Barrister Babu 9th November 2021 Written Update Super shocking

Barrister Babu 9th November 2021 Written Update Super shocking

Barrister Babu 9th November 2021 Written Update Super shocking Bondita gets a call from the flood relief department, when she is informed to come and collect Anirudh’s belongings, which they had found recently after the flood. Bondita replies that she will come herself and take the belongings personally. She goes to the office to pick the belongings. The officer asks her to sign on the register that she has received her husband’s belongings. Bondita takes the register. She asks the officer why did he mention Anirudh as Late Anirudh. She is shocked at such a mention.

She tells him that Anirudh is alive, he got rescued from the storm just like she did. The man tells her that he spoke to the fisherman, who handed over the belongings to him, stating that Anirudh’s body had floated away due to the storm, he couldn’t get saved. He tells that he eventually died. She tells him that Anirudh met her at the medical camp and took her home, he is also residing at their home. She argues with the man, stating that Anirudh is safe and sound at home. He tells that its not possible.

She tells that she will call Anirudh to the office and prove that he is alive. She takes the permission to call Anirudh. She calls home. Batuk and Trilochan are busy performing the soul peace puja for Anirudh, marking the six-month death anniversary. Batuk doesn’t answer the call. He wants some peace while performing the prayers. Bondita calls the landline again. He answers the call and angrily bangs the receiver on the table.


Bondita tries to talk. She overhears Trilochan and Batuk’s conversation about Anirudh’s death. Trilochan tells that its been six months that Anirudh passed away, leaving them so helpless and sorrowful. He prays that Anirudh’s soul gets freed from all the connections with the world. Batuk consoles Trilochan. He promises to look after Anirudh’s child. Bondita is super shocked when Batuk’s secret comes out. She can’t believe it when she overhears the unexpected and unimaginable secret. She learns that Anirudh has passed away on the day of the storm. She gets shattered and rushes home to confront Trilochan and Batuk. What will be Batuk’s reply when the curtains get off his drama? Keep reading.

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