Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2021 Written Update Lucky Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2021 Written Update Lucky Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2021 Written Update Lucky Lakshmi Virender and Ayush already see the growing love chemistry between Rishi and Lakshmi. He tells Ayush that they will bring Rishi and Lakshmi closer by their plans. Virender takes Ayush’s naughty ideas. Ayush makes Lakshmi slip towards Rishi. Lakshmi lands in Rishi’s lap. They have an eye lock. Lakshmi loves Rishi. Rishi too starts feeling for Lakshmi. Virender and Ayush trick Rishi to make him do Lakshmi’s hair champi. Nurse compliments Lakshmi to be so lucky, that her husband is so loving.

She tells that she didn’t see such a loving husband ever. Lakshmi feels delighted. Lakshmi pulls Rishi’s cheek. He also pulls her cheek as a reply. They start bonding. Kiran warns Malishka that Rishi will be going really far. She asks Malishka why did she angrily make Rishi away. She is afraid that he may go to Lakshmi. She advises Malishka not to make Rishi too far from her love. Karishma speaks to Kiran and asks her to explain Malishka. Kiran tells that Malishka loves Rishi, but got insecure seeing his concern for Lakshmi.

She tells that Malishka thinks someone else is taking her place. Karishma advises her to make Malishka understand that the latter needs to change her behavior, else her fears will turn true. Malishka overhears their conversation. She doesn’t want to lose Rishi to Lakshmi. Kiran visits Rishi and Lakshmi. She gets to see them happily living a moment. Rishi teases Lakshmi while she makes a Rangoli. Kiran gets angry seeing his changing colours. Rishi is tensed to see Kiran. Keep reading.


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th November 2021 Full written update Rishi’s Heart wins over his Mind:

Virender is getting emotional while praying in front of the Goddess. Ayush comes there and asks him about it. Virender lies that he is not crying but Ayush refuses to believe him and asks him not to cry as he is a man and men don’t cry. Virender tells him that he is older and he can cry. Virender later tells him that these tears are of joy, when someone’s heart fills with joy then tears of joy come into his eyes. Ayush gets happy listening to that and tells that there is indeed a reason to be happy as it feels good to see Rishi taking care of Lakshmi, it seems it is the beginning of a romantic journey.

Virender tells him if they are so happy seeing Rishi like this, then he can imagine how immensely happy Lakshmi must be. Ayush and Virender take an oath to make Rishi and Lakshmi come closer until this Diwali in front of the Goddess’s idol. Later Rishi takes care of Lakshmi by helping her in walking. Nurse comes there and praises Rishi’s expertise in treating Lakshmi’s wound and tells him that he should have done it tomorrow itself. Listening to this Rishi tells her that Lakshmi did not tell him about her wound or else he would have bandaged the wound earlier.

Nurse tells him that the doctor has asked to inject tetanus as she got her wound from a metal. Lakshmi gets scared in the name of injection but Rishi insists she take it as it is necessary to treat the wound. Lakshmi asks for medicine instead of injection, listening to which Rishi laughs as she fights with crocodile and snake and now she is getting scared of taking a small injection and calls her “Scary Fellow”. Lakshmi protests him by saying that she is not a scary fellow; she fought the snake as it was coming towards him. Rishi then suggests one way out to help Lakshmi take the injection.

He asks Lakshmi to give her hands to him and he holds her hand. He tells her that he is with her and distracts her attention towards him and the nurse gives the injection. Lakshmi cannot believe that it is so easily done. Lakshmi thanks the nurse as she gave the injection without causing any pain to her. However, the nurse tells her to thank Rishi as she has got such a loving husband like him. Rishi gets embarrassed and leaves the room. The nurse appreciates Rishi’s concern towards Lakshmi, Lakshmi calls herself fortunate to have him and smiles.

