Imlie 2nd November 2021 Written Update Aditya berates Imlie

Imlie 2nd November 2021 Written Update Aditya berates Imlie

Imlie 2nd November 2021 Written Update Aditya berates Imlie Imlie stops Malini. Aditya asks what is happening. Imlie shows Malini’s mehndi to Aditya. Aditya what is this Malini. Aparna too asks what Malini has got written on her hand. Imlie asks why Aditya’s name is written in Malini’s mehndi. Everyone gets shocked. Malini pretends to be innocent and unaware. She says she didn’t know who wrote it and when. Rupi says it’s not possible that she didn’t see somebody writing Aditya’s name on her hand. Malini asks the mehndi artist about it. Mehndi artist says that she wrote the same name she wrote on marriage day and asks what’s wrong in it.

Malini again pretends to be innocent and says that her mehndi artist is habitual of writing Aditya’s name on her hand since 7 years. She pretends to be apologetic. She even shuts Anu to show her innocence. Malini pretends apologizing to Imlie saying that except family members she didn’t tell anyone about her and Aditya’s separation. Aditya tells Malini that it’s fine. Imlie tries to make Aditya believe that Malini and mehndi artists are involved together in the former’s evil plan. Aditya refuses to believe Imlie and takes her aside. He asks her to shut down.

This behavior of Aditya with Imlie shocks everyone except Anu and Malini. They smile with evilness on their face. Rupi asks Aditya why he is scolding Imlie. She asks Aditya why can’t he see that Malini is pretending to be innocent. Rupi asks Aditya to think once how Malini couldn’t have seen his name getting written in her mehndi. Malini again plays innocent and says she was focused on the family’s conversation. She asks everyone to calm down as she will wash her mehndi. Imlie gets hyper and angry. She asks Malini how much she will act.


Imlie asks Aditya can’t he see Malini’s real face. Aditya asks Imlie to shut down if she doesn’t want to celebrate her first karwa chauth happily and requests her to not ruin others happiness. Both of them leave separate ways in anger. Whole family gets shocked and worried. Anu and Malini again smiles with evilness seeing Aditya and Imlie’s misunderstandings growing. Imlie is seen applying mehndi on her hands. She gets sad recalling his scoldings. Aditya knocks on Imlie’s room door.

He tells Imlie that he knows that she doesn’t want to talk to her. Aditya requests Imlie to have food. He makes Imlie smile by showing Jhalli written on his hand and Shehri langur written on her hand. Imlie tells Aditya that till last year she didn’t even like mehndi’s smell and never wanted to get married. She tells Aditya that he understood her dreams and supported her. Imlie also tells Aditya that even if they took wedding vows against their wish but now they love each other. They tell each other that they will never let anyone come in between them. Imlie says if friends become enemies their relationship can be in risk.

Aditya tries explaining Imlie that she has no risk from Malini. He tells Imlie that she has a misunderstanding that Malini wants to separate them. Imlie asks Aditya he still doesn’t trust her. Aditya explains Imlie that by giving Malini importance and focusing on her, she herself is distancing him from her. Imlie tells Aditya that she can’t live in his room because she recalls Malini coming out of his room and deceiving everyone by faking her reality. Aditya recalls him revealing that he deleted the video of him and Malini in the same room. Imlie tells Aditya that he got Anu punished for making him drunk and sleep in his room with Malini.

Imlie says she can forget everything but not that Malini slept with him. Imlie warns Aditya that Malini is going to do something big and evil. She explains to Aditya that she wants to save him from pain and he is not trusting her. Aditya asks what he should do? He tells Imlie that she herself believes Malini more than him. Aditya says to Imlie that he doesn’t even talk to Malini properly and just wants to handle his child’s responsibility. Imlie asks Aditya to send Malini back to her parents (Chaturvedi house) home. She says he can take care of his child’s responsibilities and she will not stop him.

Aditya refuses to ask Malini to leave the house. Malini comes from behind and says she will leave the house without him asking her to. Aditya asks Malini what she is doing here. Imlie says Malini was listening to their conversation by hiding behind. Malini again pretends to be innocent and says they are so loud that anyone can hear them. She even shuts Aditya and says its important for her to leave now to sort out his and Imlie’s misunderstandings. Aditya angrily leaves his room. Malini tells Imlie that she will return soon. She even challenges Imlie that she will celebrate Karwa Chauth with Aditya while the latter will remain alone.

Anu gets shocked seeing Malini in Chaturvedi house with her bags late at night. Malini reveals to Anu that Aditya scolded Imlie for making her leave and tried stopping her. Anu scolds Malini for leaving Tripathi house. Malini asks Anu to relax and make her realize that now Aditya thinks of her as old good Malini and Imlie as the woman who threw his child’s mother late at night. Imlie calls Meethi and asks her about Malini’s well being. Meethi informs Imlie that Malini seems happy. She asks Imlie to think of herself too. Malini says she will not let Imlie celebrate Karwa Chauth with Aditya.

Anu tells Malini that she will support her in her plan to ruin Imlie’s Karwachauth. Meethi tries hearing Anu and Malini’s plan. Next morning, Imlie starts eating her sargi. She finds Aditya missing from his room. Imlie gets shocked to see Aditya sleeping in the living room on the couch. She thinks that now she can start afresh with Aditya in Malini’s absence. As Omlie leaves, Aditya gets Malini’s call. Rupi, Radha and Aparna calls Imlie for sargi. Aparna explains Imlie the importance of Karwa Chauth. Imlie asks the ladies of the family aren’t they angry with her that Malini left the house late at night.

Aparna tells Imlie that she understands her feelings. She tells her that she will support her as no wife can tolerate or see any other woman near their husband. She appreciates Imlie’s tries of living with Malini in the same house. Imlie gets emotional seeing Aparna’s support. Everyone stops her from crying. Rupi thanks Imlie for her help to make her realize Pranav’s reality and her own importance. She tells Imlie that this time she is keeping Karva Chauth for herself. At Chaturvedi house, Dev asks Anu why she ordered so much food. She asks Meethi to taste food for her. Meethi reveals that she is observing Karva Chauth fast. Anu insults Meethi by asking her for whom she kept fast.

Dev asks Anu to respect others feelings. Meethi gives Anu a befitting reply that soon she will meet Satyakam. In the next episode, Aditya will scold Imlie for making a pregnant Malini leave the house late at night. He will reveal that Malini is living in some hotel and is not letting him know where she is.

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