Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2021 Written Update Crime twist

Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2021 Written Update Crime twist

Kundali Bhagya 2nd November 2021 Written Update Crime twist Preeta tells Shrishti that she doesn’t want Sherlyn to join Prithvi’s team and help him. She really thinks that Sherlyn is really changing. She tells that Sherlyn was talking to Rishabh’s photo, maybe she really wants to change herself, they shall give a chance to Sherlyn. She tells her that Rishabh loves Sherlyn, he was into a drunken state after knowing her cheat, he deserves a chance to get back the lost love. She adds that she has sent Sherlyn away for some days, until then they will handle Prithvi.

Shrishti tells that she will stay back to help her. She asks Preeta for a mobile charger. Preeta asks her to go to her room and rest. Preeta speaks to Karan on a call. She asks him if he is okay. He apologizes that he isn’t able to come. She tells that she misses him. He replies that he misses her, he loves her too. He encourages her. He tells that everything will get right at the end of the day. The call disconnects because of network issues. Sudeepa spends time with Sandeep in the hospital. She leaves after the visiting hours end.

Shilpa has to take care of Sandeep, who has to go to the court and testify against Prithvi. The lights flicker in the ward. Shilpa goes out. Prithvi reaches there to kill Sandeep. Preeta finds Rakhi sleeping with Pihu. She promises to bring Rishabh back. She doesn’t see that Rakhi is still awake and worries. Sudeepa calls Preeta and informs that Sandeep is okay. She tells that Prithvi had called her and was talking to her nicely to know about Sandeep. Preeta asks her not to tell anything to Prithvi.


Sudeepa tells her that Prithvi might have heard about her visit to the city hospital. Preeta grows worried. She goes to Kritika’s room to find Prithvi. She asks Kritika about Prithvi. She asks about Prithvi. Kritika tells that he went for an urgent work. Preeta goes to call Shilpa and update about Prithvi. She asks him to be alert, Prithvi can come anytime to attack Sandeep. She asks Shilpa to keep Prithvi away from Sandeep. Prithvi hides from Sudeepa. Shilpa assures that she will protect Sandeep from Prithvi. Preeta sends Prithvi’s photo to her. Shilpa comes across Prithvi, and doesn’t recognize her.

Preeta asks Sudeepa to go back to Sandeep and take Shilpa’s help. She tells that she is reaching soon and then she will manage everything. Prithvi asks Shilpa about Sandeep. Shilpa checks his picture sent by Preeta. She realizes the threat on Sandeep. He attacks Shilpa and snatches her phone. He threatens to kill her. Shilpa tells him about Sandeep. He finds Sudeepa coming back. He faints down Shilpa and hides her. Preeta reaches the hospital and looks for Shilpa. Sudeepa gets shocked seeing Prithvi. He attacks her as well and faints her to side away. Preeta finds Shilpa lying unconscious. She treats Shilpa and gets her to senses.

Shilpa informs her that Prithvi has come to poison Sandeep and kill him. Preeta is shocked. Prithvi goes to get a poison from the pharmacy. He finally finds the poison. Preeta loses hope. Shilpa tells Preeta that she had shifted Sandeep to another room for his safety. Preeta is thankful to her. Shilpa asks her to go quickly and save Sandeep. Prithvi goes to kill Sandeep. He doesn’t find him in the room. Preeta hides from Prithvi. She is glad that he didn’t see Sandeep in the room. Preeta runs into the right ward. Preeta reaches Sandeep. She finds Prithvi following her.

Prithvi doesn’t see her. She hides behind and watches Prithvi threatening Sandeep. Prithvi wants Sandeep to die right away. He tells that nobody will come to save Sandeep. He enjoys Sandeep’s helplessness. He tells that Sandeep will die by the poison. He asks Sandeep why did he cheat him and choose to die, instead getting the money. He looks for a syringe. Preeta replaces the poison bottle with a vitamins medicine. Prithvi gets the syringe. He thinks its the poison he just kept, and injects Sandeep. Preeta fools Prithvi. His ring falls there. He returns to look for his ring, and realizes that Sandeep is taken away by Preeta. He doesn’t accept to get defeated by Preeta.

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