil. She challenges them that she will force them to leave the house, that too without Abhi. She tells that they will be helpless to leave. On the other hand, Rhea, Siddharth, Ranbir and Prachi return home. They meet Pallavi in the Kohli house. Rhea vents out her frustration. She tells that she didn’t wish to stay at the resort, which was just worse for the couples who come there to celebrate their honeymoon.

She tells that the trip got spoiled, because it started on a bad note. Pallavi fails to understand the reason for her upsetness. Siddharth thought Rhea is very happy after completing their marriage. He wonders why is she so angry, if anything went wrong. He tries to calm down Rhea. Aaliya and Tanu meet Gaurav to know his plan against Pragya. Aaliya tells that they have to malign Pragya’s name, then her reputation will sink down, bringing just losses for her business. She adds that the people will see Pragya’s reality, her losses will get more if her name gets defamed further. She tells him that Pragya will have to struggle a lot to get back on track.


Abhi suspects Aaliya that she has gone to meet Gaurav. He goes to check Gaurav’s office. He doesn’t find Aaliya and Tanu there. He gets surprised to find Gaurav alone. Abhi and Gaurav get into a tiff. Abhi wants to protect Pragya from Gaurav and also his own family. Keep reading for a detailed update.

Earlier in the show, Gaurav meets Aaliya. Abhi checks Gaurav’s missed calls on Aaliya’s phone. He wants to know the reason for this desperation. Aaliya has lied to Abhi, and went to meet Gaurav. Aaliya and Tanu argue with Gaurav. He feels he is stupid to believe them and invite problems for himself. He tells that he has accused Pragya for molestation, he didn’t achieve anything, but Tanu has taken an advantage from the situation. He adds that they aren’t profitable for him.

They tell that they made him a winner in the case. They blame each other. Tanu asks him not to contact them again. Gaurav tells them that he has a plan to share. Rhea gets to see Ranbir and Prachi happy. She angrily tells them that she wants to go home. Rhea hates the sight of Siddharth. Prachi teases Siddharth about Rhea. Rhea fumes in anger.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Update New challenge Full Update:

Siddharth reminds Prachi about the project on which they worked together. He tells that it got approved. Prachi hugs him and tells that he deserves it. Rhea thinks why is Prachi so happy. She wonders if she is happy to be with Siddharth. She gets an idea to make Prachi out of Ranbir’s life. She thinks of taking Siddharth’s help in creating the misunderstanding between Prachi and Ranbir. They leave for home. Gaurav asks Aaliya and Tanu to talk about work, the plan is good for them, but bad for Pragya. He adds that his plan will start his money flow again. Tanu asks him to come to the point.

He tells that they will target Pragya’s pharma company by planting illegal drugs in the factory, then they will burn the factory to create the big news of the medical scam. He tells that they will be producing the medicines in their factory and make big profits, Pragya will be in loss and a legal battle will begin. They like his plan. Sushma tells Pragya that she is going for the important meeting, else she would have stayed back. Pragya shares her feeling. She tells that she feels tensed when she is without Sushma. She wants Sushma home. Sushma tells that she was also scared for Pragya before, since the time Aaliya and Tanu came to stay in their house, but Abhi’s presence has given her a relief.

She tells that Abhi cares for her. Pragya tells that Abhi isn’t sharing his heart, he is hiding some important matter. Sushma tells that Abhi cares for her, he is protective about her, maybe he has a reason to hide things. She asks Pragya to see the things and not find reasons. She advises Pragya not to fight with Abhi. Pragya tells that she never fights. Sushma asks her to end the matter if Abhi fights with her. Pragya asks her why is she praising Abhi so much. Sushma tells that she has got to know his truth with time, Abhi loves Pragya, but doesn’t know how to express. Abhi reaches Gaurav’s office to meet him, but gets stopped by the guard.

The guard calls Gaurav to know if he can permit Abhi. He asks Abhi not to go inside. Abhi tricks the guard to get inside. Pragya tells that Abhi always forgives Aaliya, who is more than an enemy for him. She adds that Aaliya uses his emotions, knowing he values family a lot. She wishes that Abhi gets to see Aaliya’s truth. Aaliya tells Gaurav that Pragya won’t be able to pay the huge losses. Abhi reaches Gaurav’s cabin. Sushma asks Pragya to take care. She makes a leave. Gaurav asks Abhi why did he come. Abhi asks for Aaliya. Gaurav denies to know her. Abhi asks why did he call her so many times.

Gaurav tells that Aaliya doesn’t work with him now. He recalls seeing Abhi in the CCTV camera and making Aaliya and Tanu hide. He didn’t want Abhi to alert Pragya. He asks Abhi not to come again to his office. He angers Abhi by his dirty talks. He asks Abhi if he is thinking that Aaliya and he have an affair. Abhi taunts him on his cheap thing. He asks Gaurav to never contact Aaliya again. He doesn’t want Gaurav to have any relation with Aaliya. He warns Gaurav to stay away from his family. Gaurav learns Abhi’s weakness. He wants to target Abhi’s entire family, not just Pragya.

He realizes that Abhi’s weakness is his family. Pragya questions Aaliya and Tanu about their outing. Tanu doesn’t want to answer her. Pragya reminds that they are staying in her house and she needs an answer. Tanu tells that she is done with the insults. She doesn’t like it. Pragya tells them that she doesn’t trust them. She adds that she is permitting Aaliya to stay in the house just because of Abhi. She asks Aaliya why is Gaurav calling her so often. Tanu asks Aaliya to answer Pragya. She asks Pragya not to treat them like culprits. She refuses to answer.

Pragya asks them to leave the house if they can’t stay as per her rules. Tanu tells that she will take Abhi along with her. Pragya challenges her to take Abhi and prove it. They get into a row. Pragya tells that she will compel them to go away from her house. She wants them to follow her rules in her house. Aaliya lies to Pragya that she went to a dentist. Tanu tells that she went along to help Aaliya. Pragya asks them to answer her quickly if she asks anything next time. Ranbir meets Pallavi. Pallavi asks why did they come back so soon. Rhea comments on the bad resort. She shows her unhappiness.

She gets rude towards Pallavi. She tells that the resort wasn’t of her type. Siddharth asks her to think and talk. He tells that he liked the resort. Rhea asks him to go there and stay back if he likes it. Prachi asks Pallavi not to take Rhea’s words wrong. Pallavi scolds Prachi instead Rhea. Siddharth defends Prachi. Ranbir calms down Pallavi. Gaurav calls up Pragya to threaten her about Abhi. He tells that Abhi had come to his office to spy. He asks Pragya to make Abhi busy in some work. Pragya asks him to be aware of Abhi’s heroism. She reminds that Abhi spared his life last time. She defends Abhi. Gaurav knows that Abhi and Pragya can’t hear a word against each other. She asks him to not call her again. Gaurav wants to teach them a lesson. Stay tuned.

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