Barrister Babu 2nd November 2021 Written Update Anirudh is alive

Barrister Babu 2nd November 2021 Written Update Anirudh is alive

Barrister Babu 2nd November 2021 Written Update Anirudh is alive Bondita gets more suspicious about Anirudh, when she finds him hiding something about Batuk’s presence in Tulsipur. She doesn’t know that the guy living with them is Batuk himself. She gets a call from the post office. She is informed about a parcel that has come for Batuk. It is actually Mallika, who wants to tell Batuk’s truth to Bondita indirectly without letting Batuk know about her conspiracy. She can’t tolerate seeing Batuk with Bondita. She feels he has started feeling for Bondita by acting as Anirudh. Bondita tells the family about the call from the post office. She adds that a parcel for Batuk has come, they shall go and collect it.

Batuk doesn’t want Bondita to know anything more about him. Trilochan and Batuk try to cover up for Batuk’s presence. Bondita tells them that she knows they are hiding something about Batuk. She keeps asking, but in vain. Batuk can’t let her find the truth, which will make her know about Anirudh’s death. He knows the shocking news of Anirudh’s death will shatter Bondita and may harm the baby as well. Batuk tells Trilochan that he has no idea about the person who has sent the parcel.

Batuk questions Mallika to find her involvement, when she advises him to stop Bondita from knowing the truth. Mallika tells him that she is with him, she also wants to help him keep the secret. Mallika goes to Bondita to advise her to visit the post office and collect the parcel for Batuk. Bondita thinks Mallika is saying the right thing. She writes a letter for Sumati on Mallika’s saying. She goes to the post office, without informing anyone at home. She tries to get the parcel that has come on Batuk’s name.


She tells the official that she is Batuk’s sister-in-law. The official refuses to hand over the parcel to her. He demands her ID card, which she doesn’t carry at that moment. Bondita leaves the letter to post to Sumati. She forgets her bag there and goes away. Mallika keeps a watch on her. She wishes Bondita collects the parcel and gets to see Batuk’s picture. She wants Bondita to know Batuk and Anirudh’s face resembling truth. Batuk reaches the post office and collects the parcel by producing his photo ID. Batuk finds Bondita’s bag left there. He realizes that she will soon come back to take her bag. He quickly leaves from there.

Bondita returns and takes the bag. She learns that Batuk has himself come to the post office and took the parcel. She runs outside the post office to find him. She gets a stomach ache, and still gets stubborn in her aim. Batuk rushes away from her sight. Bondita meets with an accident on her way. She falls down in the middle of the road. Batuk learns about her accident, and runs to her out of concern for Anirudh’s baby.

Batuk finds Bondita hurt. He takes her home and gets her treated by a good doctor. Bondita soon confronts him for hiding about Batuk’s arrival in the village. She asks Trilochan about Batuk as well. While Trilochan is speechless, Batuk casts his anger on Bondita for risking the baby’s life by her worthless outings. Bondita tells him that Batuk is in the village, they shall bring him home. Batuk doesn’t want her to get rigid to know the truth. He tries to bound Bondita. He tells her that she should not step out of the house from now on without his permission. She refuses to obey him.

She tells him that she will independently go out and come, whenever she wants, and doesn’t want anyone to treat her like a patient, just because of her pregnancy. She justifies that a pregnant woman can do anything, pregnancy isn’t any disease to limit her in any way. Batuk grows worried seeing her adamancy to find Batuk and bring him home. Soon, Bondita will know that her husband, her Pati Babu, her Anirudh is alive. This will be the climax twist before the show’s ending.

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