Yeh Rishta Upcoming Akshara wins Abhi’s heart

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Akshara wins Abhi's heart

Yeh Rishta Upcoming Twist Akshara wins Abhi’s heart Akshara is being anxious in Abhimanyu’s company and gets elated once Dadi visits her with the family. She runs towards her and welcomes them by hugging her Dadi. Akshara tells her that she missed her, in reply to which she asks her not to tell a lie as she knows that Akshara is having fun here. Dadi then asks Akshara to introduce her to her new friends, listening to which Neil and Abhimanyu come forward. Neil introduces himself as Vansh’s friend and also introduces Abhimanyu as his brother.

Abhimanyu touches her feet and takes her blessings after which she asks him to take blessings of Akshara’s dadi as well and he does the same. Dadi then further tells Abhimanyu that she is not that old that she will forget how he fell down in the hospital because of her and she laughs remembering that incident. Akshara and Abhimanyu both recall that incident and become embarrassed at the thought of it. Dadi then keeps on telling that she was not able to see his face and blames the dimmed light of the hospital for that.

Vansh then tells her that it is not the dimmed light but her weak eyesight because of which she couldn’t see Abhimanyu’s face. Dadi refuses to believe that and claims that if that would have been the case then she wouldn’t have recognized him today as well. She then praises his good look and refers to him as a hero. Everybody asks her to forget about that day as it was quite embarrassing. She then takes the balayein of Abhimanyu with money to which Suwarna stops her from making Abhimanyu embarrassed. Dadi then handles the situation by telling Abhimanyu that she is repaying his debt with this money which she owes and gives the money to Neil.


Abhimanyu offers Suwarna and Dadi chairs to seat showing respect towards them and they take their seats. As Abhimanyu and Arohi sits bedside each other, Arohi comes and sits beside Abhimanyu and an awkward situation makes two of them uncomfortable. Being embarrassed by the situation Akshara leaves her seat and stands up when others ask her to take her seat and she sits again. Arohi then tells that all of them have decided to visit “Ichha Kund” as there is sayings about the place that if one wishes for something over there the wish gets fulfilled.

Suwarna then whispers to Dadi by saying that she cannot reach Abhimanyu’s mother over phone or else she would have said yes to the jodi of Akshara and Abhimanyu. Dadi praises the pair by comparing them to the divine couple Ram and Sita and both of them gets elated over the matter. Dadi tells Suwarna to keep on trying to reach Abhimanyu’s mother over the phone. The show then moves to Birla Hospital where Mahima Birla is thinking about the relationship between Goenka’s granddaughter and Abhimanyu. She then says of looking at the matter to see if Akshara is eligible to work in their hospital or not. She then asks Mr Rawat to call up Akshara. Here Vansh and others ask Suwarna and Dadi to take a rest as they were on a long journey.

Both of them agree to rest and Dadi invites Abhimanyu and Neil to her home with their family for Diwali. Dadi then says as Akshara is staying here only they will be able to meet her then. Hearing her, Akshara recalls Arohi and her conversation where she promises Arohi that she will not return home if that pleases her. Dadi and Suwarna then leave the place, Arohi bids goodbye to Abhimanyu and leaves with Akshara. Abhimanyu and Neil take fun of Dadi’s joyous behaviour and appreciate that. Abhimanyu thinks about how he can share his feelings with Akshara, how he can know her feelings for him?

Akshara thinks in her mind about her promise to Arohi and decides to leave the place, putting an end to her feelings for Abhimanyu. Akshara’s phone rings and she receives a call from Birla Hospital asking her to join a new project offered by Mahima, she has been asked to come down on Monday. As Akshara leaves after receiving the call, Abhimanyu looks for her frantically. Akshara gets extremely anxious after receiving the call as she is getting this job offer at this time when she has decided to leave the place, she pleads to God to guide her, as she is in a conflicting situation.

Vansh and others also look for Akshara and Arohi gets irritated seeing their concern for Akshara. Akshara gets her panic attack and feels breathless when Abhimanyu comes to her and tells her to calm down. Abhimanyu tells her that he is with her and tries to console her by asking her to sing. Arohi asks Neil about Abhimanyu and Neil discourages her feelings towards his brother telling her that his brother will never fall for him. Arohi leaves from there getting irritated by Neil’s words. Neil wonders what his brother has seen in this irritating girl as she has nothing good in her except for the fact that she is a doctor and thinks Akshara is a far better choice compared to Arohi.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu tries to calm down Akshara by humming Lag ja gale to her as she rests herself in his arms. Akshara gradually calms down and starts humming with him the same tune. Abhimanyu asks Akshara if she is okay now and asks what is bothering her so much that she is not able to hum. He asks her repeatedly about her problem so that he can help her as he is worried about her state of mind. Arohi sees them together and worries that Akshara is getting her attack at a time when she has to leave and if she tells the reason behind her attack then Arohi will be proven wrong in front of Abhimanyu.

As Akshara is about to tell Abhimanyu the reason Arohi interferes and tries to manipulate the situation by saying that she was just joking with her by telling her to leave and calling her sister. Akshara gets elated hearing that and Abhimanyu praises Arohi for her brilliant way of calming down Akshara. He tells Arohi that she will definitely become not only a successful but also an excellent doctor in future and wishes her luck. Arohi gets extremely happy and Akshara gets excited and falls upon Abhimanyu. Arohi thanks Abhimanyu for his help and starts leaving when Abhimanyu asks her not to leave in his mind and Arohi turns around.

Arohi tells Vansh that she has found Akshara and they are coming. Romantic song plays, Abhimanyu and Akshara talk with each other in their mind, later she leaves the place. Abhimanyu thinks of asking her from God when they will visit Ichha Kund and wonders if she will give him as much love as she gives her family. Akshara hugs Arohi in happiness and tells her that she loves her and she knows that Arohi too cannot leave without her. Suwarna and Dadi happily discuss Akshara and Abhimanyu and decide to let the children have fun today. As they were discussing Abhimanyu and Akshara, Arohi and Akshara came there and Arohi asked Suwarna to get her ready as she wanted to look very beautiful today so that no one could take their eyes off of her.

She tells Arohi that she has changed as she is ready to do “champi” now, Arohi gets shy hearing that. Arohi and Suwarna laugh at that and Arohi asks her to get her ready quickly as Abhimanyu is also coming and they have to reach on time. Dadi asks Arohi and Akshara to make a wish for a suitable boy for both of them in the Ichha Kund as they might get their prince charming today. Abhimanyu eagerly waits for Akshara to arrive at Ichha Kund when he sees Arohi coming and gets mesmerized by her beauty and soon realizes that he is actually dreaming about getting close to her. Everybody gears up to make a wish, Abhimanyu looks at Arohi and smiles.

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