Anupama 6th November 2021 Written Update Major Twist

Anupama 6th November 2021 Written Update Major Twist

Anupama 6th November 2021 Written Update Major Twist Anupama performs the puja with the family. Everyone likes to spend time in Anupama’s new house. Kavya tells Leela that the family would be enjoying and celebrating Diwali with Anupama, while they are sitting in the house. Kavya provokes Vanraj and Leela against Anupama. She asks Leela to do something, since she is still alive. Vanraj is upset that the family left them and went to Anupama. He asks Kavya to mind her language. Leela swears to break Anupama’s relation with everyone. Dolly and Sanjay come home.

Dolly threatens to break the relation with Leela and Vanraj. Anupama gets blessed by the elders. She gets best wishes from everyone. She is thankful that they made her day special. Hasmukh tells her that they will come to meet her, her journey will get easy if she has a smile on her face. He does poetry, and gives the credit for it to Anuj. Kinjal, Pakhi and Nandini give a special gift to Anupama.

Dolly tells that she will break her relation with the family. Sanjay tells that Shahs did wrong with Anupama. Vanraj tells that they don’t know the entire matter. Dolly tells that she is aware of everything. She taunts Leela for her double standards, since she has easily forgiven Vanraj’s affair. She reminds them that Anupama has served them for 26 years, they can forget her sacrifices, but she can’t forget Anupama’s affection. She feels her family is disgusting. She asks Leela how can she stop Anupama midway and take signatures on the house property papers. She tells that she is ashamed to call Leela her mum.


Leela asks her to go and celebrate the festive with Anupama. She feels Anupama has snatched all her relations. Vanraj stops Dolly from misbehaving with Anupama. Sanjay takes a stand for Dolly. He asks Vanraj to keep his tone low. Anuj gives a sweet gift to Anupama. He tells her that the fairy in the ball is just like her. He adds that she is also such strong, alone and happy in her own world, she is self-sufficient. Anupama thanks him for the wonderful gift. Dolly tells that they have done wrong with Anupama for 26 years. She rebukes Vanraj for having an affair with Kavya, when he was married to Anupama.

Kavya asks her to leave and stop chanting Anupama’s name. Dolly asks them if they want her to sign the property papers also. She tells that she also has a right on the house. She praises Anupama who returned all the rights. She tells that she is ashamed to call them family. Vanraj loses his cool. He asks Dolly to sign the papers and give away everything which he saved for her in the last 40 years. Anupama makes sweets for the family. She tells that the family has turned the house into home. She thanks them for making her Diwali special and supporting her always. She feels they are her strength. She tells that she knows they will always be there as her shadow. She misses Leela and Paritosh.

Vanraj tells Dolly that Anupama is everything for him, so be it. He asks her to just be with the great Anupama. He cuts off ties with Dolly. He feels nobody lets her stay calm. He tells that he accepts that Anupama is a Devi, he is a Rakshas and Kavya is a Chudail, Dolly should leave the house right away. He counts his contributions towards the house. He tells Dolly that he got her educated and also supported her for the job. He adds that he handled her marriage expenses also. He asks her if she forget what her brother did for her in the past 40 years. He tells that the house is made by his hard-earned money. He adds that she has no right on the house. He asks her to get out.

Dolly tells that she isn’t asking for any right. He asks her to do the same thing as Anupama, and leave. He wants his sole rights on the house. He asks her to pay back his favors, sign on the property papers and just leave. He tells that he wants to see if she is also greedy. He asks her to prove that she is selfless like Anupama. Kavya provokes Dolly to sign the papers. The family sings and dances to cheer up Anupama. Anupama feels her happiness and family are incomplete without Paritosh and Leela.

Moreover, Anuj comes up with some games to entertain everyone. They play dumb charades. Anupama still misses Paritosh. Dolly proves that she isn’t evil-minded like Vanraj. She signs the papers. She tells that she can never become great like Anupama, but she can’t fall low to become like Vanraj. She cries that the family really ended ties with her. Dolly tells that the house is really unlucky to lose both daughter-in-law and daughter. She tells them that their lives will always have the darkness. Vanraj commands her to leave. She tells him that his life will never prosper bright.

In the next episode, Paritosh barges into Anupama’s new house, not to surprise her, but to shock. He tells that Anupama left the Shah house and took a rented house just to stay alone and enjoy her life with Anuj. He tells that Anupama proved that she is characterless. Anuj is hurt to hear this, just like Kinjal, Samar and Hasmukh. Anupama feels ashamed to call Paritosh her son. She slaps Paritosh. Anuj meets the Shahs to secure Anupama’s happiness. He gets provoked by Vanraj, and finally accepts that he loves Anupama. Anuj’s love confession leaves Anupama shocked. Keep reading.

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