Anupama 9th November 2021 Written Update Unexpected shock

Anupama 9th November 2021 Written Update Unexpected shock

Anupama 9th November 2021 Written Update Unexpected shock Paritosh accuses Anuj of being the reason behind Anupama’s defamation. He tells Anuj that he too will become the reason for Anupama’s ruination. This shocks Anuj and he recalls Samar hiding something from him on the day of when Anupama left the shah house. Paritosh says he was thinking that his mother’s step of making a friend was wrong. He continues saying that now he thinks that Anupama’s step of renting a new home to enjoy with Anuj is wrong. Paritosh will again say that he didn’t know that his mother was so cheap, shameless and characterless.

Hearing ill words from Paritosh angers Anupama so much that she gives him a hard/tight slap. Paritosh falls on the floor with Anupama’s slap. She in anger grabs Paritosh from his collar. Anupama asks Paritosh how dare he call his mother cheap and characterless. She tells Paritosh that the whole world can be dirty but not a mother. Anupama tells Paritosh that now she has got to know the real pain of giving birth to a baby. She also tells Paritosh that he will never be able to know what his mother is?

Anupama says that God knows her well and it’s enough for her. She further says that she doesn’t need to justify herself and will not even justify herself to anybody. Anupama continues telling Paritosh that she cried a lot for him. She tells him that she cried with pain and happiness on his birth, when he called her a mother for the first she cried with happiness but today she is crying in pain. Anupama tells Paritosh that she has got embarrassed thinking that she gave birth to such an ill mannered and worthless son.


This shocks Paritosh. She continues saying that she brought a cheap thinking person into the world. Anupama tells Paritosh that he is his father’s son not mothers. She tells Paritosh that he is no one to her. Anupama questions Paritosh if he wants to fall more in her eyes. She asks him to get out of her home right now. Anupama pushes Paritosh out of her home. She asks him what anger he is showing and asks him to get out. Kinjal tries grabbing Paritosh out. Paritosh tells Anuj that he is the reason his mother is throwing him out and becoming his enemy.

Paritosh asks if he cleared his way by making Anupama throw her son out. He congratulates Anuj for defeating him and separating him from his mother. While Paritosh warns Anuj that he will pay for this. Anuj feels a headache and Anupama gets tensed for him. Anuj too blames himself for Anupama’s miseries. He says that Parotosh said it right. In this mental trauma he runs out of Anupama’s home. Back at Shah house, Kavya looks at shah house papers and says that she too benefited from Anuj and Anupama’s friendship.

Anuj recalls Paritosh’s harsh words. Ge walks on the road blaming himself for Anupama’s miseries. Anupama is searching for Anuj. Anuj thinks he gave tears to the person he loved a lot. He thinks he separated Anupama from her family. Anuj starts thinking why he returned to Anupama’s life. He thinks he should end his friendship with Anupama for her happiness. Anuj thinks to go away from Anupama. He comes in front of Anupama and tells her that he will go far away from her. Vanraj tries convincing Bapuji to forget whatever happened. Baa looks at them.

Bapuji asks Vanraj if he wants to see him faking a smile for his happiness. Mamaji comes and says he is ready. Baa asks where they are going? Mamaji replies that they are going to the temple. Baa and Vanraj get confused thinking how to convince Bapuji. They hear Kinjal and Paritosh fighting. Kinjal tells Paritosh that she doesn’t want to talk to him. She tells him that blaming someone for something without knowing the truth is not called conversation. Paritosh tells Kinjal that he is her husband. Kinjal replies to Paritosh that she is his wife, not a slave.

Paritosh tells Kinjal that she cannot go to Anupama’s home. Kinjal says she will visit Anupama’s house and not even break relations with Anupma and even Anupama will not break her relation with Anuj. Vanraj asks them to stop and asks why they are fighting. Paritosh says the reason for fights in their house is Anuj and Anupama. On the other hand, Anuj says that he was wrong in coming and meeting her at the reunion party. He tells her that he will go far away from her. Anupama tells Anuj that he will not go anywhere leaving her, whatever the world says about them.

Anupama tells Anuj that he was never wrong, wrong is people’s thinking. Anuj replies that something still wrong happened. He says he needs to make something right. Anuj says that he needs to clear his family’s misunderstandings. Anupama says they will talk about it later. Anuj says he needs to take a stand for her. Anuj keeps on panicking and disappears in crackers smoke. Anupama wonders where Anuj went? She recalls Anuj’s words and understands that Anuj went to Shah house. Vanraj gets to know that Rakhi threw Paritosh out of job and penthouse.

Paritosh again blames Anuj and Anupama’s friendship for his misery. Baa says that she will curse Anuj and Anupama. Anuj comes there and asks Baa to curse him, not Anupama. Vanraj asjs Anuj to get out. Kinjal requests the same from Anuj. Anuj says that he will say what he wants to say. He says that he doesn’t want any misery in Anupama’s life. Vanraj gives Anuj two minutes. Anuj requests shahs to not hurt or defame Anupama. He explains that Anupama loved only Vanraj and the latter broke her heart. He tells everyone that there is no place for an outsider in Anupama’s broken heart.

He continues explaining that Baa, Bapuji and her children are only placed in Anupama’s broken heart. He says he thinks why Anupama still considers Baa as her mother. Anuj tells Shahs that he knows that they have a full-time job to hate Anupama. He further says there should be decency in hate too. Anuj asks them not to stoop in hating Anupama so much that in future they may see themselves fallen in their eyes. He asks Shahs to defame him not Anupama as Anupama’s heart is clean. Anuj asks when he can see Anupama’s clean heart being an outsider then why they cannot be her family.

He requests them to not hurt Anupama anymore as she will break down like this. Vanarj doesn’t let Anuj speak more. He tells Anuj that he has the right to be angry at Anupama as she is his children’s mother. Vanraj tells Anuj that he doesn’t have any right to defend Anupama. Anuj says he cannot see Anupama getting hurt again and again. Anupama reaches outside the Shah house. Vanraj tells Anuj that he at least had the guts to accept his love for Kavya but the latter doesn’t have. Anuj says Anupama doesn’t love him. Vanraj says he and Anupama are fighting for each other, what is it if not love? He makes Anuj so angry that the latter finally confesses his love for Anupama. Anupama as well as Shahs get shocked on hearing it.

In the next episode, Vanraj will ask Anuj to get out of his house. Anuj will tell Vanraj that if he has obstinacy inside him then he has passion. He will further warn Vanraj that when this obstinacy will collide with passion, the obstinacy will break. Anupama will walk on the road shocked. Anuj will too be seen shocked thinking about his love confession in front of Shahs and get injured. Someone will tap on Anupama’s shoulder in her house.

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