Later, Rishi calls Malishka but she does not receive his call. Rishi worries thinking that when Malishka will get to know about his commitment towards Lakshmi she will get very angry. Rishi feels anxious as he is unable to reach her over the phone and wonders what to do. Virender tells him to go to his wife and take care of her. He assures him that he and Ayush will take care of his work in the office and they have postponed all his meetings for next week and insists to stay with Lakshmi as it is Diwali and he should be with her. Rishi calls Malishka again when Lakshmi enters the room, he ignores the call and starts taking care of Lakshmi. He offers her water, Lakshmi is happy seeing him like this. Later, Malishka’s mother tells her that although she has separated her ties with Rishi, she should not send him so far that he gets closer to Lakshmi.

Listening, Malishka gets angry and tells her that he doesn’t deserve her and he should be with Lakshmi only and leaves the room. Lakshmi serves cookies to Dadi when Virender signals Ayush to do something to get Rishi and Lakshmi closer. Ayush pretends to push Lakshmi as she serves cookies and she falls on Rishi accidentally. Virender asks Dadi to look at them. Lakshmi and Rishi look at each other and they get smitten by each other. Aysuh smiles looking at them, after a while they are interrupted by the family and move from each other’s arms.

Neelam comes and tells that some friends will come to their house for Diwali and she has called decorators for all the arrangements. Lakshmi insists on decorating the house for Diwali as she loves making rangoli and decorating the house with lights. Neelam says that Virender will get worried if she takes too much stress and asks her to take a rest. However, Virender says that he has no problem if Lakshmi is fine and ready to do the decorations. Neelam agrees and everyone gets happy including Rishi.

Later on, Karishma calls Malishka’s mother and tells her that she is not doing anything for her daughter and she will end up running her daughter’s life. She tells Malishka’s mother that everyone is thinking that it is because of Lakshmi’s Karva Chauth vrat that Rishi is saved from the snake. She instigates her and asks her that if Malishka is not interested in Rishi anymore then she will not waste her time on uniting them. Malishka’s mother says that Malishka loves Rishi madly and she is hurt as she feels that someone is taking her place.

Karishma tells her that if Malishka is serious about Rishi then she needs to do something before it’s too late, otherwise, she will be left with nothing. Her mother gets worried hearing all this and Malishka too listens to the conversation. Later Neelam asks Karishma for Lakshmi’s uncle and aunt’s number to which she tells them why she would have their number as she never calls them. Virender and Dadi come there and listen to them, seeing which she changes her words and Virender gives their number to Neelam.

Neelam asks whether she should invite them for the Diwali party to which Dadi appreciates her thoughts and asks her to call them. Neelam says that Virender should call them as they won’t be able to refuse him. Karishma asks Neelam why she wants to invite Lakshmi’s family to the party and she should not invite them, to which Neelam replies that Lakshmi has saved Rishi’s life and they have only thought about their son. She further tells that she has realized that they themselves brought Lakshmi to this house as Rishi’s wife and they have to consider her as daughter-in-law for 1 year now and her family as their relatives.

However, Karishma refuses to believe her words and thinks that Neelam will surely do something this Diwali. Virender calls up Lakshmi’s family and invites them to the party. Her aunt tells him that even if he didn’t invite them they would have surely come. Later, Virender passes the phone to Ayush and he has a conversation with Lakshmi’s cousin sister. She calls him mad and he doesn’t know how to impress girls and they fight with each other. Virender and Ayush make fun of the conversation and Ayush asks Rishi for help. Later Rishi tells Lakshmi that she must not misunderstand them and thinks that they are using her.

Clueless about their plan, Lakshmi asks them about the matter. Virender tells Lakshmi if she remembers what she has done when Rishi had a headache. Lakshmi remembers and tells that she has given him an oil massage. Virender then tells Ayush to massage his hair and Rishi to massage Lakshmi’s hair as a part of their plan to bring them closer. Lakshmi refuses to have a massage but Virender insists Rishi give her a massage as she looks tired. Keep reading.

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