Udaariyaan 8th November 2021 Written Update Wedding track

Udaariyaan 8th November 2021 Written Update Wedding track

Udaariyaan 8th November 2021 Written Update Wedding track Angad is very much impressed with Tejo. He feels she is all-in-one combo of beauty, brains and talent. She proves that no hurdle can stop her or change her direction. She knows to make her own path, when she sees no clear path leading her. Angad likes her quality. He knows she just got divorced, but didn’t skip her dedication towards the academy. He thinks that she would be in sorrow, and isn’t showing up, just to stay strong.

Angad helps out Tejo on some occasions, when she really seeks his help. Angad and Tejo begin their friendship. Tejo is much happy to get a new friend. She misses Fateh a lot, and Angad helps her in distracting her mind. Fateh is also missing Tejo. Angad helps Tejo clean up the mud from her hands. He holds the running shower to assist her. They get into a moment. Angad likes Tejo, but doesn’t want to pose his feelings on her. Fateh lands up at Sandhu house to meet Tejo. He reacts on seeing Tejo and Angad together.

What will be Fateh’s take on Tejo and Angad’s growing friendship? Will Khushbeer announce Tejo and Angad’s marriage to shock Fateh? Ahead in the track, Jasmin will compel Fateh for their marriage. Fateh and Jasmin’s wedding track will begin. Keep reading.


Udaariyaan 8th November 2021 Written Update Wedding track:

Tejo asks Angad to leave her. He drops her down in the mud, and tells that she asked him to leave her. He apologizes and tells that its not his mistake. He adds that he can help her, they have a water resource. He takes her and assists her in cleaning her hands and clothes. Tejo feels cold. She gets into an awkward moment. He asks her if she is feeling cold. He gets a shawl for her. He covers her up. He asks her to go home and take rest, he will sign the papers and come to meet her. He sends her home with Rajat. Tejo comes home. She catches cold. She asks Satti to give her medicines.

Rupy knows that Tejo will be now suffer from fever. He calls the doctor in advance. Angad calls up Tejo to know if she is okay. She doesn’t answer his call. He wonders if the joke got over the limit. Doctor diagnoses Tejo with a flu. She asks her to have medicines and rest. Khushbeer asks Fateh where did he go, instead the academy. Fateh tells that he had personal work. Khushbeer lectures him for blindly following Jasmin and forgetting the responsibility towards the academy. Fateh tells that Tejo will handle the academy.

Khushbeer tells that Tejo is already sick, but he just wants to burden her with responsibility. He asks Fateh to call Tejo once and find out her welfare. Fateh tells that he isn’t Tejo’s husband or friend to call her. Jasmin gets surprised seeing his gift, the bridal lahenga. She loves it and hugs him. He tells her that she is close to his heart, but thinks of Tejo. He tells Jasmin that he is tired, he will come later. Simran finds Fateh ruining his life for the selfish Jasmin. She wishes Jasmin sees Fateh’s hidden pain. Fateh comes to Sandhu house. He finds the gate open. He straightly goes to Tejo’s room. He overhears Tejo and Angad’s conversation. He moves forward to see them. Angad takes care of Tejo. He feeds her the kada and asks her to get well soon.

Fateh realizes where he stands in Tejo’s life now. He had promised her that he will always take care of her, but he isn’t with her now to keep his word. He cries realizing the distance that came between them, and ended their sweet friendship as well. Satti finds Fateh leaving. She asks him to let Tejo attempt to move on in life. She doesn’t want him to come back in Tejo’s life. Fateh leaves in an upset state. Tejo tells Angad that she is totally fine, he doesn’t need to worry so much for a colleague. He asks her not to break his heart. He cheers her up by her hilarious talks. Tejo laughs on hearing him.

She likes the plant he gifts her. He tells her that she will wait for someone when she sees the plants. She gets puzzled. He tells that she will wait for the flowers to bloom. She feels he is the best in talks. He asks her to come to the academy soon for their work, it will be profitable for him as well. She tells that he can go now. He apologizes for dropping her in the mud. He tells that he will always be there to help her. His words remind him of Fateh. She tells that every guy says the same things, but nobody keeps the word. He hears her and asks her to try saying him once. Satti gets ginger tea for them.

Angad tells that Tejo asked him to leave, but he will have the tea and go. He praises Satti’s skills. He takes Satti to tell his unique kada recipe. He leaves a smile on Tejo’s face. Fateh cries in the disturbed state. He messages Tejo and asks her to get well soon. He isn’t able to control his feelings. He deletes the message, but she reads it already. Fateh’s mere mention makes her restless. Fateh feels lonely seeing Tejo with Angad. He wants to know why is he getting this feeling of losing someone as dear as life.

He tells himself that he shall forget Tejo and move on, its too late now, and its actually good that Angad is there to take care of her. He wants someone to be with Tejo. Angad shares the recipe of the kada with Tejo’s family. He tells that its his time to get to work. He leaves. The family praises Angad who brought a smile on Tejo’s face. Simran and Mahi get angered seeing Jasmin trying to take Tejo’s place in the family. Jasmin shows her dresses to them. Mahi taunts Jasmin for spending Fateh’s money.

Jasmin asks them to help her in dress selection for the wedding and reception. Mahi tells that nobody will be coming in the marriage functions, nobody likes her. Nimmo asks them to help Jasmin and not trouble her further. She chooses a black lahenga for Jasmin. She tells that it will match her black heart. Nimmo laughs on Jasmin. They make fun of Jasmin. Jasmin wants to teach them a lesson. Her mood gets spoiled. She throws the dress. Fateh reaches her and shows his love towards her. He likes her choice. He tells that she will look like a princess. She thanks him. She asks him if he got his mind freshen up.

He tells that everything got clear for him. He rushes with the marriage just to clear Tejo from his mind. He tells that they shall get married soon, he will take her to shopping. Jasmin is sad that nobody will attend their marriage. He tells her that they are enough for each other. He wants to marry her and take her to Canada soon, just to get away from Tejo, family and pind. Jasmin tells that she loves him a lot. He still has a lots of regret in his heart. What will be Fateh’s decision when he realizes his true feelings for Tejo? Keep reading.

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  1. No no. It’s not right. Fateh should walk out the marriage. Jasmine should feel ashamed for her evil things for cheating her own sister. This is not correct. Fateh and Jasmine marriage should not happen. She has played with everyone’s feeling’s.

    • So what are you trying to say that she should go back to fateh who not only cheat on but also use her and deceive her is that your culture don’t get me wrong I’m just trying to understand what your culture is


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