Barrister Babu 8th November 2021 Written update Finale twists

Barrister Babu 8th November 2021 Written update Finale twists

Barrister Babu 8th November 2021 Written update Finale twists Trilochan reads the newspaper and declares Mallika’s exit from the Roy Chowdhory Mansion as the most fresh news of today. Batuk laughs at it and they both make fun of her departure. Bondita comes to give tea to Trilochan and asks Batuk about Mallika as has got to know that Mallika is not in her room and her clothes are not there as well. She tells Batuk about her concern for Bondita to which Batuk tells her that she should worry about her baby instead of Mallika. Batuk tells her that he knows about Mallika’s departure last night and Bondita asks him why he has not told her about it. Batuk then replies that he did not tell her as she was sleeping at that time.

As Bondita leaves to collect Anirudh’s things, Trilochan says that he has sent Bihari and Sampurna too for the market and he prepares for Anirudh’s 6 months death rites with Batuk. Bondita reaches the casualty centre and collects the things. She finds out “late” is written before Anirudh’s name in the name register and gets perplexed. She confronts the manager about the same who tells her that the fisherman who saw Anirudh that day, told him that his body got drowned in the river.

Although they have tried saving him, they failed to do so. On the other hand, Trilochan and Batuk lament about Anirudh and Batuk tells him that Pandit Ji has asked them to do a small puja for the peace of Anirudh’s soul in Gaya. Later, Bondita tells the manager of the centre that how can that be possible as her husband is staying with her and she takes permission to make a call. The manager agrees and leaves the place. Bondita makes a call in the court to ask about Anirudh from where she finds out that he has not come down to the court today and gets shocked listening to that.


She also gets to know that Anirudh has not visited the court for 6 months. She then calls at Roy Chowdhury mansion where Batuk receives the call, getting irritated and leaving it unanswered over the table. Bondita overhears Trilochan asking for peace for Anirudh’s soul and breaks down in tears. She recalls that day when she and Anirudh were drowning in the river. She recalls everything and gets shattered knowing the truth. Later, Anirudh is treated by the doctor in a hut and Bondita recalls her loving memories with Anirudh and cries.

On the other hand, Anirudh manages to write two words despite his terrible condition. The doctor tells him that tomorrow he will again allow him to write and tells him that he will soon start writing and will get well soon. His eagerness to write the letter will motivate him to get well soon. Later, Bondita laments about Anirudh by seeing his photo on the wall and his belongings. Soon she starts thinking about the changed behaviour of Batuk and wonders who is staying with them in the disguise of Anirudh. Batuk visits Bondita’s doctor and learns about the criticality of her pregnancy.

The doctor asks Batuk if Bondita is happy as it is important for her to be in a happy mood during her pregnancy. Hearing that Batuk assures the doctor that he will keep her happy and make sure she smiles. Later, Bondita asks for the man who is in disguise of Anirudh to Bihari, to which Bihari tells her that he is outside. He further tells Bondita that he has found a locket while he was cleaning the gusset room and hands over the locket to Bondita. Bondita takes it and finds out that it is Mallika’s locket.

She opens it and sees Mallika and Batuk’s photo in it. She then gets to know that Mallika was lying that day and thinks about why Anirudh’s eyes look different in the photo. Several questions run through her mind and she searches Batuk’s room where she finds Batuk’s lenses and his passport. She compares Batuk’s eyes from his photograph in the passport and the locket. Soon, she realises that it is Batuk who is staying with them in the disguise of Anirudh. Keep reading.

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