Yeh Rishta 2nd November 2021 Written Update Love grip

Yeh Rishta 2nd November 2021 Written Update Love grip

Yeh Rishta 2nd November 2021 Written Update Love grip Abhimanyu saves Akshu from some roadside cheapsters, who tease her on finding her alone. He doesn’t let Akshu see how he treats them by a action bash up and brings them to senses in some time. He asks Akshu to hear music till now. Akshu doesn’t the amazing fight scene. She later asks him about those guys. Abhimanyu replies that he has sent them away by counselling them well. He offers her help. He tells her that he will drop her home, just in case if the bad guys come back and trouble her. She refuses a lot, stating she is strong and capable to look after herself.

He finally gives up when she doesn’t listen. He tells that he shall leave. She gets into his words and accepts his help. Akshu talks to him non-stop on the way. They become friends. Abhimanyu is still Aarohi’s dream. Aarohi wants to meet him once, but she meets his brother Neil. Aarohi and Neil strike a good chemistry in their first meeting. They get at loggerheads. Aarohi gets soft-spoken the moment she knows that he is Abhimanyu’s brother.


She has a crush on Abhimanyu. Neil happens to be Vansh’s good friend. She wants their friendly connections to make a connection between Abhimanyu and him. Aarohi gets pleased to find Abhimanyu coming to the hotel. She is equally tempered when she finds Akshu with him. She feels Akshu is trying to take her place in Abhimanyu’s life as well. Akshu has already won Abhimanyu’s heart, and doesn’t even realize it. Abhimanyu meets Aarohi, who boasts a lot about herself, her success and her ambitions.

He tells her that he knows a lot about her, all thanks to Akshara who had been praising her sister so much till now. He gets to understand Aarohi’s ambitions on meeting her. He still finds Akshu better. Aarohi tries to berate Akshu and calls her a simple girl next door, who has nothing extraordinary in her. Abhimanyu tells that its really tough to be simple. He has fallen for Akshu’s simplicity. He loves her voice and also her sweet personality. Aarohi soon introduces him to her brothers Kairav and Vansh.

Kairav seems to doubt Abhimanyu’s intentions, when he finds the latter taking interest in Akshu. He finds something cooking between them. He is thankful to Abhimanyu knowing how he saved Akshu from the bad guy. Akshu tells Abhimanyu that she is a family person, and likes to spend time with them. He replies that he is actually running away from his family. He doesn’t know if she can understand his emotions.

Abhimanyu tries staying close and bond with them further. He joins them for a cup of coffee. Aarohi makes sure that she gets Abhimanyu’s attention. Abhimanyu and Akshu get engaged in an argument with the old school medical customs and the modern treatment methods. Abhimanyu feels hospitals and medical aid are the first needs of the people. Akshu disagrees and favors the simple home remedies. He reminds her that she needed a hospital to deal with her panic attacks. Akshu gets speechless. He asks her to take Aarohi’s help in her treatment.

Later, Vansh and Abhimanyu ask Akshu to sing a lovely song in the cafe. They cheer for her. Akshu’s melodious voice becomes Abhimanyu’s need. Akshu sings the song suggested by Abhimanyu. He feels falling into a magical spell. He loves her song. Akshu and her voice flash on his mind. He wonders if its love that he is imagining Akshu all the time.

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