Imlie 20th October 2021 Written Update Pranav plotting

Imlie 22nd October 2021 Written Update Upsetting twist

Imlie 20th October 2021 Written Update Pranav plotting Imlie see Pranav in kitchen and asks what is he doing there. Pranav replies that he is making tea for Rupi. Imlie says that everybody drank tea 20 minutes ago. Pranav stammers and says he is making his special tea for Rupi. Radha asks Pranav to come with her. Pranav leaves and thinks Radha saved him from rustic detective Imlie. Imlie throws the tea water in the sink and flashbacks of Pranav washing his painted hands are shown. Radha informs one of her relatives that Pranav returned and Rupi forgave on seeing him apologizing by crying. She also says that Rupi and Pranav reunited by god’s blessings.

Radha disconnects the call and tells everyone that she gave the good news of Rupi and Pranav’s reunion to everyone. She further tells that everyone is coming to meet. Harish asks Radha if Pranav again cheats on Rupi. Radha stops him in between and asks him to talk positively. Aparna says to Radha that mostly she and Pankaj took care of Rupi like a daughter even then she got cheated and returned. She further asks Radha didn’t it feel bad to her or pricked her? Aparna reminds Radha how Rupi broke after Pranav cheated her. She asks Radha even after knowing and seeing Rupi’s pain and breakdown, how did she gave Pranav another chance.

Radha replies that Rupi gave Pranav another chance, not she. She tells Aparna that she didn’t force Rupi in her decision. Radha further asks everyone to think why Rupi didn’t talk about divorce and seeing another man in such a long time and being away from Pranav. She says that maybe Rupi was waiting for Pranav to apologize and take her back. Radha further says she cannot ask Rupi to change her decision. Malini comes there and says that Radha is talking right. She says that she thought of sending Rupi with Pranav and giving them lots of gifts, love and happiness.


Malini explains her pain of getting separated from her husband and in-laws. She further says that she missed them more then Aditya when she left the house. She says Rupi might be missing her in-laws. Pankaj and Aparna say they don’t feel like sending Rupi with Pranav so early. Aparna says they should wait for sometime. Radha reminds Aparna that Rupi’s in-laws told that they miss Rupi a lot when she went to invite them for Aditya and Malini’s wedding. She also says that Pranav is regretting his mistakes and saved Rupi’s life too. Radha asks them what more and bigger proof they want now. She requests Harish to prepare for sending Rupi with Pranav as soon as possible.

Aditya asks Imlie why she is thinking so much to talk to him. Imlie stammers while replying to him and tries leaving from there. He further asks Imlie to say what she wants to say. Imlie says she is not able to believe Pranav and his apologies. Aditya says he will be there for Rupi whenever she will need him. He further explains Imlie that he can’t interfere in Rupi’s decisions. Aditya says to Imlie even though he is not able to get forgiveness from her. He requests Imlie to be with him like she used to be earlier. Imlie says it is difficult to forgive him easily. She tells Aditya that he will feel her pain when someone will deceive him like he deceived her.

Imlie tells him that Malini is not worth his trust. She says that she will not let Rupi get deceived again. Pranav again tries finding the pendrive but fails as Rupi comes there. He lies to Rupi that he was thanking god for her forgiving him. Pranava asks if she really forgave him. Rupi stammers. Imlie comes there and gives Rupi the idea to test Pranav. After some time, Radha asks Imlie why she wants to test Pranav. Imlie replies that in her life she saw people changes with speed like weather. Harish, Pankaj and Aparna agree for Pranav and Rupi’s compatibility test.

Imlie starts asking questions from Pranav. She asks Pranav what is Rupi’s favorite ice-cream. First answer matches. Next Imlie asks both Rupi and Pranav to write their most memorable moments. This time their answer doesn’t match. In the third question Imlie asks what irritates Rupi the most? This time also their answers doesn’t match. Imlie continues with the fourth question, she asks Rupi’s most favorite place. This time also their answers doesn’t match. Now Imlie asks her last question, she asks Rupi’s favorite film. Pranav again fails to match his answer with Rupi.

Pranav asks Rupi didn’t she loved watching “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”. Rupi replies she doesn’t like it anymore. Imlie says people’s likings changes with the situation. Malini tries defending Pranav. Imlie says even any stranger can answer the only question Pranav answered. Radha asks what will happen now. Imlie says that till Pranav gets to know Rupi more, he will stay with them under their supervision. Malini asks Imlie in what insulting is she talking to Pranav who is still the son-in-law of Tripathis. Aparna defends Imlie saying that no insult is bigger than seeing a married daughter returning to her parents house.

Aparna says they are only inviting Pranav to live with them, even after he insulted them in the past by cheating on Rupi. Pankaj says to Pranav that they can’t let Rupi get deceived again. Pranav agrees to live with Triptahis. Harish says they will not send Rupi with Pranav till she herself agrees to go. With evilness, Pranav tells Imlie that he will not fail even after her supervision or surveillance. Imlie finds something wrong in Pranav. Pranav thinks it will be dangerous to make MLA wait for long.

In the next episode, Aditya will tell his senior that he has concrete proof against the MLA. Pankaj will ask Aditya if it is true that some MLA is involved with a drug smuggler? On Harish’s question, Aditya will tell that criminal MLA’s name is Adarsh Kant. Pranav will get scared on getting someone’s (may be Minister’s) call in front of Tripathi’s.

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